Happy National Workaholics Day! To Properly Celebrate, Take a Break.

National Workaholics Day is a time to remind workaholics of work-life balance. Unsplash/Tim Gouw

If you are reading this article in front of an office desk on the Friday after this year’s Fourth of July, you are eligible to claim the badge of a true workaholic—but should really take a break to properly celebrate National Workaholics Day on July 5.

As its name suggests, National Workaholics Day is to honor those who come right back to work after the July 4 holiday instead of taking extra time off to enjoy the nice summer weather elsewhere.

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We were unable to trace the exact origin of this unofficial holiday; our best guess is that it may have something to do with the fact that Independence Day is one of the few U.S. national holidays that often falls on a workday in the middle of the week (just like this year!), making it inconvenient for people to enjoy a long weekend without taking one or more vacation days from work.

For the past few years, National Workaholics Day has been celebrated on Twitter and other social media sites as an annual hashtag campaign to remind people of the importance of work-life balance. And wellness experts recommend that you take the day off to spend time with family and friends and on things that you enjoy outside of work.

“If your work or that of an employee takes top priority over everything else in life—relationships, play, important social events and your own self-care and health—it’s important to recognize the problem and take constructive action,” writes self-help author and Forbes columnist Bryan Robinson.

“Develop a work moderation plan geared to work/life balance—a broad framework that provides maximum flexibility and life balance like four spokes in a wheel that make it well-rounded: career, play, relationships and self,” he suggested. “Name three or four actions you can take in each of the four areas to make your wheel roll smoothly instead of wobble.”

So, go for a hike or swim; watch a movie; read a book in the park; or just relax and do nothing for one day.

Happy National Workaholics Day! To Properly Celebrate, Take a Break.