HeatCore Reviews: Is the Blaux HeatCore Space Heater a Scam or Legit?

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There is nothing as comforting as a warm, durable room heater in winters. However, this can prove to be a severe problem if you do not take care of all the essential requirements before buying one. Given the number of options available both online and offline, it is certainly confusing. Hence, the best solution in this situation is to choose the space heater that’s best for you based on your own research of product reviews and customer reviews.

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The Blaux Heater is one of the best selling personal heaters available currently. Also referred to as Blaux HeatCore, this portable and energy-saving device is the optimum device to heat every corner of your room. While Blaux is a known name in the world of air conditioners, the company is also trying to enter the world of heaters this winter. The Blaux Heater is a relatively new personal space heating unit that has an antimicrobial filter that makes use of convection ceramic heating technology for rapid and targeted heating.

What is a Blaux Heater?

Blaux Heaters not only keep you warm but serve as a dual-purpose device that offers personalized heat with an antibacterial filtration system that kills bacteria and eradicates odors in an energy-efficient and a cost-saving manner. As per the official website, this portable heater can work well and is not too expensive either. The durability of the product ensures its extended use, which means you’ll be set for many winters to come. 

One of the unique features of this device is that you have the option of setting the temperature as per your requirement. You can adjust the level of warmth as you need. Blaux Heater takes care of your safety. With an option of a timer available, it turns the device off automatically. The outer body of the device is not exposed to the heating elements and the coils, so it will not feel hot if your kid or pet in the house touches it accidentally.

You need not worry about those overly expensive, bulky wall heaters that are not just noisy but also dangerous. It’s the small size of the Blaux HeatCore heater that makes it portable giving you the option of taking it to your office, a hotel and more. Making any space you’re in cozy and warm in a matter of minutes.

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Working of Blaux Heater

The device is straightforward and does not require a separate manual. You can operate it following the below steps:

  • The device needs an adequate electricity supply. Once you switch on the power button at the back, the Blaux Heater instantly starts supplying heat. 
  • Regulate the temperature using the thermostat available.
  • You can either manually switch the device off or use the timer.
  • The antimicrobial filter that the device uses is replaceable, and it’s very easy it’s swap out filters. It cleans and purifies the air of odors, bacteria and molds in the air quickly and safely. 


  • Energy-efficient convection ceramic heating technology heats personal areas to 250 square feet.
  • Consists of three distinct modes – high power, low power, and no-heat fan mode only settings.
  • Kid and pet safe – The hard plastic outer case is safe to touch and hold without burning fingers.
  • The device has a 350-watt heating power supply which works with any standard 180-watt outlet, minimum power 700 watts, and maximum power 1,200 watts.
  • Temperature adjustment between 60 to 90 Fahrenheit
  • Gravity safety switches at the back of the heater turn it off as it accidentally falls off.
  • Three timer options – 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours duration, or only letting it run without any timer function setup.
  • Instant heating, unlike other devices that take at least an hour to hat your room.

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Final Thoughts

The device manufacturer assures for the quality of material used. Blaux Heater is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for personalized heating in the market this year. If one Compares central heating systems, oil-filled radiant heaters and even fireplaces, this device stands out and the reason behind it being the top-selling, most recommended personal space heater in the market in 2020 is inevitable.

With winters approaching, you can be assured that Blaux’s new personal and portable heating device is an operative way to keep things warm during the frosty winter months in 2021 too.

The device is available only at its official website with prices depending upon the size ordered along with a minor shipping charge.

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HeatCore Reviews: Is the Blaux HeatCore Space Heater a Scam or Legit?