NJ Politics Digest: Christie Refutes Woodward’s Account of Trump’s Transition Anger

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Bob Woodward’s Fear details when things started to go wrong between soon-to-be President Donald Trump and Chris Christie.

But Christie maintains the account isn’t accurate.

In the bombshell account of dysfunction in the Trump administration, Woodward details how Trump tore into Christie’s work during the 2016 election preparing for a possible Trump victory. The candidate accused Christie of “jinxing” his campaign and said that funds raised for the transition were cutting into donations that should have been going to Trump’s presidential efforts.
Trump also told Christie, once one of his earliest prominent Republican supporters, that he’d never really meant to give the New Jersey governor any real responsibility when assigning him to head the transition team, according to the book.

Trump dumped Christie from heading the transition team shortly after winning the election, a controversial move that some say set Trump’s administration back when it discarded Christie’s transition plans.

But Christie is fighting back, claiming Woodward’s account is based on accounts by former presidential advisor and Christie nemesis Steve Bannon, according to media accounts.

“If Mr. Woodward would have performed rudimentary journalistic fact checking with those he was quoting, he would have had a more accurate book rather than just being a stenographer for Mr. Bannon’s self-aggrandizing revisionist history,” Christie tweeted.

Quote of the Day: “I’m shutting down the transition. I told you from day one it was just an honorary title. You’re jinxing me. I’m not going to spend a second on it.” — President Donald Trump, to former N.J. Gov. Chris Christie in an exchange chronicled in Bob Woodward’s new book.

Woodward book: Cursing Trump told Christie he was ‘jinxing’ campaign
A furious Donald Trump lashed out at Chris Christie when Christie began fundraising for Trump‘s presidential transition team, telling the then-New Jersey governor he was “stealing” from the campaign and was never meant to have any real responsibility, journalist Bob Woodward writes in his incendiary new book.
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Names of two alleged conspirators remain secret in Paterson corruption case
Federal officials have yet to reveal the name of the second Paterson official who allegedly took kickbacks in the corruption case involving the city’s now-defunct Municipal Utilities Authority.
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Peter Barnes dies
Former Assemblyman Peter Barnes, Jr., a former FBI agent who spent 22 years in the New Jersey Legislature, passed away today. Tomorrow would have been his 90th birthday.
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Barnegat schools discuss ending Cubs daycare program
A 4-year-old daycare program run by the Barnegat school district may be shut down by the end of year, leaving the families of more than 100 infants and young children looking for childcare elsewhere.
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Kean: New strategy needed to mitigate terrorist threats
It might be tempting to think we have turned the tide on terrorism. After all, the Islamic State is on the run in Iraq and Syria, and terrorist attacks are on the decline globally for the third consecutive year. But that would be a grave mistake. Violent extremists are regrouping and will strike again.
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NJ Politics Digest: Christie Refutes Woodward’s Account of Trump’s Transition Anger