First-Ever ‘Business of Art Observed’ Event to Kick Off in May

This confluence of heavy-hitting art industry professionals will take place on May 21st at the Roosevelt Hotel.

The Business of Art Observed Event will be held in New York on May 21st. Brittany Hillyer / Observer

Like any other industry in the 21st century, the art market is vulnerable to a vast and evolving series of roadblocks when it comes to developing sustainable practices. The value of art, after all, is not only an economical debate but an ephemeral one; this means that artistic denizens are constantly having conversations about how to best improve a booming business. Observer seeks to structure and amplify these conversations with its first-ever Business of Art Observed event, a conference which will play host to experts across the spectrum of the art world from gallerists, private collectors and curators to attorneys and insurance professionals.

Here, speakers including Pauline Willis, Director & CEO of The American Federation of Arts, Elizabeth von Habsburg, managing director of Winston Art Group, Sean Kelly of New York’s Sean Kelly Gallery and Narric Rome, Vice President of Government Affairs for Americans for the Arts, will parse through some of the topics most relevant to the art world today. How can innovative technologies be used to push the industry forward? Conversely, how can risk management and moderation be employed in order to maintain a steady upward trajectory?

“The art world has a unique set of challenges: the birth of a global arts market, the use of social media, preferences towards digital galleries and the growth of international art fairs, as well as struggles with regulations in an evolving industry,” said James Karklins, President of Observer Media. “The Business of Art Observed Event will bring together art market professionals to discuss these issues facing a rapidly changing industry.”

Those interested in attending should consider registering to do so as soon as possible, as the conference is anticipated to sell out. The Business of Art Observed event will take place on May 21st, 2019 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. First-Ever ‘Business of Art Observed’ Event to Kick Off in May