18 Best Social Media Analytics Tools

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When your company has a great social media following, you’ve got it made. Social media has become one of the primary ways businesses connect with their customers, driving web traffic and sales in a way that naturally builds brand awareness and loyalty.

In order to build a consistent presence that gets results, however, you need the right content. You can have thousands of enthusiastic fans, but you may never make a sale or get a website visit if you are reaching the wrong audiences.

On the other hand, you could be creating the best content on the internet, with guaranteed conversion rates, but it won’t do you any good if you aren’t reaching anyone.

That’s why the best social media marketing campaigns are informed by powerful analytics tools that help content creators find their audience and refine their posts to get the results they want. Every single time.

Best Social Media Analytics Tool for Instagram

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms on which to build a loyal following. It has over a billion monthly users, and they are some of the most engaged on the internet.

However, you can’t just start blindly posting on Instagram and expect the followers to come. You need a defined strategy informed by the same basics you should be using to build any marketing campaign.

There are so many Instagram analytics tools out there that choosing one can be a bit daunting. Not every tool works for every purpose, and your strategy is going to be different depending on the audience you want to reach.

However, there are certain metrics that every company needs to keep track of regardless of size, industry or goals. Our favorite tool covers them all in a simple interface that saves you time and energy, while you build one effective Instagram campaign after another.

1. SocialFox

SocialFox is one of the only Instagram analytics tools that equips your business with all the metrics necessary to turn your Instagram account into a sales- and traffic-generating machine. Regardless of your company’s audience, size or goals, SocialFox will make an impact.


You could be posting the most engaging content on the internet, but it will never get traction if you post it at a time when none of your followers will see it. SocialFox shows you the best time to post, so you consistently show up in your fans’ feeds.


Understanding your audience is one of the first steps to creating content that gets them liking and commenting on your posts.

Make sure your content resonates with your audience, with the right data to determine what people want to see. SocialFox helps you break down every detail, from favorite types of posts to top filters.


Some Instagram users love to see as much content as you can possibly put out, while others prefer not to be overwhelmed. Use SocialFox to learn your audience’s sweet spot, so you can keep them satisfied without overdoing it.


Hashtags are the way you get your Instagram account discovered, and you can use them to increase the chance that the followers you already have will see your posts.

SocialFox will help you see which hashtags are performing best, attracting the most people to your account and getting the highest level of engagement. Find the right hashtags to use on every post, and even experiment with branded hashtags to boost brand awareness.


You can learn who your biggest fans are, and determine general sentiment about your brand, when you can track every time someone mentions your account. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your followers, building relationships that can lead to web traffic and sales.


One of the first tasks of building a business is finding out who your competition is, what works for them and what doesn’t, and defining what you can do differently. The same foundational task is essential when you build your Instagram account.

Get the intel on other businesses or influencers, and learn about their audience and what you can do to attract people to your account with SocialFox’s analysis of the competition.


Because Instagram Stories stay posted at the top of a feed, they are an excellent way to make sure more of your followers see them. However, some analytics tools don’t give you much information about their performance.

SocialFox shows you everything you need to know in order to keep refining your Stories for optimal performance. Learn about your viewership, engagement, swipe-through rate and more.

Promoted Posts

SocialFox helps you spend every marketing dollar in the most effective way possible, with all the intel on your promoted posts. Make sure your brand gets seen, and your money leads to clicks and conversions, when you have all the data you need right from your SocialFox dashboard.

Real-Time Reporting

Don’t miss another opportunity to fine-tune your content for the biggest impact when you can see how people are responding in real time. SocialFox gives you insights as they are happening, so you can make the most of what people like and ditch what they don’t.


One of the best things about SocialFox is that it is built to scale. It’s perfect for influencers and solo entrepreneurs, but it is also just right for larger teams. The clear, visual reporting means that you don’t need a degree in statistics to understand your results, and you can share your data via a PDF or XLS report.

Informed Campaigns = Successful Campaigns

No matter how thought-provoking, entertaining or engaging your content is, it won’t benefit your company if it doesn’t get seen. But you don’t have to waste your time and resources when you can make informed decisions, knowing what your fans love and what your target audience is looking for.

With SocialFox, you have all the data you need to build successful Instagram marketing campaigns that get the attention your company deserves.

Best Social Media Analytics Tool for Facebook

MySpace may have laid the groundwork for today’s major social media formats, but Facebook is the OG platform. It has a monthly user count that more than doubles its more visual counterpart, Instagram, and its users are some of the most diverse on the internet.

Winning the attention of Facebook users is getting more and more challenging, however, as people become skeptical of the platform’s feed algorithms and information-sharing practices.

Still, Facebook is a valuable way to get your company seen and recognized by millions of users all over the world. You just need the right tools to make sure your resources are well spent.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an excellent tool that covers all your social media bases and gives you complete control over the relationships you build with your followers on Facebook.

If your company is ready to venture out onto more than one social media platform, Sprout Social is an affordable option with tools that put all of your social media marketing in one place.

Priced for individuals and teams, this tool is one of the most flexible products you’ll find for Facebook and other social media management, and one that will be sure to get your company noticed.

Multi-Level Reporting

When your business manages multiple social media accounts, it can be overwhelming to analyze their performance separately. Sprout Social reports your data at every level in one place.

Evaluate how your social media team is doing as a whole, with group reporting that compiles the data from every account your company owns, across all channels.

Examine individual profiles to see how they measure up to the others. If you’ve got a profile that stands out as a top performer, you can easily see what it is that people are loving, and work on emulating that with all your other profiles.

You can even break down your metrics for individual posts, to learn about how your audiences feel about specific content.

Paid Post Tracking

With Sprout Social, you can ensure your marketing dollars are put to good use with visualizations that make your strategy clear. Track your paid content, set benchmarks, compare it with your competitors and look at how it performs against your organic content.

Review Management

Managing social media accounts that allow reviews can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. When someone loves your company, you want to recognize and thank them for their kind words right away.

Negative reviews can enlighten you about where you need to improve, but you don’t want your company’s image to be tarnished by leaving them out there with no response.

Sprout Social helps you manage reviews and evaluate the general sentiment about your company, by providing a separate inbox for customer relationship management. You’ll get notified when you get a review, and you can respond right from within your software.

Mobile Apps

Sometimes you want to be able to see important metrics wherever you are, whenever you want. Manage your Facebook accounts on the go with mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Keep an eye on the latest data about your performance and never miss a beat when you can tap your phone for a bird’s-eye view at any time of the day or night.

Social Media Analytics and So Much More

It’s absolutely necessary to have the lowdown on how all your social media accounts are performing, what people want to see and customer response to your content.

However, Facebook can seem like a labyrinth, and things can really get messy when you have multiple accounts. Sprout Social helps you keep everything in order while you build your following and rise to the top of your industry.

Best Social Media Analytics Tool for Twitter

Twitter is often overlooked as a platform for marketing, but it is growing into one of the best places on the internet to build relationships directly with your customers.

The platform takes a great deal more engagement on your part. However, the short format of posts—and the fact that fans expect to see several a day—means that your content is more of a conversation than a showcase.

Additionally, the personal nature of Twitter means your company has a chance to get the attention of influencers and celebrities who can help boost your account.

3. Keyhole

There aren’t many comprehensive analytics tools for Twitter just yet, but Keyhole sets the standard. The insights into your audience you can capture through just 140 characters will amaze you.

Use the intel you gain from Keyhole to expand your follower base, build brand awareness and loyalty, start meaningful conversations guaranteed to increase engagement, and learn what makes your fans tick.

Historical Reports

Does your Twitter account go way back? With Keyhole, you can perform data analysis on all your mentions and hashtags from up to five years ago. Take a look at your historical performance and use it to inform your next move.

Track Competitors

We have already established how important it is to know what your competitors are up to. Keyhole lets you track any public account and see how it compares to your own account.

Instant Analysis

While hindsight may be 20/20, your content should not be an afterthought. With Keyhole’s QuickTrends feature, you can get the insights you need in order to create popular content on the spot.

Simply enter any keyword or hashtag into the search and instantly find out how many people have used them. With this tool, you can stay on top of trending content as you create.


Learn about the best times to post, the ideal number of hashtags and other key components to creating content that gets your followers talking about your brand.


Knowing how your audience feels about your company is one of the most valuable pieces of information you can have. It gives you an opportunity to get ahead of any negative impressions, and to make the most of glowing commentary from your biggest fans.

The Original Twitter Analytics Tool

Keyhole was originally created specifically for Twitter, so its data points and dashboard have Twitter users in mind. Every feature and analysis strategy was made for Twitter first.

More Great Social Media Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools for E-Commerce

4. Bazaarvoice (Formerly Curalate)

Curalate has been one of the top e-commerce social media tools since its conception, and now it has merged with Bazaarvoice to bring you some of the most powerful social media publishing and insight tools on the internet.

Bazaarvoice helps you find your biggest fans and build relationships with them that will expand your audience and turn your likes into purchases. Bazaarvoice is designed to improve your workflow, help you maintain compliance and create compelling content that drives sales.

5. Squarelovin

Squarelovin offers analytics that help you get your products seen and drive sales. Get detailed metrics about your audience, including demographics, age, location and more. Find a focus for your content strategy by getting engagement insights. Learn which types of content your audience responds to most.

The best thing about Sqarelovin is the features that help you find and use user-generated content to expand your audience. Get permission to reuse content that your fans have created and make it shoppable for advertising that’s almost as good as word of mouth.

6. Pixlee

Pixlee’s focus on ROI is an impressive feature in a social media analytics platform that is both comprehensive and pleasing to the eye.

Build and print detailed reports with just a few clicks to learn how your advertising dollars are being spent and the results they are getting.

Pixlee can help you find and manage influencers, make the most of user-generated content, and create posts that drive clicks and sales for every product your company carries.

Analytics for Growth

7. Combin

Combin has all the great features of a full-service social media management tool, but subscription plans are broken into categories to address your needs.

When you select the Growth plan, you get tools that help you target your audience, attract new followers and build a loyal community of fans.

Use the tools provided to weed out low-quality accounts that may be commenting on your posts with bots, so you don’t have to waste your time responding. Automatically engage multiple accounts at once in order to avoid repetitive actions. And find other accounts with relevant, interesting content in order to gain insights into what your followers want to see.

Analytics Tools That Make You Feel Good About Using Them

8. Iconosquare

The aesthetic presentation of data makes Iconosquare pleasant and easy to use. This social media tool offers analytics for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are organized, pertinent and easy to understand.

Iconosquare does a little bit of everything, including engagement and audience analysis, conversation and mention monitoring, and benchmark creation. It offers an app for your Android or iPhone so you can manage your accounts from wherever you are, and you can opt in to an onboarding call option in order to make integration a snap.

This social media analytics tool is perfect for smaller businesses and teams with accounts across several platforms, and it can be scaled to meet the demands of any enterprise-level service.

9. Buffer

Buffer is a leader in creating a transparent company culture that puts ethical practices first. The company is open about the ways it makes employees a priority, which leads to better products and services for its customers.

In addition to being an all-around great company, Buffer’s social media tools help you create content that resonates with a diverse audience or just keep track of your performance with no hidden fees.

With Buffer, you get to choose the services that are most valuable for your business instead of having to pay more for features you won’t use.

If you just want a tool that helps you track your performance, Buffer has you covered with in-depth analytics, strategy recommendations and white-label reporting.

If you need help managing and automating your content, you can sign up for services that include post, video and story scheduling across major platforms.

Buffer even offers a free limited service for anyone who wants to give social media publication management a try with no commitment.

Analytics to Track the Competition

10. Rival IQ

Rival IQ offers some of the most complete competitor analysis you will find. When you want to know every move your rivals make, this is the social media analytics tool for you.

Rival IQ analyzes your own social media account performance on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It then uses the data and industry benchmarks to let you know exactly how you’re doing in relation to other companies in your industry.

Use Rival IQ to monitor your competitors’ every move on social media, including when they post, when they get a mention and when they boost a post with paid advertising. Use their success as inspiration and learn from their mistakes.

Analytics Tools for Influencer Management

11. Hype Auditor

Though Hype Auditor is rather expensive, this tool is the premier influencer-management software right now.

You can purchase features separately, which makes it a little more affordable for companies just getting started, and putting all the packages together gives you everything you will ever need to run successful influencer campaigns and more.

With Hype Auditor, you can discover influencers from the company’s database of more than 10 million candidates. Confirm that anyone you are considering has a legitimate and engaged following, and learn about how their audience overlaps with yours.

Keep track of their activity, see how your campaign with them is performing and see how it compares with your competitors. Hype Auditor is truly an all-in-one influencer marketing management tool that helps you get the results you want from every dollar you spend.

12. Phlanx

Phlanx is not quite as comprehensive as Hype Auditor, but it is definitely more affordable. Phlanx offers a database to help you find the perfect influencers for your campaign, and those that are Phlanx-verified have been vetted and determined to be authentic.

The software helps you monitor your influencers’ activity related to your campaign, and it even helps you set up contracts so you know you haven’t left anything out.

Analytics Tools With Great Content Management

13. Loomly

Loomly offers great analytics tools for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. With a Loomly subscription, you get analytics for all your posts from a profile, post and URL level, and your data sets can be customized to give you the insights you need for a solid strategy.

However, Loomly’s content management is what makes this software stand out. Loomly helps you reach your actual target audience with every single post. It gives you suggestions and inspiration as you create, and automatically generates a preview for each platform so you always know what your posts will look like before you publish.

14. Later

Later’s analytics only work with Instagram, and some of its features may be a bit limited. But this is one of the most affordable social media tools that also includes content management.

Use Later to get all the basic analytics for your Instagram account. It will allow you to learn about what your audience wants to see and plan your content across all platforms like a pro.

There is even a free subscription that lets you plan and schedule up to 30 posts per month on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, without ever having to enter a credit card onto your


15. Planoly

Planoly is easy and pleasant to use. The program will help you build your content and connect with your audience. However, Planoly’s analytics are somewhat basic, and it may be a good idea to combine the plan with a more robust tool with in-depth metrics, like SocialFox, if you are looking to create a winning strategy.

The main selling point with Planoly is that you can use your Instagram posts to create a linked gallery, driving traffic to your website directly from the platform.

16. Zoho Social

Zoho is an all-in-one marketing and customer-relationship management suite designed for small businesses and advertising agencies. Its social media management package is one of the more powerful tools you can find at an affordable price.

Zoho Social offers pre-built reports that you can customize to fit your specific needs, an app that lets you track and manage your accounts no matter where you are, and basic social listening tools that help you catch and respond to every mention.

Analytics Tools That Help You Learn As You Grow Your Following

17. Hubspot

Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing and customer-relationship management software suite that helps you cover all your bases in one place. Its features are intended for larger businesses.

Hubspot’s social media analytics tools integrate into your package, and we love how convenient it is to have all your marketing data and content management under one roof.

Even if you have a small business or a limited budget, however, Hubspot’s training resources can be incredibly valuable in helping you develop your strategy. The company’s free ebook, workbooks and guides will turn you into a social media marketing expert without ever having to spend a dime.

18. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is friendly to small businesses, with plans that help you manage all your social media accounts in one place. Its analytics tools are user-friendly, and provide the data you need for a winning strategy, along with suggestions for action.

The outstanding feature with Hootsuite is its webinar and course offerings. Get certified in social media marketing through Hootsuite Academy, or simply visit the resource library to learn about the latest trends. 18 Best Social Media Analytics Tools