10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

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Instagram analytics tools that can be tailored to your company’s needs are a must-have in order to stay competitive in today’s marketing landscape. Instagram opens the door to over a billion monthly users, but you can’t expect to reach them if you don’t have the right data.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and choosing the right software to make your account pop is a daunting task. However, finding “the one” is a bit like falling in love. It will make your work seamless, pull your team together and onto the same page, and save you time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

While marketing strategies will vary depending on your industry, your audience and your competition, three basic elements are essential no matter what:

  1. Audience insights
  2. Competitive insights
  3. Follower engagement

Audience Insights

Even though you may have done a great deal of research to determine your branding, this job continues throughout the entire lifespan of your marketing campaigns. Understanding who your social media accounts are actually reaching versus who they are supposed to reach will help you adjust your strategy so that those likes turn into purchases.

Competitive Insights

The old adage “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer” is excellent business advice. When you know what your competition is up to, and how they are succeeding and failing, you have an advantage as you build your own business plan.

Follower Engagement

If you have a million or more followers, but you don’t engage with them, they will likely never see your posts. Ignoring them when they comment, not liking posts in which they tag your business, and coming across as unapproachable can leave them feeling alienated.

On the other hand, when you stay on top of engaging with your followers, you have a better chance of showing up in more Instagram searches and on follower feeds. Building a relationship with your fans increases brand loyalty and enthusiasm, and turns your Instagram investment into word-of-mouth marketing.

Keep reading all the way to the end of this article for some of the top tips to boost your follower engagement.

The best Instagram analytics tools on this list are geared toward marketers looking to make a difference in their brand recognition, and who want to turn likes into sales.

1. SocialFox

When it comes to supporting data-driven success, SocialFox is by far the best Instagram analytics tool out there. SocialFox is made for everyone, including for those who are not necessarily numbers people.

The creators of this software get it. Some business owners are the sales, accounting, public relations and marketing department all rolled into one. Other businesses run several accounts, and they have entire teams dedicated to their social media presence.

SocialFox has something for every style of campaigning, from the casual to the pro. If you aren’t big on numbers, it’s not a problem. SocialFox compiles everything into beautiful graphics that let you see exactly what is happening with your Instagram activity in just a few clicks.

All of your reporting is fully customizable, so you can see precisely what is important to you and your strategy-building at any given moment. And every bit of data you collect is happening in real time.

With SocialFox, you have the ability to rise above the noise of the millions of other business accounts, by showing you who your audience is, what resonates with them and where they are in the world.

Every detail is right there waiting to be considered in your next report, from what time of day is best to post, to which filters people like most on your posts and videos.

Tracking your engagement and the content people like will help you set relationship-building goals, and will help you fine-tune your posts to stop those thumbs and get people talking about your brand.

Knowing your competition has benefits for your Instagram performance just as much as it does for your direct marketing campaigns.

With SocialFox, you can get all the intel on the other businesses out there that are sharing your social media audience. Learn about what makes them successful, and where they can improve, so you can get ahead of the competition.

You never have to run your Instagram marketing campaigns blindly again. No more sorting through numbers that you would have to take a statistics class to understand. And no more spending hours and hours hunting down your competition to see what they are doing.

SociaFox does it all and then some for your marketing campaigns.

2. Sprout Social

If you are ready to really dive into your social media marketing strategy and get serious about using posts and engagement to drive new customers and sales, Sprout Social is an excellent choice.

Sprout Social is in the median price range for the most part, but its powerful tools can really take your efforts to the next level. The software is designed for ease of use, and there are tons of resources on the website to help you in your journey toward social media success.

This software does a bit of everything. It offers analytics to help inform your next steps, post and content planning to help you get organized, social listening to ensure you never miss an opportunity or a potential problem, scheduling to keep you on track and much more.

One of the coolest things Sprout Social offers is support for employees to share their own content for your company. Instagram users love to see what’s going on behind the scenes, but many employees may be fearful of the consequences if they post the wrong thing.

Sprout Social is there to help with its special employee-advocacy software. It will get them going and give them the support they need in order to create great posts that engage your audience and increase brand loyalty.

In addition to all these great capabilities, Sprout Social allows you to manage all of your engagement across all social media platforms from one dashboard. No more switching around and in and out of tabs.

Never miss a beat when all the information you need is in one place.

3. HypeAuditor

You can’t get very far when designing your social media strategy without at least touching on the use of influencers. Some businesses rely heavily on influencers to build a following and make those conversions a reality.

It is definitely possible to get by without influencers, but your marketing campaigns will almost always benefit from the kind of word-of-mouth services they provide. They expand your audience beyond just your own followers, and out to the followers the influencers have as well.

There are a few tricks to making sure you have the right influencer for your company, and HypeAuditor is an excellent tool to help you find, vet and manage your influencers.

You may be tempted to simply pick influencers with the highest number of followers, but this technique is missing the nuanced approach that is so beneficial to the way influencers reach your future fans.

Often, influencers with a smaller number of followers are more engaged with each follower, and they have a higher-quality audience. This means that they have built a better foundation of trust with their followers, and that they are all real, not bots.

HypeAuditor is one of the best Instagram analytics tools that gives you real insight into your potential influencers. You can know the number of followers and their quality, language, location, gender and more.

It lets you see whether the influencers have built a real relationship with their audience, or if they just have followers because of their relative fame with no real engagement. You can keep track of what your influencers post, when they post it and how many likes they get.

Make sure the money you are spending on your influencer campaign is money well spent with HypeAuditor.

4. Brandwatch

One of the things that makes Brandwatch so powerful is its all-encompassing approach to data. Brandwatch scours every corner of the internet to pick up any trends, content and conversations that could affect your business’s strategy or reputation.

This company is one of the best-known resources for consumer data, and now you can use it to inform every social media tactic in your bag of tricks. Brandwatch monitors your accounts specifically for engagement as well as sentiment, and gives you the insights you need in order to decide your next marketing move.

You can also use Brandwatch to keep an eye on your competitors like never before. Know exactly how consumers feel about the brands that take up the same industry space as you, learn about where these brands can stand to improve, and use that information to fill the void with customers who are looking for a change.

Reputation is everything in the digital age, and Brandwatch makes it easier than ever to manage your image. This tool monitors all the conversations surrounding your company (and/or your competitors), and alerts you when someone posts a mention.

You can keep track of the sentiment by setting Brandwatch to monitor keywords surrounding the mention, any comments connected to the mention and the reactions to any posts. The best part of all of this is that everything is in real time, so you never have to miss anything.

Stay on top of the conversation using Brandwatch to monitor everything on the internet, including Instagram.

5. Hootsuite

Some people need Instagram analytics tools that are capable of doing it all. You may be trying to handle your social media on your own and struggling to make it worth the investment of time; or you may have 30 or more Instagram accounts, and you wish your marketing team could just keep it all together.

Either way, Hootsuite has what you need to make your social media marketing a breeze. This software is the best-known management tool on the internet today because it is so user-friendly and comprehensive that you will never need anything else.

You will never have to struggle to learn how to use Hootsuite, because it is designed to be intuitive. There are tons of resources on the website on how to make the most out of your subscription; Hootsuite even offers courses that will have you managing your social media like a pro in no time.

Regarding Hootsuite’s Instagram analytics: Use it to keep track of your click rates, hashtags, competitors, social engagement and more. Not only does this software put your numbers into the kinds of charts and tables you choose, it helps you make sense of them.

With every bit of reporting, Hootsuite offers insights and advice on what to do next.

The digital expertise doesn’t end at analytics. When you want fun, informative, engaging posts, Hootsuite is there to help you figure out what to create and when to share it. If you’re not ready to post it, no worries! Just put it into the publishing calendar, and Hootsuite will make your posts for you at your designated day and time.

Hootsuite helps you manage your accounts on the whole array of platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. It starts at a low price of $29, which gives you all the most important features on up to 10 social media accounts.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is another company that makes all-encompassing social media management tools. This software is made with teams in mind, and it gives you everything you need for a successful marketing campaign.

Monitor your hashtag and click performance, keep tabs on your engagement, and know where you stand in relation to your competition at all times. Run reports and use clean, colorful charts and graphs to tell your company’s social media story in-depth.

Manage all your posting from one place, keep track of your publishing schedule and even access photos that are sure to be popular, right from HubSpot’s content library. You never have to scour the internet again for the right image when you can find it within the same software you’re using to create the post in the first place.

So far, HubSpot may seem similar to many other social media management tools, but there are a couple of areas where the software stands out from the rest: its focus on return on investment (ROI) and its other marketing services.

No one likes dumping a bunch of money into a marketing campaign that isn’t going to get any return. HubSpot helps you see the whole picture, and lets you track how effective your dollars are.

Additionally, Hubspot offers blogging services, email campaign management and even chatbots to help you keep your customers engaged while browsing your website.

While HubSpot is definitely an excellent tool to manage your social media, it is more of an all-encompassing marketing tool that opens up a world of customer relationship-building opportunities.

7. Curalate

Curalate has two unique areas of focus with its features: automation and ecommerce. The automation capabilities of this software are great if you don’t have the time or resources to manage an Instagram account the way you need to in order to keep growing.

Create and schedule posts to be automatically published at a later time, including stories and carousel content, and keep everything in one organized location for publication across a whole range of platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Magento and more.

The comprehensive dashboard allows you to manage your engagement, access the reports and data you need to inform your next marketing move, and preview your posts so you know everything is just right.

And if you are looking for a way to optimize your shoppable content for discovery, this is the software for you. Curalate’s Like2Buy was one of the first services to make your Instagram shoppable, and it is still one of the best. Arrange all of your content, tag it and make it shoppable with just a few clicks.

Easily find user-generated content and get permission to use it. Keep track of your competitors, partners and influencers so you always know what is going on in your market, and use the information to set your own benchmarks with regular updates on how you compare.

Curalate helps you create a shoppable Instagram that will keep your followers coming back again and again. Use it to learn where your business is performing best, and reach the audiences you want, on the platforms they use most, with the targeted analytics provided by this software.

8. Rival IQ

Not all marketing strategies are the same, and sometimes you need in-depth intelligence on your competition in order to get a foothold in your market, rise to the top of your industry or keep track of fast-paced changes so your business is always relevant.

The best Instagram analytics tools generally offer some competitor monitoring and insights, but none are quite as complete as Rival IQ. The data you get is happening in real time, and Rival IQ will even notify you when certain trigger events happen with your competitors.

Compare your company’s social media to other Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts. Break your comparisons down by account for a granular view of your company’s performance, or by overall social presence for a big-picture comparison.

Keep track of how your boosted posts are doing, and stay ahead of the game by getting notified when competitors boost their posts. Know when you or your rivals are mentioned on social media so you never miss a beat.

You never have to worry about your rivals slipping past you in the ranks when you’ve got software monitoring their every move. With Rival IQ, you can learn about what works for them, what doesn’t work for them and where your company shines.

9. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is not the most comprehensive Instagram analytics tool, so it isn’t great as a standalone product. However, this software zeroes in on one of the most important elements of any good Instagram marketing campaign: the hashtag.

As a marketer, you probably already know how essential it is to have the right hashtags. These are how your business will get discovered by people who are out there looking for your products.

However, you can’t just use generic hashtags like #pants or #jewelry and expect to not get buried underneath the competition before you can even click “like.”

You also don’t want to exclusively use branded hashtags because the only people who will ever find you that way are those who already know about your products.

Hashtagify helps you find popular but unique hashtags that fall into that sweet spot, keeping you closer to the top of a search. Use this software to build your strategy using the right mix of hashtags, and know exactly how your business is performing with in-depth analysis.

You can do a search to find relevant hashtags based on a proposed hashtag, customized hashtags based on your content or even live suggestions while you’re on Twitter.

You can also keep track of your competition and influencers. See which hashtags they are using, and which are resonating most with the audiences you want.

You’re likely still going to want to take advantage of what other Instagram analytics tools have to offer, but Hashtagify is an excellent add-on to take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

10. Pixlee

Pixlee is another Instagram analytics tool that helps you zero in on what boosts your ecommerce brand and gets your followers most engaged.

Search by hashtag, mention or influencer to find user-generated content, get permission to use it and then build posts that look amazing on every platform. You can even translate the content to your website and email marketing campaign with Pixlee.

The dynamic display technology optimizes display based on performance, and the visual organization of your content on Pixlee makes it easy to keep everything you post on brand.

You can even encourage your followers to share their content directly with your business through email, web or chat, to optimize your engagement, moderate your user-generated content and make the most of the relationships you build with your biggest fans.

Pixlee helps you see the return on investment with all of your campaigns, keep tabs on what your influencers are doing and how they are performing, and learn what drives sales conversions through customized reports. Clearly see your most important metrics in concise imagery, so you can quickly understand the story of your performance.

When you are ready to use the relationship your brand has built with your customers to drive engagement and sales in an authentic way, Pixlee is an excellent product to add on to your existing social media management software.

Top Tips to Increase Follower Engagement

Increasing follower engagement shows Instagram that its users are interested in your brand. The more you can get people talking about your brand, mentioning it and joining your conversations, the more likely it is that Instagram will start showing your account in search and hashtag results.

In addition to using engagement to attract more followers, you can use your engagement techniques to drive conversions. This strategy is going to be a bit different for every business, but there are some basics that hold true no matter what.

  • Authenticity Sells: When you use content generated by other Instagram users, it serves two purposes. First, you attract their followers to your account. Second, it shows people browsing your account that real people use your products or services, and they like them enough to post about it.
  • Follow People Back: Following your fans back shows them that you appreciate their enthusiasm and that you care about their loyalty. You’ll be more likely to catch it when they use and post about your products (especially with the help of some of the outstanding software on this list), and you have a stronger opportunity to interact on a deeper level.
  • Reply to Every Comment: Not only will this bump you up in the Instagram algorithm because of your level of engagement, but you are also building the kind of relationship with your followers that keeps them talking about your company. You let them know you care, and you can quickly tackle any potential issues by always being ready to respond when someone comments on your posts.
10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers