5 Best Fortune Teller Websites for Online Fortune Telling


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With so much anxiety in these uncertain times, it’s not uncommon to seek the help of an online fortune teller for insight into our future. That’s why thousands of people everyday search for fortune telling services for answers to their most pressing questions.

However, not all fortune telling sites are created equal and some aren’t accurate at all. For every real fortune teller that wants to use their psychic ability to help others, there are just as many con-artists. How do you really know which fortune tellers are legit and which ones aren’t?

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My name is Lindsey Tucker and I’ve tried over 13 different fortune telling sites to see which ones are the absolute best. While some companies have amazing fortune tellers that can predict your future with a high degree of accuracy, others are a complete waste of time and money.

Through a process of trial and error, I’ve discovered which sites have the most accurate readings, the cheapest rates, and free minutes.

If you want to find the best fortune tellers online, here are my top recommendations.

The Best Online Fortune Teller Sites

  • Psychic Source: Best For Love Readings (3 Free Minutes + 75% Off)
  • Keen: Most Accurate Fortune Tellers (10 Minutes For Just $1.99)
  • Kasamba: Largest Variety of Divination Methods (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off)

1) Psychic Source: Best Fortune Telling Site For Love Questions

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Psychic Source is an excellent place to find out what cards your future might hold. People from all walks of life have been turning to Psychic Source for guidance and knowledge for more than 30 years. You can access the talents of their wide variety of psychics by phone, video, or live chat.

When you need to put your mind at ease by finding out what fortune telling can do for you, Psychic Source offers talented psychics with different gifts. You will find assistance through any method you can think of, including astrology, tarot cards, numerology, interpretation of dreams, lost object readings, cartomancy, energy work, past life readings, and spiritual readings.

Psychic Source is especially helpful for anything regarding your romantic fortunes. It’s the best site to use for those in need of love readings, so if you’re wondering whether a special someone may be on the horizon or if a current relationship might become more serious, their readers can enlighten you.

The site respects your privacy and uses advanced software to protect online security. Psychic Source’s fortune telling and other predictions are affordable, particularly for first-time users. They feature an introductory offer as low as $1 per minute, plus three minutes free with your first reading. Psychic Source also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Online Readings Available via Phone, Chat, or Video
  • Best Service For Relationship Insights and Love Questions
  • Variety of Different Divination Methods Available
  • Over 300+ of the Best Psychics In The World To Choose From
  • Every New Client Gets 3 Free Minutes + Low Introductory Rates

Click Here To Visit The Official Psychic Source Website

2) Keen Psychics: Accurate Fortune Tellers By Phone or Chat

keen (1)

During these uncertain times, a lot of people turn to fortune tellers to help guide them through the finer details of whatever issues they’re facing. Unfortunately, a lot of people are facing financial struggles right now as well. If you need some advice and are on a tight budget, Keen can help. Keen has been providing psychic services since 1999. You can reach out via phone or chat. If you’re busy, you can even seek insight on the go with a mobile app.

Keen has more than 1,700 psychic advisors at your disposal, all reviewed and rated by a growing community of users. The advisors are well versed in a wide range of methods and specialties, including cartomancy, spiritual readings, aura cleansing, dream interpretation, numerology, angel cards, tarot, and astrology. You can even search for your ideal advisor using the site’s filtering tool to sort by area of interest, means of contact, and price.

Your fortune teller readings are always completely anonymous and confidential. Keen is a trusted, reliable source for affordable, accurate readings for men and women willing to look deep within themselves. If you lack knowledge and are uncertain about your commitment to fortune telling or other psychic predictions, Keen is the best spot for cheap readings. You can find guidance without breaking the bank.

At Keen, 10-minute readings start at only $1.99. Keen boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The site is currently running a special offer: Get your first three minutes free, regardless of method.

  • Several Fortune Reading Methods To Choose From Including Phone and Chat
  • Categories Include Love, Mediums, Fortune Telling, Astrology, and More
  • Get Accurate Insights Into Relationships, Career, Money, and Life Issues
  • 100% Private and Confidential
  • Every New Client Gets A 10 Minute Psychic Readings For Just $1.99

Click Here To Visit The Official Keen Psychics Website

3) Kasamba: Free Fortune Reading For First 3 Minutes

kasamba (1)

If you want to know anything about your fortune, Kasamba can provide a deep glimpse into your future. Kasamba started its business in 1999. You can connect with their talented psychics and fortune tellers via online chat or email. The company features psychics from around the globe. Browse their profile pages to learn more about their methods and find the perfect option for you.

Kasamba features an insightful team of people with a wide array of psychic specialties for you to choose from. You can find answers to your biggest questions through fortune telling, tarot readings, rune casting, aura readings, dream analysis, crystal readings, astrology, and so much more.

If you’re searching for a fortune teller who can guide you on your career and financial journey, Kasamba is the best site to visit. Many of their psychic advisors are attuned to issues revolving around work and finances. When you’re curious about your career direction or your monetary future, they can put their talents to work for you. 

With their gift for financial foretelling, it’s no surprise that Kasamba provides numerous price ranges to fit any budget. The psychic profiles feature starred ratings and reviews, as well as the psychic’s fee per minute. Kasamba offers free psychic readings for the first 3 minutes of every session and a refund if you’re not fully satisfied after your session. New members get 75% off, so if you’ve never tried an online reading, Kasamba is a great place to start your journey.

  • Choose Between A Tarot Card Reader, Gypsy Fortune Teller, or Clairvoyant Psychic
  • Categories Include Tarot Readings, Fortune Telling, Dream Analysis, and Career Forecasts
  • Get 3 Free Minutes With Every New Fortune Teller You Try
  • New Members Enjoy 50% Off Their First Session

Click Here To Visit The Official Kasamba Website

Is an Online Reading More Accurate than a Fortune Teller Near Me?

Some people doubt the accuracy of fortune tellers and psychics, while some swear by their gifts. In pop culture, we typically see a gypsy fortune teller with otherworldly talents, a grifter who fakes being able to read signs for entertainment, or someone who exploits people’s need for love just to earn a quick buck.

In real life, there’s a spectrum of true fortune tellers and those who play the game. The same holds true for the many thousands of online fortune tellers. The accuracy of predictions depends more on the fortune teller than whether the reading is done in person or online. Whether you’re a CEO with hundreds of employees working under you or just someone trying to make ends meet, a genuine fortune teller should treat your circumstances without judgment.

The most important point to keep in mind is that you find a reliable fortune teller who makes you feel comfortable. Not everyone is lucky enough to have fortune tellers nearby. By taking advantage of our client reviews and browsing the sites we recommend, you can find an experienced, accurate fortune teller without leaving your house. You may even be more relaxed and receptive to the anonymity of the remote experience.

Things to Know Before Talking to a Fortune Teller Online

Before you consult a fortune teller online for any reason, you should take a look at their ratings and reviews. The best online psychics feature profiles of all their psychics, so it’s easy to see whether previous clients have had a good experience with your chosen fortune teller. You should also find someone who specializes in the area you’re interested in exploring—that way, you can kill two birds with one stone by settling on an option that’s both reputable and suitable for you. A reading about a relationship or your love life will mean nothing if you have career questions.

If you want some insight into your future, a free online reading is likely your most convenient and affordable option. You know your session will be anonymous and confidential. The experience is also low-risk—while the fortune teller offers guidance, you are not at all obligated to follow it. Plus, if you don’t feel like you connect with your fortune teller, the sites we reviewed all offer some level of satisfaction guarantee.

Can Fortune Telling Help You Find Love?

If you’re in a relationship rut, you might feel like you will never have love in your future and that the fortuneteller route has nothing to offer. Still, you might be asking yourself: Can fortune telling help me find happiness and the true love I desire?

Depending on the depth of insight, a fortune teller may be able to peer into the future to give you the name of the one you’ll fall in love with and the location of your first date. Other fortune tellers may be able to tell you physical characteristics or other things about your one true love. They may offer tips you can use to change your behavior and open yourself up to the dating market, giving you the power to find love. Fortune telling can impact your romantic future in a variety of ways.

When your focus is your love life, be sure to check online reviews so you have your reading done by an online fortune teller with romantic expertise. Different online fortune tellers specialize in different areas.

How Can Fortune Tellers Predict the Future?

Whether you have a reading online or in person, fortune tellers use the same types of divination methods across cultures to harness their talents and foresee what lies in store. Like the last page of a book, your future has already been written and just needs the right person to read it.

Your fortune teller may specialize in tasseography or reading tea leaves. He or she may work with cartomancy, using tarot cards or another type of deck to provide an explanation of your life. Some fortune tellers cast runes. Others read palms. Though it sounds like the cliché of the gypsy fortune teller, your fortune teller may consult a crystal ball.

Fortune tellers have a variety of gifts and methods they use to conduct your reading. Clairvoyance is the gift of seeing what others can’t. Clairaudience refers to hearing sounds from spirits in another realm. Extrasensory perception (ESP), sometimes referred to as the sixth sense, involves gathering information that can’t be received through sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell.

One point to remember is that every fortune teller is a unique individual with his or her own methods of delving into your future fortune. You have access to fortune reading via everything from tarot cards to coffee grounds to palmistry to find out more about your destiny.

How Much Does a Fortune Telling Service Cost?

As you can tell from our reviews and from the websites we featured, fortune telling sessions are available for a range of prices. There are even some sites that offer online psychic readings for free, though these are likely to be vague surface readings that don’t tell you very much in the way of useful information. No one is going to tell your future through Instagram memes, Facebook quizzes, or articles written by unreliable sources.

Online fortune telling is often more affordable than in-person readings. In addition to saving money, you can access services anytime, wherever you are in the world, by phone or chat, so you don’t have to spend money getting to them. If fortune telling is a new thing to you and you’re worried about the cost, online fortune telling is the way to go.

If you have questions about your career, love, friends, or life in general, you may want to consult a fortune teller online. Whether they offer an online tarot reading, a palm reading, or any other divination methods, online fortune tellers can offer unique insights about your dreams, love, and future fortune. Now that you have our recommendations on where to find a quality fortune teller online, you can focus on the big questions and all the answers you seek, so that your cup will overflow with happiness. 5 Best Fortune Teller Websites for Online Fortune Telling