Is ‘After We Collided’ Heading to Streaming Anytime Soon?

After We Collided Netflix Trailer

When can audiences see After We Collided? Frayed Pages

On Monday, the first trailer for After We Collided, the sequel to 2019’s romantic drama After, arrived and the internet predictably went nuts. Ya gotta love a YA phenomenon, right?

In this second installment based on the worldwide bestseller After, we follow Tessa’s intense breakup and its aftermath. Will love overcome the past? Drama and hormones abound. Even as adults, we can often be enticed back into a toxic and/or up-and-down relationship. Clearly, that’s the case again here as Tessa and Hardin can’t seem to shake one another despite the presence of new love interests. The heart wants what the heart wants.

While After has benefitted from the Netflix bump over the last year, it is not a Netflix original, nor is After We Collided. Instead, the new film will be arriving in theaters (you know, if there actually are theaters) and video on demand on October 2. On October 12, it will be available to rent across digital platforms. That means that as of now, there are no public plans for the movie to migrate to Netflix anytime soon. The studios involved will want to squeeze every last penny they can out of digital and online rentals and purchases first before moving it to a streaming home.

But, if After We Collided is handled the same way that After was, it could arrive on Netflix a few months after its release. So, thirsty viewers, there is hope. In the meantime, your appetites can be satiated with 365 DNI or Only

Is ‘After We Collided’ Heading to Streaming Anytime Soon?