New Google Doodle Series Offers Gratitude to Medical Workers Battling Coronavirus

Today’s Google Doodle kicks off a series. Courtesy of Google

In the midst of a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to succumb to feelings of hopelessness and the sense that you simply aren’t doing enough to protect the members of your community, who themselves are perhaps currently being let down by the limitations of the state or the federal government. That’s why it’s important to express as much gratitude as you can, and on Monday, Google launched a new Google Doodle series that is explicitly meant to recognize and honor medical workers on the front lines who’re battling the coronavirus day in and day out.

Of course, the number one thing you can do as an individual to aid the efforts of medical workers in America is to heed their warnings and do what you’re supposed to do: practice social distancing, stay inside as much as possible and cover your mouth when you’re out completing essential errands like trips to the grocery store. There are also a number of Personal protective equipment (PPE) funds you can donate to so that medical professionals have a better chance at getting the protective gear they need, such as GetUsPPE, DonatePPE or Mask-Match.

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As for Google’s new Doodle series, it’s likely that over the next couple of weeks and months, the platform’s doodles will be more specific in their homages to medical workers. Perhaps the series will single out specific doctors and nurses who’ve risked or sacrificed their lives on behalf of the commonwealth, like Kious Kelly, the assistant nurse manager at Mount Sinai West in New York City who was killed by the virus on March 24. Approximately 100 doctors have died around the world after contracting coronavirus so far, and if they don’t have access to the equipment they need in order to treat patients safely, that number is very likely to increase. New Google Doodle Series Offers Gratitude to Medical Workers Battling Coronavirus