The Four Best CBD Products You Need For the Perfect Self Care Day

When in quarantine, there can never be too many self-care days, but these four CBD products take the typical self care day up a notch.

Self Care - CBD

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I know, I know do you really need another self-care day? Well, yes, actually, you do. When in quarantine, there can never be too many self-care days. But maybe you need to switch up the routine. That’s where CBD comes in. CBD, a chemical compound derived from cannabis plants, has a number of healing and therapeutic qualities that will take your self-care game to the next level. Weather you need something to help ease your mind while you facemask, or a body cream that actually soothes your muscles, we’ve rounded it up some of the top CBD-based self-care products to make your life just a little bit better. 

1. R&R Medicinals Gummies 

R&R Medicinals CBD Gummies

R&R Medicinals vegan 25mg CBD Gummies not only taste delicious, they contain a phytonutrient blend that includes natural terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Pop in one to two of these a day, and feel a complete sense of chill-out. Perfect to help get you in the mood for a full day of salt baths and pedicures. 

2. CBD Pure CBDPure Muscle & Joint Cream 


Self-care is all about, well, taking care of yourself. Working from home probably puts a strain on your neck and back, and you might need something to specifically target those aches and pains. CBDPure’s Muscle and Joint CBD infused cream contains 250 mg of full-spectrum CBD along with elements of menthol and white willow bark. Applied to specific areas, the cream soothes upon contact and will take effect within 2-3 minutes of application. Use this to finally feel some relief from those hunched-over-your-laptop cramps. 


3. Nature’s Healer CBD Charcoal Facemask

Nature's Healer CBD Charcoal Facemask

No self-care day is complete without a face mask. The Nature’s Healer CBD Charcoal Face Mask is not just any face mask – this face is infused with hemp for anti-inflammation and calming, charcoal for clarifying, and aloe, lavender, and green tea for soothing. Apply, leave on for 5-10 minutes, and ahhhh. And, of course, it’s also selfie-worthy. 

4. CBDistillery  Isolate Powders

CBDistillery Isolate Powder

Picture this: spa day, face mask on, sweet iced tea with a fun straw. Now imagine that sweet iced tea infused with a dash of CBD. This is totally possible with CBDistillery’s Isolate Powders. The powders, which come in two different 1 gram forms, one made with hemp oil the other pure CBD, can be mixed to any drink of your choosing for one of the most concentrated ways to intake CBD.  Tasteless and quickly dissolvable, you won’t notice a difference in texture or flavor. It can also be mixed into your own creams and lotions to give your usual skincare routine added health benefits. 

We’ve all been doing our due diligence to stay at home, or, if you’re an essential worker, go to your job in a stressed environment. We all deserve a little extra care, for both our mental and physical health. These CBD products are the perfect supplement to heal, soothe, and relax.  The Four Best CBD Products You Need For the Perfect Self Care Day