Vivid Skateboard Decks by Joseph Wong Represent the August Auction Spirit

Joseph Wong’s ‘How’s Your Day!?’ (2020). Courtesy of Sotheby's Hong Kong

Everyone knows that streetwear and graffiti are now just as ubiquitous among the upper echelons of high society as oil paintings and supersized yachts, so it should come as no surprise that Sotheby’s Hong Kong has just launched a “Skateboard Deck Art Online Exhibition cum Charity Auction” featuring uniquely designed skateboards made by artists and celebrities from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Additionally, the online art and auction word traditionally tends to get a little loose and wacky in the month of August: before the seriousness of autumn and fall museum exhibitions set in, people are just trying to have as much fun as possible. That’s especially true in a pandemic.

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The item in this collection that’s estimated to sell for the highest price is a particularly vivid design by Joseph Wong entitled How’s your day!?this jaunty moniker matches the energy of the pink skateboard decks Wong envisioned. Predicted to sell for over 150,000 Hong Kong Dollars, these decks were made by the artist with his father’s legacy in mind.

“It started after my father’s passing on 1st January 2017, through my fondest memories and nostalgia of him,” Wong wrote in an auction catalogue entry featured on the Sotheby’s website. “My father made a living with his comics, yet this was not something he had expected. Although his works have become a symbol of Hong Kong, I only saw this as one of his many talents. I can only use my imagination when thinking about him—what if he had been a pop musician, a modern painter, a sculptor, or a ceramic artist.”

With this calamitous overlapping skateboard design, Wong has created a brightly colored multitude of figures who represent all the paths in life that even his extremely creative father didn’t take. During a time in which it feels like we’re being denied many possible paths our lives could take, such vision is welcome.

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Vivid Skateboard Decks by Joseph Wong Represent the August Auction Spirit