Kasamba Review: Prices, Features, Horoscopes, and More – Real Psychics or a Scam? 

Kasamba Review - Feature

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With many local psychics being closed because of the pandemic, more and more people are using online psychic sites as an alternative.

In this post, we’ll review one of the more popular ones called Kasamba. You’ll learn about how it works, its backstory, and the accuracy of its psychic advisors.

Kasamba First Look:

👍 What We like

  • Psychic advisors are vetted for experience
  • Daily horoscopes
  • Impressive variety of readings available
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Paypal is accepted
  • 3 free minutes with each new advisor

👎 What We Don’t Like

  • No video readings
  • Search options could be better

🎟️ Deals Available

⚖️ Bottom Line

Kasamba advisors delivered insightful readings that helped me obtain clarity about my career and relationship.  While some advisors are expensive, their offer for 3 free minutes means you can get to know them without committing to anything financially.  Since users can leave reviews on each psychic’s profile, only the best psychics in the world will be top rated and have 5 stars.

Now let’s dive deeper into how Kasamba works, which advisors are best on their platform, and what their readings were like when I tested them.

About me:

I’ve always gravitated towards psychics as a source for clarity and guidance, they are my way of staying ahead of any curveballs life tries to throw at me and getting through the hard times.  As a moderator of the Spiritual Connections group I actively help psychics-in-training connect with those seeking free readings, connection, and guidance.  

Over the years I’ve used dozens of psychic reading networks like Kasamba too, and at the end of this review, I’ll benchmark and compare Kasamba with services like PsychicSource and Keen as well.

What to Consider Before Using a Service Like Kasamba

People use websites like Kasamba to get insight into key areas of their lives. This can be anything from questions about your love life (“Is X the right person for me?”) to career queries (“Should I take this new job offer?”).  As you ask questions, psychics can tune into your energy and the energy of the situation, then explain unseen factors that affect both you and it.  

How Kasamba Works?

Kasamba Reveiw 1

Kasamba is what’s known as a psychic network, it is a platform that independent psychics use to connect with those seeking their services more easily.

The Kasamba.com company itself also qualifies and reviews each advisor so only the most experienced and gifted psychics are allowed to work through the site.  The site also has user reviews visible on each psychics page so you can see what other people thought of them.  If a psychic is not gifted enough to deliver impactful readings they will have 3 stars or less, and are easy to spot and avoid.

Using the search functions you can search for all kinds of readings: love readings, medium readings to connect with lost loved ones, tarot readings, there are dozens of specialties to choose from.

Once you’ve found the advisor you want to work with, you will need to sign up for the site. To do this, click on the “chat” button on their profile page, then follow the instructions to set up a username, password, and payment method.

You can then chat or call your psychic, if they are available, or request a notification/send a message if they are not.

Within the reading itself, some psychics use physical tools, while others use only their natural abilities. To ensure you are prepared, read the psychic’s profile page carefully before your session. This way, you will ensure you narrow down the hundreds of psychic readers to the one who is right for you.

Cost of readings

Before starting, you’ll also need to decide upon your price range. Kasamba’s psychics have a wide variety of prices per minute after the initial offer, from $1.99 to $20+. You can sort advisors from lowest to highest price and vice-versa, making it easy to find a specialist who falls within your comfort zone.

Communication methods

Kasamba’s advisors provide a number of methods of communication, including calls, email responses, and live chats. Using their trial offer can help you narrow down which of these appeals to you most.

Review of the Types of Readings Available on Kasamba

Kasamba Review 2

Kasamba’s advisors provide a variety of services. Here is an overview of the most popular.

Kasamba Psychic Reading

Psychic readings can involve everything from aura interpretations to crystal readings. Generally, however, the guide will tune into the energy surrounding you and your query. They will then be able to provide you with insights into the situation.

Tarot Reading on Kasamba

In tarot card readings, the advisor uses a 78-card deck to draw a spread that addresses your particular question or gives an overview of where you are in your life. These spreads vary by advisor, but typically shed light on the past, present, and future.

Dream Analysis and Kasamba

Astrological readings analyze the position of the planets (and various asteroids and/or sensitive points in your chart) on your date of birth, now, and in the future. Each planet passes through twelve signs, which affects the twelve “houses,” or areas of your life. 

An advisor experienced in astrology readings can help explain the particular significance of these movements for you.

Astrology Readings

Astrological readings analyze the position of the planets (and various asteroids and/or sensitive points in your chart) on your date of birth, now, and in the future. Each planet passes through twelve signs, which affects the twelve “houses,” or areas of your life. 

An advisor experienced in astrology readings can help explain the particular significance of these movements for you.

Love and Relationships

Kasamba’s experts include specialists on romance and relationship issues. Different advisors will use different tools, from clairvoyance to tarot readings, to gain insight into the topic you ask about. 

For a specialized experience, select an advisor from a subcategory within “Love and Relationships.” These include Breaking Up & Divorce, Parents & Children, Cheating & Affairs, Single & Dating, Gay & Lesbian Friendly, Soulmate Connections, and Marital Life.

Career Forecasts

When you have a career question, you can select one of hundreds of Kasamba experts to help shed light on it. This can be through the use of astrology, angel cards, or a number of other tools, depending on the advisor you choose. 

Career psychics can help you determine if you’re on the right path for you, or if it’s the best moment to change jobs and other work-related matters.

Best Psychics Available on Kasamba

The best psychic on Kasamba will depend on what you’re looking for from your reading. However, here are five top-rated advisors, among the best psychics on Kasamba overall.

Psychic Yasmin

Kasamba WOman 2

With almost 30,000 reviews, averaging 5 stars, Psychic Yasmin uses her skills as an intuitive and empath to answer your questions. She taps into your energy, using her spiritual guides to help predict and provide insight into your future. She has clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient skills.

Love Specialist Isabelle

Kasamba Woman 1

Love Specialist Isabelle focuses on romantic queries, from general questions to insight into marriage, divorce, and family situations. Her 14,000+ reviews (5-star average) speak to her keen insight. With more than 15 years’ experience, Love Specialist Isabelle ensures a non-judgmental, confidential space to explore these questions.

Master Enigma

Kasamba Man

With over 50,000 reviews and 30+ years’ experience as a psychic reader, Master Enigma has an average rating of 5 stars. His specialties include psychic readings in general, though he also has sub-specialties in relationships, dream analysis, remote viewing, astral projection, and others.

“Psychic Reader and Healer”

Psychic Reader and Healer focus primarily on love and relationships, though he also provides insight into financial and business questions. His 22,000+ reviews, averaging 5 stars, speak to his positive energy and comforting manner.

“Best Psychic Readings”

Best Psychic Readings uses a variety of tools, from telepathy to precognition, to examine different areas of your life. He focuses on providing holistic answers to answer your specific questions and help you make a decision. His 16 years of experience with the site are reflected in his nearly 29,000 reviews, averaging 5 stars.  For a list of other popular advisors across all platforms, visit this post on the best psychic reading services performed by phone, chat, email or video.

Kasamba Free Trial

Kasmaba’s introductory offer can help you narrow down their psychics to find the one who will work best with you.

Kasamba provides users with three free minutes. Unlike some other sites, these three minutes apply to each new psychic. These minutes can be used either for a chat or a psychic phone reading.

To redeem your free psychic reading online, sign up with email, Google, or Apple on the “Sign up to Kasamba” page. 

Once you have signed up, find the advisor you want to speak to, then click “Let’s Chat” or “Call.” 

The site will then prompt you to select a payment method: credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay. Once you have entered your information, you will be able to talk with each new advisor you try for three minutes before being charged. 

kasamba review

Kasamba Reviews from Users

I’ve scoured the internet to find the most honest Kasamba reviews from real users. The reviews I found were largely positive about users’ journeys with Kasamba psychics. So that you can get a sense of how the site has worked for people in the past, take a look at the advice and see which review speaks to you.

Kasamba - In My last Reading

Kasamba 3

Kasamba 2

FAQs About Kasamba Psychic Readings

What should I expect from an online psychic reading on Kasamba?

At the beginning of the session, the psychic will ask you to share your question or issue. Your session will work best if you focus on one question or issue at a time, as this will avoid conflicting or confusing energies.

The reader will then tune into your energy field to get an understanding of the situation. A psychic will use their innate gifts to do this and may also choose to use a particular tool or tools, like cards or astrology, to assist them. 

Psychics typically work best when they are allowed to provide their insights without interruption, though your expert may ask clarifying questions at certain points to ensure the accuracy of your reading. If you have questions, try to save them for the end of the session.

How Is Kasamba Different from Other Psychic Services?

Kasamba has several features that separate it from other psychic services.

First, it is one of the only major sites to offer email readings, which can be a key way for busy or introverted people to connect with psychics.

Kasamba is also different in its introductory offer. It offers three free minutes, which is not uncommon. However, with Kasamba, you get three free minutes for each new psychic you try.

Kasamba’s website also has in-depth articles. These include your Kasamba daily horoscope as well as other Kasamba horoscopes and insights into different psychic areas.

Finally, unlike some other sites, Kasamba provides around-the-clock customer service and a satisfaction guarantee for your first reading.

Is There Customer Support on Kasamba?

Yes! Kasamba offers 24/7 customer support. Their online service center provides a bank of answers to frequently asked questions. However, if your question is not there, you can also create a “new support ticket” to submit your query online immediately.

What Is the Kasamba App?

The Kasamba app is another way of using the psychic platform. You download the app onto your phone, then use it to chat or call your chosen advisor.

Much like the website, the Kasamba app provides you with three minutes free for each new advisor.

With 7,400+ ratings on the Apple store, Kasamba’s app has an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, showing that most customers find it works well for their needs.

What Payment Methods Does Kasamba Accept?

Kasamba 5

Kasamba offers two different ways of paying for your readings. You can use a credit card or PayPal.

When you use your credit card, you can either choose to be charged directly through the site’s secure server or to transfer money into your Kasamba account and pay through there. This ensures you don’t go over your budgeted allowance.

You can also transfer funds into your Kasamba via PayPal, letting you use money from either your credit card or checking account.

Can I Request a Refund From Kasamba and How?

Kasamba Refund

Kasamba offers a satisfaction guarantee on your first reading, providing a full or partial refund of up to $50. To get it, you will need to contact the site within a week of your reading with the date of the session, your advisor’s name, and how much you aid.

After the initial guarantee, you can also submit a refund request through Kasamba’s service center, with the same conditions as above. However, Kasamba does maintain the right to refuse your request.

What Alternatives to Kasamba Are Available?

1. Psychic Source

psychic source

Psychic Source provides online psychic readings for first-time users starting at $1 a minute, with the first three minutes free. Rates then start at $4.99 a minute.

Psychic Source does not offer email readings. However, their psychics are able to do readings by phone, chat, and video.

In service for more than 30 years, Psychic Source screens their psychics before hiring them. You can make an appointment for an advisor or get in line if they are currently busy, as well as directly connecting to them. Follow this link 

Check Out PsychicSource.com Here

2. AskNow

Kasamba - AskNow

AskNow offers first-time users 30 minutes for $30 or 20 minutes for $20. With the purchase of this package, you receive five free minutes with an elite or master psychic. When you have used these minutes, you can continue with an elite/master reader for $10+ per minute or choose a less expensive option.

AskNow provides readings by phone and chat. If a consultant is not currently available, you can wait in line to be notified when they are.

AskNow offers a satisfaction guarantee, as well as 24/7 customer service.

Check Out AskNow.com Here

3. Keen

Kasamba - AskNow

Keen provides new users with three free minutes when they sign up. After this introductory offer, their psychics charge $1.99 to $9.99+ a minute for a reading.

Like Kasamba’s psychics, Keen’s work by phone, online chat, and email. They also offer a free transcript of any chat you have with their psychics after your session.

In business since 1999, Keen does a screening of their psychics before hiring them. If an advisor is available, you can immediately connect with them. Otherwise, you have the option of joining their queue for when they do become available.

Kasamba Psychics Review: The Takeaway

When you need more insight into an area of your life or a particular question, Kasamba’s psychics can help you see it more clearly. By narrowing down advisors, searching by price, and taking advantage of their introductory offer, you can find the advisor who best meets your needs.

Overall, Kasamba psychics give detailed and accurate readings to help you answer key questions about everything from love to careers. Their use of different tools and different styles means that there is a good fit for everyone.

Have you used Kasamba before? What was your experience like?

kasamba free trial Kasamba Review: Prices, Features, Horoscopes, and More – Real Psychics or a Scam?