The 7 Types of Free Psychic Readings You Can Get Online Right Now

7 Types of Free Psychic Readings

It’s hard to commit financially to a service before you try them out. On the other hand, free psychic readings can sound too good to be true. 

They sometimes are – but many trusted sites have introductory offers or free services that allow you to connect with a psychic reader at no cost.

Sifting through the offers can be confusing, so we’ve done the legwork for you.

There are 7 sections to this guide and over 35 free psychics listed below:

  1. Free Readings with Professional Psychics (Free Trials)
  2. Free Readings by Software
  3. Free Psychic Readings on Social Media
  4. Free Readings by Email
  5. Free Readings by Phone
  6. Free Readings by Chat
  7. Free Video Readings

Free Psychic Readings with a Live Person

1. Kasamba

kasamba psychics

Kasamba offers three minutes of a free psychic chat. The site doesn’t limit how many advisors you can try this offer with: you’ll get the free offer with each new advisor you try. Their free readings are via live chat.

2. AskNow – (888) 815-1999


AskNow gives you five free minutes when you purchase 30 Minutes for $30. Their platform connects you to a live advisor, so you can have your reading by either chat or call. 

To see what options are available for your free reading, look to see which buttons are available for the reader that interests you.

3. Psychic Source


Psychic Source offers three free minutes for your first reading, which continues starting at $1 per minute. You can connect with free psychic readers through their “Call Me” feature, where the advisor calls your phone, or you can participate in a live online chat in a texting interface.

4. Keen

keen psychics (1)

Keen offers two introductory offers: three minutes of a free reading from psychic advisors OR a first 10-minute reading for $1.99. Depending on how long you want to talk, this can mean you get extra “free” minutes. You can choose to receive a phone call from an advisor or have a free reading via live chat.

5. Oranum


Oraum uses a credit system and offers 9.99 free credits. This translates to either 10 minutes, 5 minutes, or 3 minutes, depending on the level of advisor you choose. Oranum is a live webcam platform, so their advisors exclusively offer video chats.

Free Psychic Readings by Software and Apps

1. Astrology Answers

Astrology Answers provides astrology information, you can also get a free tarot reading on their site. These sessions address different life questions. You can choose from 3-card tarot readings, a love life tarot reading, a career tarot reading, and daily tarot card readings.


This site offers free online tarot readings, from your choice of four tarot decks. Using six cards from the major arcana, the site provides tarot card readings to tell you how you feel about yourself, what you want most right now, your fears, what is going for you, what is going against you, and the likely outcome to your situation.

3. Psychic Txt

This psychic readers free app gives you 150 text credits to start with, or enough for one question via text. After that, you can purchase more credits within the app for either a text reading or a free psychic reading online. 

They offer bonuses for purchases of 25 minutes or more. You will need to register with your email address to use the app.

4. Free Divination

Free Divination is a site offering eight different kinds of oracle tools: tarot readings, playing cards, rune casts, the i Ching, Mahjong, dominoes, the Lemnisk8-Ball, and a lucky numbers feature.

With Free Divination, you ask your question and do your own free psychic reading. Some of the tools, like tarot readings, can answer more open-ended questions. Others, like the Lemnisk8-Ball, are better for yes-no questions.

5. Astro.CafeAstrology

In addition to the astrological tools offered, CafeAstrology also provides two prediction services: “Your Stars Today,” which tells you what to anticipate from your current situation, and a description of astrological transits you’re experiencing over a 14-day period. 

Both services are free, and the site saves your profile without an email address so you can return to your readings later.

Free Psychic Readings from Social Media

1. Twin Flame Psychic 

Twin Flame Psychic allows a wide audience to get a free psychic reading by doing three-card tarot readings. As a viewer, you pick a card out of three drawn; the advisor then explains the significance of that card. These can apply to your love life, career, or more general situation.

2. The Pet Psychic 

The Pet Psychic does not offer a psychic reading for free, but you can view her YouTube videos to see examples of her work—trying her skills out before you make a credit card purchase. If you choose to purchase a reading yourself, she works both by phone and Skype.

3. Psychic Medium Queen 

Psychic Media Queen draws cards for the week that can apply to you generally or to more particular questions, such as those about your love life. As you watch, you mentally pick “your” card, then listen to the explanation of its significance. She also shares more general messages and predictions.

4. BarbsPsychicReadings 

Barb provides free readings on Mondays (8pm Brisbane time, 6am New York time). You may get a free reading online about family, love, career, or other issues by submitting a question in advance, which she randomly picks during the sessions. She also draws three cards for the broader audience to choose from.

5. Allastrology 

The best beginner’s astrology on social media, Allastrology provides free monthly astrology predictions by sign, creating a tailor-made video that focuses on key energies in different areas of your life depending on transits: from love to money to property.

Free Psychic Readings by Email

1. Kasamba

Kasamba does not offer free readings by email but does offer three free minutes by chat. Once you select your advisor, you can have an offline session where you can send your question to them, agree upon a fee, and then receive an answer within 24 hours.

2. Keen

Keen’s mail system allows you to communicate with advisors both in paid and unpaid ways. Unpaid messages help you set up readings, while you pay for the readings themselves. 

To have an advisor answer a question, you can send a payment by credit card in advance or pay to view an email after an advisor has sent it to you. Advisors generally charge per question.

3. Psychic Oz

This site offers you three minutes free when you purchase a value package. This introductory offer allows you to get an answer to an email question from one of their online psychics for $4.99.


Psychic Contact offers 10 free bonus minutes for live chat packages 25 minutes or longer. However, their email readings have fixed prices, ranging from $29.95 for one question to $69.95 for five questions.

5. Psychic Light

Like several other sites, Psychic Light offers free minutes for its live reading packages (10% bonus minutes for packages of 40 minutes or more), but not for its email readings. Email readings have a fixed price of 39.95 GBP for three questions answered within 72 hours, either psychically or astrologically.

Free Psychic Readings by Phone

1. AskNow – (888) 815-1999

When you call asknow you will get the option to do a free 5 minute reading, enough time to get one question answered well.  They do ask for your credit card before starting the reading, but i can verify they don’t charge you as long as you stay under the five minute limit, they even have a beep that goes off before the five minute mark to warn you.

2. Kasamba

Kasamba does not offer a free reading by phone but does offer three free chat minutes so you can find the right advisor, then pay to connect to them by phone.

2. Psychic Source

Psychic Source offers three minutes of psychic readings for free. To find a reader available to take calls, go to the home page or category listings and look for a “Call” button, then click on it to connect with the online psychic.

3. Keen

Keen provides the first three minutes of your online psychic session for free. Find the free psychic reader you want to talk to, then use the “Call Now” button. Within several seconds, you will receive a call from that advisor. You can also arrange an appointment with the advisor instead.

4. California Psychics

California Psychics’ introductory offer ($1, $2, or $4 per minute instead of $5, $6.50, or $8.50 per minute) does not give you free minutes—but if you have a longer call, you will end up saving so much money that the pricing may work out to your benefit. 

You can either make an appointment for an appointment in the coming week or request a callback, placing you on a waiting list for when the online psychic becomes free.   

5. LifeReader

LifeReader offers 50% off and four free minutes of chat or 50% off and your first call at $0.19 a minute. To use the service, first register the best phone number in your account space. Next, find the advisor you wish to speak to and click “call.”

Free Psychic Readings by Chat

1. Kasamba

Kasamba provides three free minutes of psychic chat with any advisor on their website. This ensures you can find the best person for you to answer your life questions. Their chat platform lets you share the same virtual space with an online psychic, so you can see the clairvoyant typing.

2. AskNow

AskNow provides five free minutes when you buy 30 minutes for $30. Because they offer both chat and call services, ensure that your advisor is available to chat by looking for the “Chat” button on their profile, then click it to connect.

3. Psychic Source

Psychic Source gives you three free minutes with an advisor. For a chat reading, you’ll use the platform’s online interface, which is like texting. When your reading is done, you’ll get a transcript of the chat to reread.

4. Keen

Keen provides the first three minutes of your reading free. They provide instant messaging to allow you to chat with your advisor within your browser, so you won’t need to download any software or apps. To find an advisor who can chat, look for the “Chat Now” button on their profile.

5. Mystic Sense

Mystic Sense makes five minutes of your first session free. Not all of their psychics offer chat services. To find one who does, look for the orange chat image beneath their profile. When the advisor is online, a green dot shows up by their photo.

Free Video Psychic Readings

1. Oranum

Oranum gives you 9.99 free credits when you sign up: this is between 3-10 minutes, depending on the rate of your advisor. Their psychics use webcams and camcorders to create live Internet feeds for you. You’ll need Adobe Flash on your computer to receive a video reading.

2. Psychic Source

Psychic Source offers three free minutes, then an introductory rate beginning at $1 per minute. Find an available advisor with a green “Video” button, then connect using the Psychic Source interface in the browser.

3. Mystic Sense

Mystic Sense offers five free minutes of psychic readings for your first session. To find an available video advisor, look for a purple video icon beneath their profile, then click on the profile for more information. When the advisor is online, a green dot shows up by their photo.

A Guide on Free Psychic Readings


Are free psychic offers legitimate?

The above free psychic offers are all legitimate in that they provide some form of free readings. As you explore the best offer for you, be sure to read any terms and conditions, as some may require you to purchase minutes to get the offer or input credit card information before beginning.

If your free psychic reading has a time limit and you are not interested in purchasing additional minutes, ensure that you have your question narrowed down enough so that the advisor can answer it within the timeframe. Throughout the session, keep a close eye on the time or set a timer to alert you when the free offer is up so your credit card does not get charged.

How do I know which type of psychic reading is best for me?

Because psychic readings are intimate, it’s key that you are comfortable and relaxed for your reading to be most productive. With this in mind, consider how you like to ask friends or family members for advice. Are you more likely to pick up the phone or send an email? To use text or social media?

At the same time, psychic readings are a professional service, so it is also important to ask yourself how you like to work in professional settings. Would you rather ask a colleague a question via Zoom or on the phone?

If your answers to these questions are different, you may need to try different free offers to find out which psychic reading type is best for you. If you are shy about sharing questions with a psychic, chat is the easiest entry point.

Which category of readings is the best from this list?

Readings with a live person are the best type of psychic readings. Because the advisor is present at the same time you are, they can read your energy, using their skills and tools to pick up on answers to your questions.  The advisors on these sites are also vetted so you can be sure you are working with one of the best online psychics available.

In addition, there are a variety of platforms available for live readings, from chat to phone to video. This ensures that you can find the right method of communication so that you can fully open up to the advisor.

Readings by software and apps are beneficial in that they can cost less and be available at all times. However, they often lack the kind of personal interpretation that a live advisor can provide, leading to confusion or even faulty readings if you are not experienced with the tools.

What should I ask during my free reading session?

Users often find that their readings are most beneficial when they have specific questions for their advisor. These can be very detailed (“What do I need to know about my love with X?”) or more general (“What will happen with my love life?”).

To determine the question or questions you should ask, first consider any area of your life that is causing you anxiety. This could be love, career, family, or something else.

Next, narrow down what information about this area would help you. For example, you might want to know what potential a love relationship with a particular person has, or you may want to know if you should explore new career options.

Finally, prioritize your questions. If you have more than one question, an advisor may not be able to answer it in a single free session. Instead, you may need to pay for additional time or try another free offer. By listing your questions in order of importance, you’ll make sure that you address the most important issues within the given timeframe.

A Final Word on Finding a Psychic for Free Readings

Psychic readings free of charge give you a fun way to try out different platforms and advisors. You’ll get the best results from live psychic readings, but software and other platforms also have their place when you need free answers right away.

Have you tried a free psychic reading before? What did you think? Tell us about your experience in the comments! The 7 Types of Free Psychic Readings You Can Get Online Right Now