JetBlue Is Bringing an Exclusive Wellness Meditation Experience to Its Flights

JetBlue partnered up with Inscape to bring specially curated wellness content to its inflight entertainment system.

Peak wellness. Horst P. Horst/Conde Nast via Getty Images

Airplane travel isn’t always the most relaxing experience, especially with the holiday rush just around the corner. But JetBlue is making it a bit easier to reach as zen a state as one can really achieve while packed onto a plane, as the airline just partnered up with wellness and mindfulness app Inscape.

Aside from all the movies, television shows and other streaming options JetBlue already offers, there will now be specially curated meditation and relaxation content for flyers to choose from. Starting this month, JetBlue customers can select from 20 of Inscape’s most popular choices, like meditations, breathing exercises and “sleepscapes,” as well as five custom sessions that have been created exclusively for JetBlue flyers.

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Any nervous flyers will be particularly excited about the “Flying Without Fear,” and those with jam-packed schedules should take advantage of the “Jet Lag Relief” so they can hit the ground running.

Get into meditation mode on your next JetBlue flight. Courtesy JetBlue

The wellness-influenced entertainment experience sounds like it will all be very Goop-approved, with sessions that range from five to 40 minutes for specific issues, like the “Land With a Smile,” for those who get a bit anxious when it’s time for arrival, and the “Tranquil not Turbulent,” which is a seated meditation for resting and calming while in the air. If you’re trying to get some rest while on a late-night flight, there’s the “Relaxed Red Eye Sleep,” for a hypnotic soundbath for peak relaxation to put your right to bed.

If you really just can’t get enough of the new meditation lifestyle you’ve picked up on your JetBlue flight, customers also have the ability to get a discount for an annual Inscape app membership.

Wellness isn’t the only new addition to JetBlue’s entertainment lineup, though—the airline is also partnering with Showtime, Spotify and PressReader, for some non-meditation content while en route.  JetBlue Is Bringing an Exclusive Wellness Meditation Experience to Its Flights