Best CBD Capsules and Pills for Pain 2020


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As it has grown in popularity, CBD has found its way to people’s lives helping with easing pain and relieving stress. With so many positive experiences reported by happy users, CBD products are undoubtedly among the most wanted products for treating pain. CBD or cannabidiol is known for its therapeutic benefits and it’s one of the many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It is used in combination with THC and other cannabinoids in the production of various CBD products such as CBD oil tinctures, topicals, capsules, and different edibles, or other food additives. The favorite products for many CBD enthusiasts are CBD capsules. For that reason, we have reviewed these products available on the market and we have made this list of the best CBD capsules and pills for pain that you can buy. 

What are CBD Capsules and Pills?

Let’s start with the general definition of CBD capsules and pills. Naturally, the name is pretty self-explanatory – CBD capsules are just like any other capsules or pills, only they have an accurate CBD dose in its content. In other words, it is CBD in the form of a pill. These products are used as a supplement and most users find them very convenient and practical. Depending on its content, CBD capsules can be full-spectrum or THC-free. The main difference between the two is the combination of CBD with other cannabinoids. Simply put, THC-free or pure CBD capsules contain only CBD in its content without any additional cannabinoids. On the other hand, full-spectrum is the combination of CBD and THC which is also known as the “entourage effect”. Many research shows that this is the winning combination because it is more effective in treating pain or chronic illnesses. 

With the full-spectrum CBD, you get more benefits as you feel different effects from CBD and THC. Besides, the level of THC has to be lower than 0.3%, so you don’t have to be worried about getting any psychoactive effects or the feeling of getting high. However, you can always get a safer choice and use pure CBD capsules without any THC.

Reasons Why CBD Capsules are Preferred by Users

To begin with, CBD capsules and pills are a very convenient and easy way to consume CBD. All you need to do is take one or two with a glass of water and you’re ready to go. The fact that you can do this at any time in any place makes the CBD pills a preferred choice for most CBD users. On top of that, taking CBD capsules helps you control your daily intake because every capsule contains a precisely measured amount of CBD. In that way, you know exactly how much CBD you consume and you can’t go wrong. With other products, you might miss your dose, take less or more, and don’t get the desired effects, but with CBD pills this task is much easier. 

Additionally, taking CBD capsules offers a discreet way of consuming CBD. There is still some stigma over the use of CBD and many would like to keep this to themself and not feel judged by other people. CBD capsules look just like any other capsules or pills, so nobody needs to know what you are taking. Finally, everyone has used some sort of medication in their lives even for a simple cold or other illness, and there are people that would always prefer pills over any other form of medication. Well, these CBD capsules are specifically designed for them and would be their perfect choice. 

Best CBD Capsules and Pills for Pain: Our Top Picks

Now that you understand why people choose CBD capsules and if you are willing to try them, here comes the next step. That is choosing the best CBD capsules and pills for pain. With so many brands selling different types of CBD products it can be very hard to find the most quality CBD pills that would work well for you. For that reason, we have reviewed all CBD brands selling CBD capsules and pills, and here are our top picks.

Try The CBD



  • Made from organic hemp grown in Colorado
  • Full-spectrum and THC-free CBD 
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan CBD capsules
  • Tested by an independent lab
  • Affordable prices

The CBD capsules, available for sale at Try The CBD, are made of only natural ingredients combined with a high-quality CBD extract from organic hemp grown in Colorado. For a reason, this brand is at the top of our list. For starters, they test all their products for safety and purity through independent labs and publish the results on their website because they tend to be transparent with their buyers. At Try The CBD, you can get full-spectrum and THC-free CBD capsules at affordable prices. The low price doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality, especially in this case. 

Each CBD capsule is precisely measured to contain 25mg of CBD that will help you maintain your daily CBD intake. Both types of CBD capsules full-spectrum and THC-free are available in bottles of 30 and 60 capsules. Finally, another great thing about Try The CBD is that they have a special program to allow an all-time discount for a specific group of users such as students, veterans, military, low-income families, and people with disabilities. All in all, with Try The CBD you get your money’s worth. 




  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Organic hemp that is grown in Colorado
  • All-natural added ingredients
  • Gluten-free & vegan
  • No Additives nor Artificial Flavors

If you are looking for pain relief and want to try CBD capsules you should try HealthworxCBD as they offer small packages of pills containing only 5 capsules. In this way, you have the chance to see how these capsules work and if you are happy with the effects to get a bigger bottle. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, so you would get enough dosage regardless of the count of pills. On top of that, you will get a great quality CBD capsules with no additives or artificial flavors. 

HealthworxCBD capsules are vegan and gluten-free and made from non-GMO organic hemp that is grown in a Colorado farm. The capsules along with all other CBD products available in their store are tested by a third-party lab. Choose from full-spectrum or pure CBD capsules and enjoy their benefits. 




  • Premium-quality CBD extracted from USA hemp
  • Broad-spectrum CBD formula
  • Vegan and THC-free CBD capsules
  • Tested by an independent lab
  • Six different potencies

CbdMD takes no chances in the quality of its products, so it sends them to an independent lab to verify the quality, purity, and safety. This brand is using a broad-spectrum CBD formula which means it’s rich in various types of cannabinoids. CbdMD extracts the CBD from organic USA hemp that is non-GMO and mixes it with natural ingredients. The CBD capsules at CbdMD are available in six different potencies from 450mg to 3000mg of CBD per bottle, with 30 or 60 capsules.

Leaf Remedys


  • 50mg Full Spectrum CBD per serving combined with 5mg melatonin, chamomile, and lavender
  • 30 count per bottle for a combined 1500 mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • Premium-quality CBD extracted from Colorado hemp
  • Tested by an independent lab

Leaf Remedys soft gels offer the ultimate formula for pain relief, sleep, and anxiety. The company only uses high quality CBD extract from Colorado grown hemp. The CBD extract is tested by a third-party independent lab for purity and concentration. The 50mg Full Spectrum CBD oil is combined with 5mg melatonin, chamomile, and lavender. This is the reason why these soft gels are the best on the market. The combined total amount of high-quality Full Spectrum CBD oil is 1500mg. The price point combined with this level of product quality is the best on the market. Furthermore, Leaf Remedys has a great customer service team, and one of the highest customer satisfaction rating.



  • 100% vegan CBD capsules
  • Made from organic hemp from Kentucky
  • All products tested by a third-party lab
  • Full-spectrum and THC-free CBD capsules

There are three types of CBD capsules by Purekana based on its purpose. First ones are natural for pain relief, the second type contains melatonin and L-Theanine to improve night-time sleep, and the last ones are CBD capsules for energy infused with caffeine and Vitamin B1, B6, B12. Apart from the caffeine CBD capsules that contain 15mg of CBD per serving, the other two types contain 25mg of CBD. Purekana uses high-quality organic hemp grown in Kentucky in its production and extracts the CBD through the CO2 extraction method which is the best and safest method of CBD extraction. All products are tested and the results are available for all potential buyers.

Charlotte’s Web



  • Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority
  • High-quality liquid capsule
  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Tested by an independent lab

Charlotte’s Web is a brand that is based in Colorado and uses only domestically-grown organic hemp to extract CBD and combines it with terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids to produce its high-quality liquid capsules. These CBD capsules are 100% vegan, kosher and allergen-free, and contain approximately 15mg CBD per 1mL serving. Charlotte’s Web’s CBD liquid capsules are available in 30ct, 60ct, and 90ct bottles and are made from full-spectrum hemp extract. They test all their products through an independent lab and the lab results are available for download.




  • Full-spectrum CBD pills
  • Made from organic hemp grown in Kentucky
  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • MCT oil as the carrier oil

The Soft Gel Capsules by CBDfx contain full-spectrum CBD oil combined with MCT oil and various terpenes. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD which is extracted from organic non-GMO hemp that is grown in the fields in Kentucky. CBDfx pills are available in bottles with 30 counts and a total of 750mg of CBD per bottle. They also offer a great product for all starter users and that is a pouch containing 8 pills with a total of 200mg CBD. This is a great start if you want to try their capsules and see their effects on you.

Green Roads



  • THC-free and Broad-spectrum CBD Pills
  • Three types depending on their function 
  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Vegan and gluten-free

At Green Roads, you can choose one of the three types of CBD capsules based on their function. Meaning that you can get capsules for everyday support, sleep, and to relax. Green Roads capsules are sold in 750mg of CBD bottles and made from broad-spectrum and THC-free CBD extract. Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD which is ideal for maintaining your daily dose. All products by Green Roads are tested by a third-party lab and are made from American-farmed hemp. 

Possible Side Effects of Using CBD Capsules for Pain

Probably the first question that pops to your mind after reading this is are CBD capsules and pills safe to use. Well, you can rest assured that all CBD products, in general, are safe. You do have to pay attention to their content, as we have already pointed this out in the descriptions for each brand listed above. It’s of prime importance that you choose products that contain natural ingredients. Read the labels carefully and choose only trusted CBD brands – any of these seven are a good choice for you. In addition, there is no room for concerns about CBD capsules getting you high because as we already mentioned these products contain only traces of THC in their content.

However, keep in mind that there are possible side effects of taking CBD capsules and pills which are generally mild. Some of the most common side effects you can expect are nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, or diarrhea. Often, this happens for first-time users but it is very likely for regular users to experience the effects as well. Still, there’s nothing to be concerned about, all you need to do is get yourself hydrated and lower your dosage if you feel more nauseated. Every person has a different metabolism, therefore some people have problems digesting the pills, which might lead to some of these side effects. 

Are CBD Capsules and Pills Effective?

Consuming CBD through capsules means that it takes a bit longer to feel its effects. Due to the fact that CBD pills are taken orally, they don’t get to the bloodstream that quickly because it takes time to be digested. On average, it can take 45 minutes to about 2 hours for the effects to kick in, all depending on the metabolism rate. The good news is that the CBD capsules give a long-lasting effect which can range from 3 to 6 hours. 

If you are still wondering what could CBD do for you, the best thing to do is to read some of the positive reviews that satisfied users leave online. Moreover, there are many scientific studies conducted that support the therapeutic effects of CBD in various health conditions. For example, CBD has helped in regulating some of the following processes: sleep, anxiety, stress, seizures, depression, pain relief, and even treats some symptoms of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, or even cancer. Many more studies are needed to prove these claims, but the users’ positive experiences speak volumes of the effects of CBD.

How to Determine the Right Dosage of CBD Capsules

Each CBD capsule contains a precisely measured amount of CBD and this makes it very easy to control your dosage. As a rule, there is no recommended dosage of CBD for everyone, but it varies on certain characteristics of the user and the condition that is being treated. If you take CBD capsules and pills for pain, whether it’s chronic pain or momentary, you need to consider its severity. A higher dose is suggested if you are treating chronic pain. Additionally, take your weight and height into consideration. People with higher weight and height need a bigger amount of CBD, therefore they need to take 2 or 3 pills per day. Still, they need to be careful with the potency of the capsules, as most CBD brands offer capsules with different potencies. Naturally, one capsule that contains 10mg of CBD will not give the same effects as the one containing 25mg of CBD. 

For beginners, it is suggested to start with a low dosage, normally one capsule per day. It takes time to examine what kind of effects the CBD pills have on a person, so a lower dosage will give you the chance to get used to it. Once you feel comfortable with it, the dosage can be gradually increased.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, CBD has become an important part of many people’s wellness routines. And the fact that there are all kinds of products to make this routine even better and more pleasant gives so many opportunities to find the most suitable way to use CBD. If you are looking for CBD capsules and pills for pain, this list can be your guide and a great resource in finding the best product to fit your needs.

It’s always a good idea to do your own research as well and compare your findings, but keep in mind that whichever CBD brand you choose you need to get a tested product. There are many companies out there selling all sorts of untested products which can present them in a great way to lure you into buying them. Always choose reputable brands and carefully read the labels of all products.  Best CBD Capsules and Pills for Pain 2020