At CES 2020, Consumer Tech’s New Frontier Is to Help You Fall Sleep

Climate-control mattresses, marriage-saving pillows and more.

Smart bed maker Sleep Number unveils its latest smart mattress at CES 2020.
Smart bed maker Sleep Number unveils its latest smart mattress at CES 2020. Sissi Cao for Observer

As smartphones, tablets and every other blinking screen have managed to keep the already sleep-deprived modern society awake all day and all night, it seems a natural next step for tech visionaries to do some reverse-thinking and start building thing to actually get people some sound sleep.

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Amid some 4,500 gadget exhibitors from around the world at this week’s CES 2020 in Las Vegas, “sleeptech” is an eye-catching sector on the massive show floor. The category is filled with inventions aimed to improve sleep quality through every means possible.

Climate-Control Mattress

Sleep Number's newest Climate360 smart bed.
Sleep Number’s newest Climate360 smart bed. Sissi Cao for Observer

Here comes the latest smart mattress by Sleep Number, the Climate360 smart bed. Powered by Sleep Number’s “microclimate control” technology, the mattress can warm up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to help you fall asleep faster and then gradually cool down while you’re asleep to prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night.

The goal is to counter-balance your body temperature within a comfortable range during a normal sleep cycle to improve sleep quality. And, of course, it also comes with all the functions in existing Sleep Number mattresses, including firmness adjustability and sleep quality monitoring.

Price starts at $7,999. The mattress is expected to be available in 2021.

Same Thing as Above—But Lighter

ChiliPAD's smart mattress pad at CES 2020.
ChiliPAD’s smart mattress pad at CES 2020. Sissi Cao for Observer

This temperature-adjusting mattress pad made by ChiliPAD serves the same purpose as Sleep Number’s climate-control bed. But of course, it’s much more portable and also less expensive.

ChiliPAD uses a hydro-powered system and can adjust bed temperature between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Price starts at $499.

Snore-Stopping Pillow

The Motion Pillow by TenMinds.
The Motion Pillow by TenMinds. Sissi Cao for Observer

This $420 Motion Pillow, made by Korean company TenMinds, is on a noble quest to save countless marriages that are strained by a snoring partner.

The Motion Pillow is a memory foam pillow filled with four pressure-sensing airbags that connect to an outside microphone—camouflaged as a plastic box on your nightstand. Once the box hears you snoring, it automatically activates the airbags to slowly inflate one side of the pillow until it forces your head to turn.

The box also monitors snoring frequencies, which you can see in the matching app. The system will alarm you once your snoring reaches a dangerous level.

Life-Saving Watch

Withings ScanWatch at CES 2020.
Withings ScanWatch at CES 2020. David Becker/Getty Images

Smart watch maker Withings has been a frontrunner in the health-focused wearables sector in recent years. This week, the brand unveiled its newest ScanWatch, equipped with a clinically validated monitoring system that can detect signs of sleep apnea, a life-threatening sleeping disorder which millions of Americans suffer from.

Withings declared its foray into the health care space at last year’s CES when it debuted the Move ECG, a smartwatch that can take electrocardiograms, like the Apple Watch Series 4.

Unlike most monitoring wearables on the market, which display everything on a phone app, Withings delivers ECG results directly on the watch’s face, while retaining its elegance and signature look of a real watch.

At CES 2020, Consumer Tech’s New Frontier Is to Help You Fall Sleep