Rooney Mara Sold Alexander Skarsgard’s Old Los Feliz Home to Yet Another Celebrity

Mara is now off in Hollywood Hills with her boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix.

Rooney Mara is letting the next celeb move into her Los Feliz pad. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Eternally stoic, self-described “aloof” actress Rooney Mara may actually show some form of joy for perhaps the fifth time in the last decade. Mara finally bid adieu to her celeb-loved Los Feliz house, which is getting its next famous owner.

The football scion-turned-Oscar nominee snagged the 2,340-square-foot pad from Swedish Big Little Lies actor Alexander Skarsgard for $2.9 million in 2015, and updated the place a tad. Still, even new terrazzo floors may not have warranted the $3.9 million price tag she stuck onto the home in May 2017.

It’s thrice-pedigreed home, now. Keller Williams

A few discounts and one year later, and Mara located a buyer, who doled out $3.58 million for the two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence—it’s actually a touch above the most recent $3.45 million ask. It turns out that the newest occupant is none other than Kelly Osbourne, according to Variety.

No pie allowed. Keller Williams

The glass-and-steel home was originally built in 1963, and features glass-walls spaces, wraparound terraces and a fireplace in the living room. There’s a seafoam-colored retro open kitchen, where Mara definitely did not consume any pie, as well as a separate dining alcove with built-in banquette-style seating.

The entire house, perched above Bronson Canyon, is furnished in an industrial chic capacity that could easily be an aspiring Brooklyn hipster’s Pinterest board, but not in a bad way. Think lots of succulents and low seating.

Kelly Osbourne is moving in. GEORG HOCHMUTH/AFP/Getty Images

There is no pool on the 0.25-acre premises, but the listing promises there is room for one to be built.

Mara must be relieved to offload this house, as she hasn’t been living there in a while—she moved in with her boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix, nearly a year ago, and they reside in the Hollywood Hills. In the most on-brand comment ever, Phoenix said last year he spends most of his time practicing karate, hanging with his dog, meditating and working, and took the time to watch a 10-hour Netflix documentary Mara was set on.

Rooney Mara Sold Alexander Skarsgard’s Old Los Feliz Home to Yet Another Celebrity