NJ Politics Digest: When the Dead Remain Active in Politics

Due to new voter regulations in New Jersey, some families of deceased voters are getting notices addressed to their dead loved ones informing them a vote-by-mail ballot will be showing up soon.

Voting booths.
Voting booths. John Moore/Getty Images

Former Gov. Brendan Byrne once joked that he would have liked to be buried in Hudson County, so he could remain active in politics.

It seems, however, dead people all across the state sometimes get that opportunity, according to a report by NJ101.5.

The radio station is reporting on the families of deceased voters who are getting notices addressed to their dead loved ones informing them a vote-by-mail ballot will be showing up soon.

Part of the problem, according to the report, is that new voter regulations signed by Gov. Phil Murphy. The new regulations require that people who voted by mail in the 2016 election automatically receive mail-in ballots unless the opt out. The law was adopted in August, leaving county voting officials scrambling to notify voters, according to NJ101.5.

In the rush, some dead voters received the notifications, election officials told the radio station. Officials said if families notify election officials a person is dead, they will not receive a ballot.

But some worry that the new law will just contribute to the opportunities to commit election fraud. President Donald Trump has frequently raised questions about widespread election fraud, even though there is little evidence to support his claims, the report notes.

Quote of the Day: “Mail-in ballots have always been easy-pickings for people who commit voter fraud, and the recent changes to election law have only made it worse.” — State Sen. Sam Thompson.

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NJ Politics Digest: When the Dead Remain Active in Politics