PR Power List Real Estate Honor Roll of 2019

PR Power List Real Estate Honor Roll of 2019. Julia Cherruault/

There are thousands of PR firms in New York City, but there are only 50 slots on our annual PR Power List. To salute even more of the great work we’ve seen this year, here’s our honor roll of the most influential firms in the real estate industry. Agencies on previous honor rolls have graduated to the PR Power 50, so watch this space.

Hundred Stories

It’s a big deal for names like Annabelle Selldorf, Rafael Viñoly, Thomas Keller and José Andrés to show up anywhere, so the fact they bothered with Hundred Stories’ annual “City of Tomorrow” conference says a lot about Robin Dolch’s proudly women-run firm. Beyond media relations—though there’s tons of that—Hundred Stories kills it on classy partnerships, branded content and other smart marketing.


Suzanne Rosnowski’s glossy seven-year-old firm opened a Los Angeles outpost in October; it’ll probably smell good, since it’s headed by former Aesop PR head Victoria Del Rico. Not to be outdone, the firm’s London office snagged Selfridges “head of VIP relations” Fiona Harris as managing director in August.

Antenna Group

Looking for real estate PR pros Beckerman? It’s now Antenna, after CEO Keith Zakheim acquired, merged and rebranded a bunch of firms. The result: a big-thinking agency with formidable digital, content and earned-media teams. Real estate wins include Jeanne Gang-designed 40 Tenth Ave., Fore Property, Bridge Development and Bell Works. New-frontier clients include Google Nest, clean-tech firms Innoviz, GreenLots and Energy Vaul, and next-gen healthcare like Brainsway, Predictive Laboratories and Rafael Pharmaceuticals.


Long-established in Los Angeles, this fast-growing firm hung a shingle in NYC this year, snagging ex-Relevance VP Emily Venugopal to head it up. Travel’s the foundation but its real estate practice is ballooning, with clients like Destination Residences Hawaii; Montage Residences Big Sky; and Mayakoba. Bonus: A busy content division produces custom mags and media for high-end clients.

Optimist Consulting

If luxury real estate’s softening, nobody told Optimist Consulting, whose revenue soared nearly 40% in 2019. The source: New clients like RXR, for its Garvies Point megadevelopment on Long Island; a glitzy new Odile Decq project in Barcelona; one-percenter brands like Audemars Piguet; big-deal Brooklyn buildings like 11 Hoyt and One Clinton; and Brookfield Properties, which expanded its relationship with the firm. PR Power List Real Estate Honor Roll of 2019