NuCalm’s CEO Explains How ‘Biohacking’ Can Manage Stress on World Mental Health Day

Here's one way to manage your mental health.

NuCalm's CEO explained "biohacking" on World Mental Health Day.
NuCalm’s CEO explains how to “biohack” stress away on World Mental Health Day. NuCalm

The influx of “wellness tech” in recent years can jade anyone struggling with mental health, especially given tech’s tendency to want to “disrupt” every and any industry. However, one stress-relieving company’s CEO says the science behind biohacking is all but a gimmick, especially as mental health awareness becomes the norm.

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Given that today is World Mental Health Day (a holiday recognized by the World Health Organization), it seems as good a time as any to consider something like NuCalm by Solace Lifesciences. The company touts a software-hardware combination system, calling it a “patented, clinically-proven neuroscience platform technology that reduces stress at the midbrain” and helping users sleep better.

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According to president and CEO Jim Poole, the NuCalm disk, app and eye mask help guide users into a state of deep relaxation and recovery. “This state is called the parasympathetic nervous system dominance,” Poole told Observer. “In this state, a person is physically incapable of experiencing stress, and the body’s natural maintenance and recovery systems are activated.”

Poole explained that the way NuCalm works is by essentially “tricking” the brain into thinking that it’s late at night, you’re already home and safe to fall asleep.

While the “stress halting” sounds too good to be true (we haven’t tested it ourselves), Poole is confident in its abilities. “NuCalm is the world’s most effective and reliable stress intervention technology,” he said.

The sessions have reportedly been endorsed by both celebrity users and veterans suffering from PTSD.

According to the company, the system doesn’t use narcotics that cause side effects, providing a seemingly safe way to take a shot at stress management. What it does is is “balance and maintain the health of the human autonomic nervous system (ANS).”

On the topic of World Mental Health Day, Poole explained that managing stress and getting good sleep is one of the principal ways to keep mental health in check.

“If you consider that the human limbic system is over 30 million years old, you understand how powerful, potent and refined the human survival function (fight-or-flight) is,” Poole said, so investing in a good de-stressing method with the help of technology is more possible than ever. “Don’t underestimate how stress affects you and how difficult it is to manage stress, anxiety and depression.”

NuCalm’s CEO Explains How ‘Biohacking’ Can Manage Stress on World Mental Health Day