NJ Politics Digest: NJ Resident Satisfaction Dropped to Record Low

A new Monmouth University Poll has found that residents' satisfaction with living in New Jersey has dropped to a record low.

Welcome to New Jersey sign.
Welcome to New Jersey sign. Thomas Seymour on Flickr

A new Monmouth University Poll has found that residents’ satisfaction with living in the state dropped to a record low. Only 11% of residents say New Jersey is an excellent place to live, while 39% say it’s a good place. Meanwhile, 32% say living here is fair, and 17% rate it as poor, according to the poll.

Last year, 54% said New Jersey was either an excellent or good place to live, compared to 50% this year.

“The state rating has bounced around the last few years, but this latest result marks a precipitous drop from any prior reading,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Monmouth’s Garden State Quality of Life Index score, which is based on five of the poll questions, is now +13, a decline from +18 in April 2018 and +25 in July 2017. The index’s high for the past eight years was a +31 in April 2012, when Chris Christie was governor.

The index saw its biggest declines in the southern counties of Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, while Essex and Hudson counties also saw big declines. The index rose in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, the only two counties in the state to see increases.

The poll found residents give better ratings to their own cities or towns, with 67% saying they are excellent or good.

“New Jerseyans seem to separate their views of the state as a whole from how they feel about their own neighborhoods. The question is how much longer this can go on before statewide problems override the benefits of living in their local community,” said Murray.

Quote of the Day: “This is a huge warning sign for the state’s political leadership. If New Jerseyans aren’t confident that the situation will turn around, they will start voting with their feet,” — Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, on the steep decline in residents’ satisfaction with living in the state.

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