Anti-Stress Beverages Made for the Burnt-Out Millennial


Being burnt-out and being a millennial is as natural a pairing as red wine and pasta. Our generation functions daily under the burden of student loans, high rents, and jobs that infiltrate our lives beyond the normal 9-5 requirements – often without the work reflected in our salaries. Add a global pandemic, constant social unrest, and an increasingly unstable economy to the mix and what you get is lack of sleep, teeth grinding, and an altogether extremely stressed out, frazzled millennial. 

Reaching this level of burnout isn’t good for anyone. Your work will suffer, your social life will suffer, and most importantly your mental health is on the line. But with every new horrible thing 2020 throws at us, how is it remotely possible to relax? Well, you need to find the tools that work for you. Maybe it’s meditation, maybe it’s exercise, maybe it’s a change in your diet, and maybe it’s all of the above. Finding one simple thing to help you relax and get through the day without pulling at your hair is an easy first step. And what’s more simple then a pleasant and refreshing beverage? Anyone and everyone can fit a drink into their busy schedule.

These days, there are entire industries that cater to anti-stress needs. In fact, there are so many products it might be a little overwhelming to sort through and find the ones that actually work. Which is why we did the work for you and found a number of quality beverages that are easy to acquire, affordable, and proven to take the edge off. No, they are not *alcoholic* beverages – get your mind out of the gutter – these drinks are actually good for you, with soothing ingredients like CBD or hibiscus, and may be exactly what you need to get through the rest of this year with some sanity. 

Without further ado – here are 6 anti-stress beverages you should incorporate into your routine ASAP:



Recess is a carbonated, CBD-infused drink that only came onto the market about two years ago. But in that short amount of time, it’s certainly made big waves as a cult favorite. They’ve branded themselves as “the antidote to modern times” – so if you’ve been answering emails, circling back, and following up since 8 am, this might be the drink for you. The drinks are each concocted with a combination of hemp extract and adaptogens (herbs that combat stress) – so it’s made to specifically target those shakes and jitters. And all 6 flavors, coconut lime, black cherry, blood orange, peach ginger, pomegranate hibiscus, and blackberry chai, are all naturally flavored and low in calories. 

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Goldmine Adaptogen Powder Jar

Goldmine is a company built by two millennial women who were experiencing burn-out first hand and wanted to do something about it. What they came up with was a line of adaptogen powders designed to taste good, be easy to consume, and help you feel your absolute best. Their main product, the plain and simple Goldmine Adaptogen Powder, is composed of 5 organic adaptogenic herbs and is made to blend easily into your daily coffee, smoothie, tea or even just a glass of water. As the product’s many reviews will testify, a daily dose of this will help with stress relief, focus, and even immunity. And if you’re looking for an extra immune boost, Goldmine also makes a Supershroom Powder – packed with antioxidants and made specifically for immune support. 

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Kin High Rhode 


Kin is a brand that makes “euphorics” – think of these beverages as a healthy, soothing substitute to the 5 PM happy hour cocktail. These drinks have no vodka or whiskey, but they do still pack a punch. Their High Rhode drink is made with a healthy dose of adaptogens, nootropics (GABA, 5-HTP, Caffeine and tyrosine  to support neurotransmitters in charge of mood, pleasure, and reward), and botanics like hibiscus and licorice. Mix it with juice, fruit, or seltzer to make your very own stress relieving “cocktail”. 

Som Sleep


One huge contributor to daily stress is lack of sleep. And how is it even possible to sleep when there’s a global pandemic, an ongoing climate crisis, and an email inbox full to the brim? Som Sleep comes to the rescue with their unique sleep formula: a beverage to drink about 30 minutes before bedtime that’s made up of healthy ingredients like Magnesium and Vitamin B6 help ensure your sleep cycle is running nice and smoothly and  L-Theanine and GABA help calm your mind, and of course a nice dose of melatonin. The perfect drink to help you get a full 8 hours. 

Vybes Peach Ginger 


Vybes’ Peach Ginger drink is perfect for anyone looking for something to soothe their mind and satisfy a fruity craving. Made from peach puree, meyer lemon, and Peruvian ginger juices the flavors make for a crisp, refreshing beverage. Factor in the 25mg hemp CBD and you’ve got yourself an anti-stress power drink. 

Apothekary Chill the F*** Out


Last but certainly not least on our list, Apothekary’s herbal supplement powder, uniquely called “Chill the F*** Out” is an amazing serotonin booster with a chocolate and peppermint tea flavor. It pairs well with coconut milk, maple syrup, or any kind of nut milk for a nice cozy cup to sip the stress away. Made with two powerful adaptogens, Reishi and Ashwagandha, the supplement encourages stress relief, fights fatigue, and even has anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for a mid afternoon pick-me-up. 


Anti-Stress Beverages Made for the Burnt-Out Millennial