A ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Is Coming—Here’s What We Want From the Trailer

Let's start speculating wildly!

Breaking Bad Movie Trailer
The new Breaking Bad movie better be as addicting as Walter White’s product. Ursula Coyote/AMC

On Tuesday night, The Hollywood Reporter reported (sorry) that Breaking Bad creator and showrunner Vince Gilligan was working on a two-hour movie set in the same universe. Details are scarce, but Gilligan will write, produce and possibly direct the feature that will “follow the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” According to /film, the movie will be a sequel to the original series that follows Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman as he escapes the events of the gripping final season. Paul, you may remember, won three Emmys for his work on the show.

Beyond that, we have no idea what to expect from a Breaking Bad movie, which is believed to be heading to the small screen (the series is one of the most profitable endeavors in Sony Entertainment history, for what it’s worth). But as fans, we know exactly what we want to see. And if the movie trailer hints at hitting those main points, you better believe we’ll be marking our calendars for the release, be the critical reception good or bad. So without further adieu, here’s Observer’s ideal version of the first Breaking Bad movie trailer that, if done right, would basically be a sure bet for hooking the hordes.


Fade In:

Jesse Pinkman’s final appearance in Breaking Bad sees him speeding away in a car, maniacally laughing at his break to freedom. His car lights illuminate the dark and unknown road ahead.

Cut to Black. “Crystal Blue Persuasion” begins to play. Fade Up.

Police cars and emergency services swarm the scene of Walter White’s final resting place. Authorities survey the carnage last seen in the Breaking Bad series finale. Colleagues of Hank Schrader at the D.E.A. stand over White’s body.

Agent #1

We finally got the son of a bitch.

Agent #2

Yeah, but he isn’t the only one we need. This isn’t going to end here.

A rapid montage quickly shows fellow members of Jack Welker’s gang mobilizing. Another montage reveals members of the cartel doing the same.

The camera cuts to Jesse a few days later walking into a convenient store, where the news is playing on television.


The death of the drug kingpin known as Heisenberg, whose family has been placed in Witness Protection, has created a power vacuum in the Southeast drug market, spurring worries from authorities over a growing turf war. Meanwhile, Heisenberg’s alleged partner still remains at large.

Jesse shaves his scraggly beard and finds clean clothes. Another quick cut sees him outside Brock’s house. One last quick cut sees them both in the car, basking in sunshine as they head down the highway to destinations unknown.

Int. Mall. Daytime. The camera follows Jesse over the shoulder as he approaches a Cinnabon. A distracted employee is behind the counter. 


(Without looking up) Hello, how can I help you?


(Smiles) Hello…Saul

Another cut. Jesse, Brock and Saul are in a hotel room.


We need to help them.


Kid, you need to help yourself and stay out of this.

A knock at the door. Somewhere far off, the floating voice of Walter White speaks to the audience.

Walter White

(Voice over) I am the one who knocks.

Cut to black. Fade up on Skinny Pete and Badger.


Yo, Jesse, man! We totally thought you were dead!

Skinny Pete

Yeah, man, where ya been? Yo, you should totally join our band now that you’re back!

Cut to black. Title appears on screen.


Fade out.


End game: Show us Jesse Pinkman rebuilding his life, give us some closure on Walter White’s family and at least let us think there’s going to be a compelling conclusion to the open-ended final appearance of a beloved TV character.

A ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Is Coming—Here’s What We Want From the Trailer