NJ Politics Digest: Booker Joins Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker has joined the calls for Congress to open an impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump.

U.S. President Donald
U.S. President Donald Trump. Win McNamee/Getty Images

U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker has called for Congress to open an impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump after Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III declined to exonerate him.

“If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mr. Mueller said in a public statement on Wednesday.

“Congress has a legal and moral obligation to begin impeachment proceedings immediately,” Booker tweeted in response. “This administration has continued to stonewall Congress’ oversight,” he continued. “Beginning impeachment hearings is the only path forward.”

Booker joins several other Democratic presidential candidates including Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris in calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

The Record reports that Mueller’s press conference Wednesday also prompted U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. to call for either the resignation or impeachment of Attorney General William Barr, who Pascrell said lied to the American public.

“Mr. Mueller’s statement that his office could have exonerated Donald Trump but did not is nothing short of an alarm bell above the door of our republic,” Pascrell said, The Record reports.

Quote of the Day: “There has to be some institution in our government that is willing to say this matters; that there are still rules. Some institution has to hold that line. Because if nobody holds that line, there is no line.” — Rep. Tom Malinowski, on why he also believes Congress needs to begin impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump.

After Mueller Statement, Cory Booker Calls for Impeachment of Donald Trump
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker has called for impeachment proceedings to begin on President Donald Trump.
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Five Things to Know About Impeachment
Democrats in the House—and on the 2020 campaign trail—are divided about whether to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump. As the calls for Trump’s impeachment grow, here are five things to know about how the impeachment process works.
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Malinowski, the first Jersey House Member to Favor Impeachment Hearings, Explains Why
As Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller made clear in his report and again today on TV, a sitting president cannot be indicted, even if the evidence is overwhelming. The Constitution leaves the duty to hold a president accountable to Congress, to be carried out through impeachment proceedings. If the House of Representatives impeaches the president, it is then the Senate’s duty to play jury, with the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court as judge. But as we all know, Mitch McConnell’s servile Senate will never convict Trump.
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Bill Mandates Eye Exams for All Kids, Though Most Don’t Need It
You wouldn’t think a bill that passed the state Legislature with 109 votes in favor and none against, boasting 30 sponsors and co-sponsors, would have even a bit of opposition.
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Moran: To Block Dark Money Corruption, Override Murphy’s Veto
Brace yourself: The open animosity between Gov. Phil Murphy and Democrats in the Legislature could soon derail efforts to expose the tidal wave of dark money that is giving wealthy special interest groups even more leverage in Trenton, all of it behind closed doors.
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Murphy Endorses Norcross Allies Greenwald and Lampitt Against Progressive Challengers
Gov. Phil Murphy has endorsed two Camden County legislators with close ties to George Norcross against progressive challengers in next week’s Democratic primary for State Assembly.
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Florio to Endorse Biden
I started my political career as a GOP Camden County political operative, vehemently opposed to then Congressman Jim Florio. Later, as a member of the Assembly Republican staff during Florio’s term as governor, my opposition to him was even more emphatic.
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Ex-Senator Launches New Bid for Exxon Settlement Documents
Former Democratic State Sen. Ray Lesniak is having another go at prying loose documents from the Murphy administration tied to former Gov. Chris Christie’s controversial $225 million settlement of a pollution lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corp.
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NJ to Start Naming Gun Dealers Whose Items Trafficked Into State
Four cities in New Jersey—Newark, Jersey City, Paterson and Trenton—are teaming up this summer with the Brady Campaign to develop localized strategies to deal with gun violence.
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Dover Votes Down ‘Day of Healing’ as Public Sounds Off on Police Beating Video
The town’s governing body voted down the mayor’s resolution for a “Day of Healing” during an explosive meeting Tuesday night in the aftermath of a viral video showing one of its police officers punching a restrained suspect in the face during a late-night arrest.
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NJ Special Needs Kids Made to Leave Prom Early
Families are demanding answers after a group of special needs students and their guests were made to leave the Hillsborough High School Senior Prom nearly an hour early, amid repeated objections, according to parents of those involved.
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George Gilmore, Ex-Ocean County GOP Boss: Jury Shouldn’t Have Convicted Me
Arguing that the federal government did not prove that he willfully failed to pay payroll taxes or lied on a loan application, former Ocean County GOP Chairman George R. Gilmore has asked U.S. District Court Judge Anne E. Thompson to acquit him.
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Former Elmwood Park Mayor’s Relatives Vying to Fill Council Vacancy Left After His Arrest
A month after the resignation and arrest of former Mayor Frank Caramagna, two of his relatives are being considered for a vacant seat on the Borough Council.
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235 Migrants Who Crossed Mexico Border Transferred to NJ and NY This Month
Federal immigration officers have transferred 235 migrants encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border to detention facilities in New York and New Jersey this month amid a crossing surge that has overwhelmed processing and holding centers near the border.
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Toms River Councilmen Clash Over Development Plans for Former Ciba Superfund Site
A clash over a councilman’s claims of a “secret plan” to build 6,400 homes at the former Ciba-Geigy property turned ugly at Tuesday night’s Township Council meeting, leading six council members to adopt a motion demanding that Councilman Daniel T. Rodrick apologize to Councilman Maurice B. “Mo” Hill Jr. for interrupting him.
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Atlantic City: Historic Affordable Housing Buildings Will Be Fixed Up, but Not Gentrified
One building was the old Liberty Hotel, built on Baltic Avenue in 1924 and listed in a 1950s “Green Book” of places welcoming to black travelers, one of 27 in Atlantic City.
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