Disney+ Finally Lets You Watch ‘Simpsons’ the Right Way

Disney+ The Simpsons
Watch The Simpsons how it was always meant to be seen. Disney+

Every artist has a preferred medium and, within that, an ideal viewing ecosystem. Christopher Nolan is a staunch proponent of the big screen theatrical experience; Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible—Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie starred in a PSA against motion smoothing. And now, at last, The Simpsons can be devoured as it was originally intended.

As the iconic animated series continues to soak up viewership on Disney+, the Magic Kingdom’s streaming service has introduced a new viewing function. You can now restore the series to its original 4:3 aspect ratio for your viewing pleasure.

When Disney+ first launched in November, The Simpsons was presented in 16-by-9 format. Though this shift doesn’t sound like a big deal, it actually is. The new format cropped out details on the border of the frame from older episode, which actually eliminated sight gags and visual cue jokes from the show. You literally couldn’t see the entire picture. This caused an uproar with eagle-eyed fans and prompted Disney to commit to restoring the first 19 seasons and some of Season 20.

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The news of the correct aspect ratio was first announced by longtime showrunner, writer, and executive producer Al Jean on Twitter. On Friday, the Oscar-nominated Simpsons short “The Longest Daycare” will premiere on Disney+ in the proper format.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the digital delivery of The Simpsons has not met the proper requirements. FX Networks launched the Simpsons World app in 2014 also in 16:9 format to the displeasure of many. Disney+ Finally Lets You Watch ‘Simpsons’ the Right Way