NJ Politics Digest: Christie Hasn’t Given Up His Presidential Dreams Just Yet

At a recent book tour appearance in California, Christie wouldn't rule out another run at the nation's top office. “Once you’ve got this in your blood, it’s hard to get rid of it,” he said.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

He might have left office as the most unpopular governor to ever serve the Garden State and many think he’s been forever tainted by the Bridgegate scandal, but Chris Christie still isn’t willing to give up his presidential ambitions.

Christie, who, to his credit, knows how to generate publicity, is out promoting the upcoming release of his new book, Let Me Finish. At a recent appearance in California, Christie wouldn’t rule out another run at the nation’s top office, according to a report by the Palm Springs Desert Sun.

“Once you’ve got this in your blood, it’s hard to get rid of it,” the former governor said while discussing other candidates, such as Ronald Reagan, who suffered early defeats but bounced back to victory.

Christie, who folded his presidential campaign early in the primary process and later went on to support President Trump, said Trump’s straight-talking style is what won him election, and that in many ways, the president, whose national approval rating is now below 40%, is what the country needs.

Christie knows all about low approval ratings. At the end of his term, his approval rating sank to 15%. The Bridgegate scandal, where two aides were convicted and a third pleaded guilty to arranging a massive traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge as political payback, cost Christie politically—even though the governor who was known for his strict control has maintained he didn’t know anything about the plan.

Christie also spent much of his second term outside of New Jersey as he pursued his presidential ambitions and crucial services—such as New Jersey Transit—deteriorated. Christie also became an internet meme after a newspaper photo showed him sunning himself at Island Beach State Park after he closed the park during a state shutdown caused by his feud with the Democratic Legislature over the state budget.

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