Exclusive: More Details on Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Biopic ‘Blonde’

Which other mid-century Hollywood icons might be portrayed?

Netflix Marilyn Monroe Blonde
Ana de Armas is set to play Marilyn Monroe. Warner Bros.

Back in March, Collider’s Jeff Sneider exclusively reported that Blade Runner 2049 star Ana de Armas was being eyed to play Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s Netflix (NFLX) biopic Blonde. Today, Observer has a bit more information to round out the picture.

Produced through Plan B Entertainment and Tracey London, Blonde is eyeing an August production date and is currently looking to cast the following roles. Fans of mid-20th century Hollywood should recognize the names.

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[GEORGE SANDERS LOOK-ALIKE] Circa 1950, in his mid-40s. 6’3” – 6’3 ½”. Medium, svelte build.  Elegant.

[JOSEPH COTTON LOOK-ALIKE] Circa 1953, approx. 48 y.o. 6’2”. Slender, fit build. Blue-eyed, brown curly/wavy hair.

[TONY CURTIS LOOK-ALIKE] Circa 1959, in his mid-30s. 5’9”. Piercing blue eyes and black hair, full lips. Handsome with rough edges leftover from his days as a NY street kid.

[JACK LEMMON LOOK-ALIKE] Circa 1959, in his mid-30s. 5’9”. Blue eyes, brown hair. Everyman face, affable. Harvard graduate.

[JOE E. BROWN LOOK-ALIKE] Circa 1959, mid-late 60s. 5’7 ½”. Character face with an enormous elastic wide-mouthed smile. 

Blonde follows the talented Norma Jeane Mortenson as she blossoms into movie star Marilyn Monroe. But after a series of failed relationships and heartbreaking tragedy, she spirals into drug addiction and mental instability.

Dominik previously told Collider that he believes Blonde “will be one of the 10 best movies ever made.” Why? Because “it’s a film about the human condition. It tells the story of how a childhood trauma shapes an adult who’s split between a public and a private self. It’s basically the story of every human being, but it’s using a certain sense of association that we have with something very familiar, just through media exposure. It takes all of those things and turns the meanings of them inside out, according to how she feels, which is basically how we live. It’s how we all operate in the world. It just seems to me to be very resonant. I think the project has got a lot of really exciting possibilities, in terms of what can be done, cinematically.”

Blonde won’t be the only Monroe game in town. BBC Studios is currently developing a miniseries about the beloved starlet based on the book The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe: The Shocking True Story.

Netflix did not immediately respond to Observer’s request for comment.

Exclusive: More Details on Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Biopic ‘Blonde’