T.I. Endorses Cynthia Nixon for Governor (Despite Not Knowing Who She Is)

Rapper T.I. has tweeted his support of Cynthia Nixon and her stance on the legalization of marijuana. Don't forget to vote!

Rapper T.I. Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Viacom

As the New York gubernatorial primary draws ever closer, the showdown between incumbent Andrew Cuomo and challengers including actress Cynthia Nixon is getting heated. The Democratic Socialists of America have been debating whether Nixon’s proposed policies are sufficiently radical, and Cuomo has the support of Democratic figureheads like former Vice President Joe Biden.

However, as of today, another prominent celebrity has backed Nixon: rapper T.I.

The mastermind behind hits such as 2008’s “Whatever You Like” tweeted a link to a video clip of Nixon advocating for the legalization of marijuana in New York, wherein she points out that marijuana-related incarceration disproportionately affects black and Latino people.

“Effectively marijuana in New York State has been legal for white people for a very long time, and it’s time to make it legal for everybody else,” Nixon says in the video.

“I have no idea who this brilliant lady is…But she’s invited to my next bbq/family gathering and if she’s running for anything…ANYTHING I SAY..She’s got my vote!!!” T.I. then tweeted effusively.


We have no idea how T.I. could not know Miranda Hobbes (maybe he’s more of a Charlotte), but we’re sure Nixon appreciates the gesture. Also, we’d love to be at that barbecue.

Whether or not Nixon is your candidate (we admit her taste in bagel-and-topping combinations is questionable), please remember to cast your vote this Thursday, September 13.

T.I. Endorses Cynthia Nixon for Governor (Despite Not Knowing Who She Is)