Kate Middleton Opened Up About the Challenges of Home Life During Lockdown

The Duchess of Cambridge said the sweetest thing about Prince William.

Kate Middleton had some very relatable answers about her feelings on homeschooling during the pandemic right now. Kensington Palace via Getty Images

As schools in the U.K. remained closed during the country’s latest lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, parents have taken over remote learning duties once again. Prince William and Kate Middleton have spoken about the difficulties of homeschooling Prince George and Princess Charlotte during the COVID-19 crisis, and this week, the Duchess of Cambridge chatted with a group of fellow parents in a video call, to discuss the challenges they are faced with during the third lockdown right now as the juggle childcare, work, home life and more.

During the conversation, the group was asked questions by a school principal about how they’re feeling with remote learning duties right now, including evaluating their current math skills, to which Kate revealed that she thinks hers are about a “-5.”

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The Duchess of Cambridge chatted with fellow parents about the challenges of homeschooling. Kensington Palace via Getty Images

When asked for one word on how to describe parenting during the pandemic, Kate had a very relatable answer, as she wrote (in very precise, princess-worthy cursive) “exhausting,” underlining her response for added measure. The Duchess of Cambridge also disclosed that, like many parents around the world, she has “become a hairdresser in lockdown—much to my children’s horror!”

Duchess Kate gave her husband a very sweet shoutout, as when the group was asked who has been the greatest support to them during the lockdown, Kate wrote “William,” for perhaps the cutest royal couple moment thus far this year.

Prince William and Kate have both been very involved and hands-on with remote learning. Matt Porteous / The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/Kensington Palace via Getty Images

Prince William and Kate have taken on homeschooling duties as a team, and have been super involved with remote learning responsibilities. They’ve been very hands-on, and making sure that their kids also spend time outdoors, instead of constantly staring at screens. Of course, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge definitely have an advantage over many families dealing with remote learning and the lockdown right now, as they have full-time help, as well as a truly palatial 10-bedroom country house, Anmer Hall, to isolate in.

Kate ended the conversation by talking about how loneliness has been a big challenge for a lot of people during the pandemic, and said to make sure everyone looks after themselves, and prioritizes their mental wellbeing; Kensington Palace also shared a number of resources that families can reach out to right now, tagging resources on their Instagram post including @Mindcharity, @youngmindsuk, @giveusashoutinsta and @actionforchildrenuk.

Kate Middleton Opened Up About the Challenges of Home Life During Lockdown