Tesla Cybertrucks Are Years Away, But ‘Cyberfakes’ Are Already Everywhere

Tesla fans just can't wait for the real deal.

A Ram truck with a trunk styled like a Cybertruck.
A Ram truck with a trunk styled like a Cybertruck. R. fowlers/Twitter

Tesla (TSLA)’s new electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, is hands down the most coveted Christmas gift this holiday season. It’s priced within the range of a regular pickup but offers top-notch performance specs and a stunning retro-futurist appearance. Since its debut last month, over 250,000 interested buyers (according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk) have committed to buying one.

The actual truck won’t be readily available until late 2021 or later. But that’s no problem for true Tesla fans. Although the real deal is years away, fake Cybertrucks, or “Cyberfakes,” are already roaming the streets from Europe to El Salvador.

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For example, this Thursday, a small sedan camouflaged as a Cybertruck was spotted on a highway in Russia, Tesla fan account SF TESLA CLUB tweeted.

(By the way, someone should have called authorities, because, according to European traffic regulators, the Cybertruck, in its current design, would violate numerous automobile and safety protocols there.)


In Germany, a crafty dad made an even smaller Cybertruck replica using an electric Go Kart as a Christmas gift for his son.

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Also this week, a Ram pickup truck whose trunk was modified into a Cybertruck lookalike was seen in El Salvador.

Of course, there are also less sophisticated “knockoffs,” such as this overly shiny taped-up “cyber” golf cart.

Indeed, there are a handful of real Cybertrucks on the road now, including one driven by Elon Musk himself seen in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Tesla Cybertrucks Are Years Away, But ‘Cyberfakes’ Are Already Everywhere