The Backlash Swirling Around Netflix’s New Film ‘365 DNI’

A new addition to Netflix's streaming library is causing quite the stir.

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Netflix’s new Polish film 365 DNI is causing a whirlwind of controversy. Netflix

Netflix (NFLX)’s new Polish film 365 DNI is off to a strong start for the streaming service, currently trending at number 6 on the platform in the United States as of this writing. But the movie’s rapid popularity may be more of a curse than a blessing for the hungry streaming service. Viewers have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure and discomfort with the racy, sexually charged new movie due to its controversial subject matter.

365 DNI follows a fiery executive (Anna Maria Sieklucka) stuck in a spiritless relationship when a powerful mafia boss (Michele Morron) abducts her and gives her one year to fall in love with him. It based on an erotic book of the same name written by Blanka Lipińska and seems to have struck a nerve with Netflix viewers. Complaints center around the idea that the film is romanticizing Stockholm syndrome.

However, other viewers have favorably compared the film to Universal’s billion dollar Fifty Shades of Grey franchise thanks to its erotic tone and racy sex scenes, which include depictions of BDSM and voyeurism. Many viewers are clamoring for the other three books in the series to receive film adaptations as well. Given the film’s prominent place in Netflix’s regional Top 10 list, it’s clear that 365 DNI, which translates to 365 Days, is drawing attention.

The film was originally released in Poland on February 7 and grossed $9.4 million overall. The story follows Laura (Sieklucka), a successful sales director for a luxury hotel in Poland, is attempting to rejuvenate her stalled marriage when she is kidnapped by Massimo (Morrone), head of the Sicilian mafia following his father’s assassination, and kept prisoner in his villa. 365 DNI is written and directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Klimala.

The Backlash Swirling Around Netflix’s New Film ‘365 DNI’