Try These Digital Workout Platforms to Refresh Your At-Home Fitness Routine

Whether you're into Pilates, yoga, cardio or more, these are the online workout subscriptions to try right now.

You don’t need to head into a fitness studio to get a good workout. Courtesy Sarah Orbanic for Melissa Wood Health

Over the past eight months, our daily lives have changed in major ways. Many of us transitioned into an entirely WFH situation, and aside from creating our own mini home offices, we’ve also had to find ways to get in some form of exercise without heading to our usual gym or workout class.

Even though a number of gyms and fitness studios have at least partially reopened over the past few months, there are many of us who, understandably, aren’t yet comfortable with heading to an in-person workout class.

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Luckily, there are tons of at-home digital fitness platforms and apps to try out right now, including many that have newly updated and adapted as the demand for online wellness has grown as of late. Whether you’re a yoga lover, Pilates devotee, cardio loyalist or anything in between, these are the digital workout platforms to try right now.

Erika Bloom Pilates. Courtesy Erika Bloom

Erika Bloom Pilates

Celebrity Pilates instructor Erika Bloom launched her first-ever digital membership program, aptly named “The Membership,” in September. The monthly subscription service includes access to a full library of pre-recorded videos, as well as live practices (four per week, and it’s almost like you’re right there in the studio, just sans reformer). Some of the classes require props like a Theraband, Pilates magic circle or weights, but there are also plenty without equipment. It’s great for those who are really missing their go-to Pilates classes, and the membership also offers videos on wellness topics including meditation and nutrition. You can also book a private one-on-one with Erika or the other instructors, if you want a little extra attention. $90 per month, Erika Bloom Pilates.

Melissa Wood Health. Courtesy Sarah Orbanic for Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood Health 

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s wellness method focuses on low-impact, Pilates- and yoga-oriented workouts. Subscribers receive access to Melissa’s workouts both on her website and newly updated app; there are over 100 flows available at all times, plus meditations. The workouts range from 8 minutes to over 50 minutes, and there are options for props or just using your own body weight. Don’t let the low-impact fool you; her workouts are seriously effective. Melissa adds a new workout every Monday, and starting in October, is now releasing a second flow every Friday, too, so subscribers get two brand-new weekly workouts. We love that she puts up a weekly workout schedule every Monday, with her suggestions for each daily flow. $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, Melissa Wood Health

Obé Fitness. Courtesy Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness

The fitness platform offers 15 types of classes on its website and app, ranging from Pilates, yoga, dance, cardio, boxing, strength and more, all of which are 28 minutes long and give you a major burn. As co-founders and CEOs Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills saw how their subscriber base was growing over the past several months amid the coronavirus pandemic, they began expanding their content even more, and launched live weekday evening programming in mid-September. They now offer 22 live daily classes (including their much-loved themed classes), and held their first digital retreat in mid-September, led by Elaine Welteroth. $27 per month, Obé Fitness.

Echelon Reflect. Courtesy Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect

One of the best parts of the Echelon Reflect is that the slim mirror fits pretty much anywhere, including any of the tiny home spaces that so many of us are spending a whole lot of time in right now. It’s definitely a big financial investment, but you can choose from on-demand classes including Pilates, meditation, boxing, toning, stretching and tons more, and now the platform has a live studio, too, for different training options. You’ll need a membership along with the Echelon mirror equipment, but then you’re all set. $1,599 for the Echelon Reflect mirror and $399 per year for subscription, Echelon Fit.

Tracy Anderson. Courtesy Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson Method

Celeb fitness guru Tracy Anderson relaunched her online workout platform in August, with a truly one-of-a-kind virtual studio experience that truly feels like you’ve stepped into one of the Gwyneth Paltrow-approved trainer’s in-person classes. Members enter a virtual “lobby,” with new updates for the studio, and then can head to the “Prescription Office,” to fill out a profile and get a virtual body consultation and check-in for your recommended content. Then there are the Classrooms, with beginner, intermediate and advanced options. New classes are released every Wednesday evening, and there are also weekly post-class talks with Tracy, as well as dance cardio and body-centric workout sessions. Finally, there’s the Locker Room, where members can (virtually) meet and chat with each other. Expect even more coming soon; the website is launching a new virtual cafe, with weekly and seasonal recipes, as well as a shop, in the near future. Membership options include $90 per month, $457 semi-annually or $808.50 annually, Tracy Anderson.

AKT. Courtesy AKT


Anna Kaiser’s AKT is a super intense workout, and now you can try it out from home. The brand just launched a new streaming platform, AKT GO, with a variety of class options (strength, toning, cardio and dance), for whatever you’re feeling that day. Some of the classes do require equipment, but there are also tons of choices if you’re lacking weights or any other props. $19.99 per month, AKT.

YogaToday. Courtesy YogaToday


As nice as it is to be able to get in a good workout at home, those of us without a personal gym are usually stuck with a view of a couch, bed or desk, making a less than scenic backdrop. YogaToday’s new virtual platform, composed of hundreds of yoga, Pilates and meditation classes, fixes all of that. The videos are all filmed outdoors in the most beautiful settings, like the Salt Flats, Grand Teton National Park and Canyonlands National Park, to at least help fulfill a little bit of that travel wanderlust we’re experiencing right now. There are tons of class options for all levels, as well as specifically targeted workouts for issues like lower back care, knee pain and hip strength, to name just a few. We personally think it’s also far superior to any kind of an in-person class where your only view is of the instructor surrounded by mirrors in a small, cramped room. $15 per month or $119 per year, Yoga Today.

The Ness. Courtesy The Ness.

The Ness 

The bounce-focused New York fitness studio launched The Ness Digital earlier this year, and now they’ve released an app to go along with the website, too. While some of the workouts do require the studio’s signature tiny trampoline, there are plenty of sculpting, toning and cardio classes you can do sans equipment, too. New content is released on the platform every Monday. $39.99 per month, The Ness.

SLT. Courtesy SLT


SLT is now offering its classes via digital platform and on its app, with workouts that vary from between 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Subscribers can select full-body, core, abs or other specifically targeted workouts, as well as options on the Megaformer or Microformer (for those that really went all out with the home gym and have a serious equipment set-up), treadmill or just a mat workout. $45 per month, SLT.

305 At-Home. Courtesy 305 Fitness

305 At Home

The dance cardio-inspired workout recently launched a new digital membership platform, complete with an official app. Subscribers have access to a full library of five- to 45-minute classes, including cardio, toning, HIIT and stretching exercises. A new cardio class is released daily and available on-demand for 24-hours. $29 per month, $229 per year or $12 per class, 305 At Home.

Try These Digital Workout Platforms to Refresh Your At-Home Fitness Routine