10 Best Criminal Background Check Services Online


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Background checks are useful to employers in getting essential details about their potential employees. Unlike police or credit checks, background checks are done from information legally available to the public. 

The sites that perform these checks require some number or address to bring other essential information about the target person. Background check sites are also pretty straight forward, and almost anyone can use them without any complications. 

Reasons for using these sites may vary, as some might be checking on their future employees. In contrast, others might need to contact a lost friend or family member. People also visit these sites to see how much data about them is available to the public. 

Regardless of the reason, here, we’ve researched and collected the best background check sites. Some are on the list due to their free services while others due to the number of details they offer. 

Here are the top four recommendations.

Part 1: TruthFinder – Background Search

TruthFinder is an excellent background check service that provides quality and detailed information for the user to view. One thing impressive about TruthFinder is that since it’s a premium service, members get access to both public and private databases. Such a utility makes the job easier to find the right person. 


Moreover, there are features to know what information about the user is available for the public to see through its robust self-monitoring tools. The checks are also unlimited, making it perfect for those who frequently search for records on people. From social media profiles, photos, and police records, everything is available for the user on TruthFinder.

TruthFinder Official Website: www.truthfinder.com

Why is TruthFinder the Best for Background Check?

There are some stand out points of TruthFinder that offer better user convenience while searching for accurate results of the related person. 

Advanced Algorithm 

The advanced algorithm to search the person’s history makes TruthFinder the best. It can provide information such as the person’s possible relationships from public records, a feature that is not available with other platforms. 

The background check also displays the entire location history, including their history of addresses and the top places they have visited in the past. It is possible since they are from both public and private databases, they can be reasonably accurate. Check the details here

User-Friendly Cross-Platform Support

There’s also a mobile app available for Android and iOS, making the service extremely convenient for the user. The background checker is accessible through any web browser. Moreover, it offers a fast interface that enables quick results.

Additional Facilities

Other than offering background checks, TruthFinder provides other high-profile facilities. They include Dark-Web scan, people, and public record search that make TruthFinder the best tool in one’s arsenal. 

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Part 2: CocoFinder – Best Background Check Site

Background check comes in handy now and then, primarily when a person aims to learn the other individual’s truth as a caution. CocoFinder is one of the best background check sites offering details on a person free of charge and without the need to create an account. 


The platform helps those who are worried if their searches can single them out using the personal information provided while creating an account. Since no email or credit is used to perform the investigations, the user’s anonymity is not compromised. 

The entire web interface is excellent. It provides fast data search results and superior accuracy when compared to any people search engine. Every option from a background check to white pages search is one click away from the person’s reach. The platform is easily accessible from any modern-day web browser.

Here’s how one would go on to look a person up through CocoFinder:

Step 1: CocoFinder’s interface is simple to use, and all that is needed is to visit the site and click the “Background Check” tab

Step 2: Once there, enter the target person’s First and Last name. Select the State as well before clicking the “Start Search” button. 

Step 3: After a few minutes, the results will be presented. View the relevant information from the list, such as address history, civil records, employment history, and criminal misdemeanor.

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Part 3: Instant checkmate – Background Check Online

Instant checkmate is one of the known names when it comes to background checks. It searches through many criminal, arrest, and traffic records, making it perfect for employers to check before hiring an employee. The site does require the user to be a member. However, the searches are simple to do and can be done as many times as desired. 


Instant checkmate makes it so easy to access arrest records that information on anyone desired can be accessed within a matter of seconds through any browser from anywhere. Whereas if this information were sought using the police office, it would have taken a significant amount of time comparatively. However, similar to most background checks, the accuracy of the information can vary.

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Part 4: Intelius – Quality Background Search

Intelius has made quite a name for itself. Although employers do use it for hiring purposes, it is more popularly used for personal searches. People use Intelius for searching for other people close to them, such as lost friends or family members.


It makes sure that the searcher’s anonymity remains intact, and therefore, all searches are confidential. It can be great for searchers as there is no clue that they have searched for a particular someone. Moreover, it has a massive database. 

Anything from academic qualifications to criminal checks can be searched online without leaving a trace. Searches can be done through email addresses and reverse number lookups.  There is a trial plan available that lets you look up records through an account. However, if you need to see the details online, you’ll need a premium membership. 

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Part 5: ZabaSearch –  Background Check Service

ZabaSearch is a reliable surveillance application known for its confidentiality for all types of services and requirements. People usually consider those background check applications which support privacy policies and can keep the information hidden from others. 

Moreover, it provides the liberty to keep the information private, without even logging in or signing up for their services. This way, all the data searched wouldn’t be kept on record, and the search history will automatically be removed. 

Another aspect that confuses most people is whether or not a background check website is safe to use. The advantage of using ZabaSearch is that they have SSL encryption for their site, making it safe for you to search for anything. It is authentic for hiring purposes, especially for in-house services like nannies, maids, or drivers.

Part 6: BackgroundCheck

BackgroundCheck, as the name suggests, is said to be a useful tool for checking a comprehensive set of information through high numbers of databases. This platform is ideal for businesses looking for subscription-based offers and analysis. 

However, it is an expensive application giving out thorough information about every data entered by the user. Businesses can easily verify all types of records, from traffic to credibility records and drug tests to resume validation. 

It is perfect for personal use as well as for professional usage as well. However, if the user wants employee addresses and phone numbers and more detailed reports, other background check services might prove far more useful. 

Part 7: PeopleFinder – Reliable Background Check Site

One of the efficient background checkers found online is PeopleFinder. It is beneficial for those businesses who go through excessive searches daily. It is relatively cheaper than many background checking applications found on the web. 

All the database works on authentic information combining the monthly result system after subscription. Businesses usually don’t trust social media information, and PeopleFinders knows it; that’s why it’s database is social media free and highly affordable.

Moreover, it has a strict privacy policy following which the user can not wholly rely on the provided information for significant decisions, including employment or rental services. The services provided by PeopleFinder include contact, marital, criminal, and bank information with a well organized and accurate record. 

Part 8: Zlookup – Background Check

Most businesses don’t rely on the background check applications without any specific location details. For those businesses, ZLOOKUP has got it all covered! The central claim of the brand is that it provides unique services offering lookup services through phones, absolutely free of cost. 

According to the team, their lookup service is highly proficient and works effectively by every means. The services provided by ZLOOKUP includes alternate number lookups, free messaging lookups, and status check. The user can also utilize exclusive services that keep all the user information highly confidential.

Part 9: Spokeo – Family Background Check

A little different from others in this list, the background check service Spokeo is mainly used by people to search for personal relations. Unlike other background checks, Spokeo’s promotion revolves around searching for lost friends or family members instead of criminal and arrest records. 

Since their marketing is focused more on personal based searches than professional employee lookup, they have a different plan for business customers called Enterprise. This Enterprise service works similar to others in this list, giving details on potential customers. 

There is a free version that offers the necessary details free. These details may include the city, state, locations, age of the target person. Everything else can be obtained through a membership that works on a monthly subscription. This monthly subscription allows for multiple reports to be purchased. Additionally, it is said to be safe and that the searcher’s anonymity is not compromised.

Part 10: SpyDialer – Free Background Check

For companies looking for an online service that can provide a detailed lookup without any additional charge, Spydialer is the one. It is a free online application through which the user can search for personal information and contact details of a person just by a single click.

Many people have often experienced a series of prank calls and messages ruining the sleeping schedule. SpyDialer can specifically cure the problem by getting details of the caller. This way, one can get all the necessary information about any person, including email, residential addresses, office addresses, and phone numbers.

SpyDialer utilizes the available data publicity, particularly in the yellow pages. It also scans social media accounts and directly compiles user, reliable databases. All the information searched will strictly be removed, and the user’s data will be private.


So this concludes our list of the best background check services available. Background checks can be beneficial when an employer is unsure whether their next employee is the right person for their team. 

Before buying a service, it’s advisable first to try their trial version if there’s any. Trial versions give an idea of how accurate the results can be and what the user is getting for their money. 

It’s hard to go wrong with any of the services mentioned above; however, CocoFinder stands out from the rest due to its intuitiveness and accessibility. 10 Best Criminal Background Check Services Online