Pot Products for Everyone: A Guide to Giving the Gift of Cannabis

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there were a lot of canna-presents exchanged this holiday season—no need to stop now!
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Legal cannabis in Massachusetts has become a game changer for consumers in the Northeast, and gifting of the green will change birthdays, holidays and family gatherings forever—for the better.

Operating the closest recreational cannabis dispensary to New York (and the entire Northeast for that matter), we see amazing things, hear unique stories and meet hundreds and hundreds of diverse people every day. The most interesting thing I see and hear about is how cannabis is changing family dynamics in positive ways, bringing generations together and making family gatherings and parties more enjoyable.

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Here’s what you should know: Gifting cannabis is legal in Massachusetts. There are presents for everyone, and we know from our customers that there were a lot of canna-presents exchanged this holiday season—no need to stop now!

When our store opened this past July in the Berkshires (which is the arts, entertainment and wellness retreat capital of America), we immediately saw that cannabis gifts and family sharing were going to be big. Guests headed to weddings were meeting other guests in our store. Siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles all stopped by before heading to their family vacation home or hotel. More importantly, they stopped in again—this time together. We have had four generations of the same family shop together many times, and it is truly an amazing sight to see.

Not only does grandma want weed, so does everyone else in your family, and there are plenty of options available in dispensaries to check them all off. Any reputable dispensary will have an array of products available, but the variety of products and limits on purchasing (if applicable) are important to know before going. Be sure to check a dispensary’s website or give them a call.

Options can also be overwhelming, so here are a few gift ideas for any occasion that you can be sure will not be returned.

Everybody Loves Flowers

There are thousands of strains of flower, and dispensaries usually have a selection (we currently carry 42), so asking your guide, AKA the budtender, questions about what’s available is important. Speak to them about the recipient and let them help you find the best bud. Pick up a variety of eighths of beautiful green to give. Combine that with a beautiful piece of glass or an artsy rolling tray with papers, and you’ll be a gift-giving hero.

Pain Cream for Dad

The winter months are tough on his joints. He works hard all day, and that shoveling can take a lot out of him. Soothe those muscles, joints and hands with penetrating pain cream.

Cannabis Skin Care Products for Mom

Your mom is beautiful and takes pride in how she looks. Give her a CBD blemish eraser, skin care lotion and medicated beauty serum to work into her regimen.

Edibles for Auntie

Aunt Kathy has always had a sweet tooth, and you can always count on her having candies in her purse. Get her some medicated gummies and pick up a few different chocolate bars.

Gift Bundles for Everyone

I know a lot of this can be confusing at first, but well-informed guides can make your shopping experience amazing and memorable—and super easy. You can pre-order a curated bundle, pick up your order in a few minutes and have all of your shopping done, just like that.

Now, you have time to bundle up, enjoy the season and relax with that little something you picked up for yourself.

Meg Sanders is the co-founder & CEO of Canna Provisions and one of the biggest forces in the new Massachusetts cannabis cultivation and consumer sales fields—read her full bio

Pot Products for Everyone: A Guide to Giving the Gift of Cannabis