Why Is Devin Nunes Mailing Attack Pamphlets of Bees Chugging Kool-Aid?

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA). Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) escalated his attacks on a local newspaper—one which has endorsed his political campaigns.

In a 40-page mailer sent to voters last week, Nunes’ campaign committee calls The Fresno Bee “a propaganda machine,” while criticizing the California publication’s reporting. The cover of the pamphlet features cartoon bees chartering a boat over a sea of communism and resistance posters. One of the insects wearing a pink hat chugs red Kool-Aid.

“The Fresno Bee and its parent company McClatchy have repeatedly insinuated wrongdoing by Devin Nunes’ campaign based on false allegations by liberal activist groups that are funded by wealthy Hollywood and liberal elites,” reads the mailer’s first page.

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The cover of Devin Nunes’ new 40-page mailer. Screenshot

Although the publication endorsed Nunes in every congressional election since he was first elected in 2003, the Congressman has attacked its reporting following a story over the Napa winery he is invested in—Alpha Omega. According to the Bee, in 2015 the company owner “auctioned off for charity a ride in the San Fransisco Bay on the Alpha Omega Yacht” where “rich men proceeded to have sex and do drugs in the open.” Sex workers were hired, several of whom were underage.

Inside Devin Nunes’ mailer. Screenshot

“The Bee’s reporting is a textbook example of fake news,” Nunes said of the story in a July attack ad against the paper. “It’s fine for the Bee’s band of creeping correspondents to go after me, but it’s wrong for them to drag a family company through the mud.”

The ad ran over two-minutes.

Nunes himself has dabbled in media. His campaign funneled donations into an alternative media outlet, The Daily Californian, to skirt negative coverage of his role in discrediting the Russia investigation. But after Politico reported on its existence, the website mysteriously vanished.

Why Is Devin Nunes Mailing Attack Pamphlets of Bees Chugging Kool-Aid?