Apple TV+ Mostly Looks Like a Bust So Far

How Apple TV+'s most popular shows compare to the rest of the streaming industry.

Apple TV+ Shows Most-Watched Series
Apple TV+’s Little America. Apple TV+

Little America is the absolute best show you’ve probably never heard of. An anthology of funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring and surprising stories about the lives of immigrants in the United States, the series is Apple (AAPL) TV+’s crown jewel. But it’s largely been overlooked amid a sea of star-studded and expensive entries like the $300 million The Morning Show. The streamer’s sluggish start since launching in November hasn’t helped grow its mainstream popularity either.

Unfortunately, that’s a microcosm for Apple TV+ overall. In data provided to Observer by Parrot Analytics, a firm that tracks TV popularity based on social media, fan ratings and piracy, a comprehensive list of Apple TV+’s most popular series every month since its launch compared to average U.S. demand (1x) paints a picture of a streamer that’s yet to produce a true breakthrough hit.

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November 2019

Apple TV+ Most-Watched Shows

See (22x)
For All Mankind (19.67x)
Dickinson (18.21x)
The Morning Show (16.47x)
Servant (8.92x)

In Apple TV+’s opening month, See was the 12th most in-demand digital original in the U.S. while For All Mankind was 18th. Dickinson was 22nd and The Morning Show was 30thThat’s not a bad start, though the streamer was likely hoping for a better debut for its flagship The Morning Show.

December 2019

Apple TV+ Shows Most Popular What to Stream

Truth Be Told (23.05x)
See (21.92x)
Servant (21.79x)
The Morning Show (19.06x)
For All Mankind (18.85x)

Truth Be Told (15th), See (16th) and Servant (17th) all ranked in the top 20 digital originals for December while The Morning Show (27th) and For All Mankind (29th) finished in the top 30. Again, that’s a decent ranking even without a zeitgeist-y hit.

January 2020

Apple TV+ Most-Watched Shows Streaming Guide

Truth Be Told (24.91x)
Servant (21.82x)
See (17.51x)
The Morning Show (15.99x)
For All Mankind (12.16x)

Here is where Apple TV+ begins to slip. Truth Be Told (14th) was the only Apple TV+ original to finish among the top-15 for January. Servant (21st) and  See (30th) finished among the top 30 but The Morning Show (34th) and For All Mankind (54th) fell out of the upper echelon.

February 2020

Apple TV+ Shows Most Popular What to Watch

Truth Be Told (20.19x)
Mythic Quest (15.19x)
Servant (12.68x)
See (13.15x)
The Morning Show (13.08x)

Truth Be Told (18th) held its spot in the top 20 in February while the streamer’s new debut, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, ranked 36th. Servant (46th), See (47th) and The Morning Show (49th) barely cracked the top 50. Even without new episodes, popular series from other streamers such as Netflix (NFLX)’s Stranger Things and Disney+’s The Mandalorian managed to stay among the top 10 months after their finales.

March 2020

Apple TV+ Shows Most Popular Watched

Truth Be Told (17.55x)
The Morning Show (12.73x)
See (12.34x)
Amazing Stories (11.29x)
Servant (11.29x)

For the fourth straight month, Truth Be Told was Apple TV+’s most in-demand show, but still only ranked 29th in March. The Morning Show (50th) and See (53rd) continued to fall, while Apple’s big budget sci-fi anthology Amazing Stories (61st) from executive producer Steven Spielberg failed to make the intended impact.

April 2020

Apple TV+ Library Shows Most Watched

Defending Jacob (13.68x)
Amazing Stories (11.38x)
The Morning Show (11.22x)
See (11.21x)
Servant (9.8x)

Defending Jacob, starring Chris Evans, debuted on April 24th, and was Apple TV+’s top show for the month, ranking 36th among all digital originals for April 2020. No other Apple shows finished in the top 50 as the streamer’s library of originals continued its downward trend.

May 2020

Apple TV+ Most Watched shows

Defending Jacob (30.16x)
See (9.97x)
The Morning Show (9.81x)
Servant (8.29x)
Mythic Quest (7.33x)

Defending Jacob became the most in-demand and highest ranked Apple TV+ series for a month in May 2020, finishing as the 9th most in-demand digital original in the U.S. Defending Jacob remains the only Apple TV+ series to hit 30 times market average and rank in the top 10 digital originals for any month so far. However, the other top Apple TV+ series were far behind; See was 75th, The Morning Show was 77th, Servant was 93rd and Mythic Quest was 101st.

Apple TV+ Mostly Looks Like a Bust So Far