Fit After 50 Reviews (2021) – What to Know Before Trying this Program

The Fit After 50 is a comprehensive program designed for men in their 40s and 50s who are worried about their weight gain and muscle loss with age.

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The Fit After 50 program is a workout and nutrition guide designed specifically for older men. Older men struggle more with their weight and fitness levels than younger age groups – so it can often be difficult for men over 50 to follow popular workouts. Because of this, their risk of gaining weight is heightened without easy-to-follow, age-specific exercises. The name of this product is self explanatory as it promises a healthier and fit lifestyle even after 50 years of age, which many believe to be impossible.

Aging is difficult – it affects all body functions, stamina, and strength. The shift from middle to old age can be drastic, and there are a lot of changes occurring in the body that can make it hard to maintain a balance. Men might experience a testosterone decline which affects the entire male body, including muscle gain. Without sufficient testosterone, men can experience muscle loss, poor concentration, low sex drive, and slow metabolism. This can put many men at risk for diseases like erectile dysfunction, heart diseases, diabetes type 2, and more. The Fit After 50 program can help prevent all of these problems, ensuring that muscle loss is avoided and that hormonal levels are retained. The exercises inside this program make it easy to lose weight and build strong muscles without having to go to a gym.  

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Read everything you need to know about Fit After 50 in this review. 

What to Know About Fit After 50?

The Fit After 50 is a comprehensive program designed for men in their 40s and 50s who are worried about their weight gain and muscle loss with age. This program is designed by Mark Mcilyar, who happens to be an established health fitness coach. Mcilyar is over 50, but you wouldn’t guess it based on his appearance and build. He is often featured on magazine covers, and many would be surprised to learn his true age. When he was younger, Mcilyar decided to work on himself as he began to struggle with age-related muscle loss. Today, he enjoys a well-built body with high energy and stamina that would be the envy of any man.

American Urological Association

estimates that US men have lower testosterone levels today than ten years ago due to various dietary and lifestyle changes – but the biggest risk factor in testosterone decline is age. There is no way to prevent aging, but there are ways to protect the body from age-related muscle loss. The Fit After 50 program is based on the personal workout plans, tips, and dietary guidelines of Mark Mcilyar. Everyone can follow these exercises, even if it’s been a while since their last workout. 

How Does Fit After 50 Program Help?

The way this program works is simple: it prevents early signs of aging and improves muscle mass which leads to increased stamina and energy levels. Most fitness experts encourage people to get professional training or to join a gym, but the truth is that not everyone can afford or access a trainer or a gym membership. The Fit After 50 program is an alternative to joining a gym, for a much affordable price and without requiring any gym equipment at home. It also doesn’t recommend spending extra money on hiring a trainer or buying steroids, supplements or medicines to lose weight. 

All exercises inside this program focus on stamina and mass building. It is a step-by-step approach to get the desired results, without putting too much added burden. Once the body is on this fitness journey, there is less chance for hormonal imbalance, inflammation, toxin damage, or environmental damage to cause internal problems. 

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What to Expect from Fit After 50 Plan? 

After following this program for a few weeks, the user can expect the following outcomes: 

  • Improved hormonal health 

Testosterone governs all major functions of a man’s body. But with age, testosterone production reduces, and another hormone, estrogen, starts to accumulate. Ideally, men’s bodies have high testosterone levels and minimal estrogen levels, but with aging, this balance is disrupted. Losing weight and improving metabolism helps to recreate this hormonal balance, making sure that testosterone production is not compromised. 

  • Trigger weight loss

Slow metabolism is a common sign of aging, and many times it makes a person gain unhealthy weight. The exercises added into the Fit After 50 program works on improving metabolism without taking any medicines. Once the metabolic rate improves, the body starts losing fat, and eventually the body reaches a healthy weight. This improved metabolism also affects immunity and cognition, an added bonus. Weight loss can also induce confidence in a person, which naturally boosts testosterone.

  • Helps in muscle building 

The idea of building muscles at the age of 50 sounds impossible – but it is possible with the proper guidance. Workout plans in Fit After 50 are designed based on the stamina and energy levels of 50 years old, so they won’t overexert the user. This is a smart, healthy way to build muscle without doing vigorous, age inappropriate exercises at a gym. 

  • Helps retain a youthful appearance

Apart from having a perfect body, Fit After 50 also helps you look younger. It enhances a person’s mitochondrial role, which then triggers an anti-aging process. The mitochondria has been heavily researched and it has been scientifically proven to mediate oxidative stress, which slows down the aging process.

  • Overall health benefits 

Once a person reaches a healthy weight, all body functions experience an improvement. This means that Fit After 50 exercises can help a person enjoy overall good health and immunity – not just aesthetic improvement.  

Step by Step Working of Fit After 50 Program

There are three phases of the Fit After 50 program: melting fat, energy boost, and muscle building. It uses a combination of strength training, cardio, metabolic strength training (MST), and ab exercises. These workouts are easy to follow and have the lowest risk of injuries for older adults. There is no professional help required to perform these exercises, making it easy to be performed at home.  

The details on the three phases of the Fit After 50 program are as follows.

  1. Burn phase 

The first thing that the Fit After 50 plan targets is fat. The initial exercises focus on burning fat, triggering the stubborn body parts to shed the fat layers around them. Once the body starts to burn fat, it makes sure that the food is completely digested and there is no fat accumulation in the blood. This type of weight loss is neither overexhausting nor stressful. At this point, users should pay close attention to their diet since certain foods can majorly affect metabolism and fat burning. 

  1. Build phase 

The second phase of the Fit After 50 program focuses on building muscle. After the body starts to lose stubborn fat and fix underlying issues in the metabolism, the process of muscle building can begin. The body requires high energy to complete the exercises suggested in this phase. Adding more protein to the diet can improve muscle gain. There is no need to use pre-workout pills or post-workout drinks unless it is a healthy protein shake.

  1. Sculpt phase

This is the last phase of the Fit After 50 program, where the body is all set to tone down. At this point, users experience improved stamina, fitness, energy levels, and sexual strength. The exercises designed for this stage only shape the muscles, making them more visible such as abs. These sculpting exercises can be repeated in the long term to maintain body shape and muscle growth.

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Is it Legit or a Scam?

There are many reasons you can be sure that Fit After 50 is a legitimate program, for example:

  • The exercises in Fit After 50 are scientifically proven for their benefits to the body. The key is to follow them regularly, without skipping any steps. Following the exercises for just a few weeks can melt body fat, build strong muscles and sculpt the body, resulting in many other health benefits. 
  • Not many people know that there are actually exercises specific to older people. These exercises don’t require a high activity level, energy, or stamina. More importantly, they follow a gradual approach from weight loss to lean mass gain, which makes them more effective for older adults who can’t handle too much activity in short periods of time. 
  • The additional benefits of these exercises include improved blood circulation, glucose metabolism, and heart functions – all of which are beneficial for individuals over 50. 
  • Everything in Fit After 50 is designed by a certified health coach – increasing the chances of helpful results for every individual. 

Who Created Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 is created by Mark Mcilyar, who is a US-based fitness trainer by profession. He has years of experience in transforming the bodies and health of hundreds of people. He is over 50 years old, but follows a regular workout routine every day and is deeply committed to his work. His amazing achievements has aptly earned him the nickname “50 year old ripped grandpa”. Mark credits these daily exercises for helping him maintain his health throughout his old age. 

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What are the Side Effects of Fit After 50?

The Fit After 50 program by Mark Mcilyar involves no risk. It is an exercise guide that doesn’t use any secondary products, chemicals, supplements, or medicines that could cause side effects. It is safe for all users. 

If the user starts following a healthy diet along with Fit After 50 exercises, there’s an increased chance of getting faster results. There is no ‘right’ time to start exercising, and anyone over 40 should start paying attention to his health and fitness. Starting regular exercise before aging affects the body will help to prevent muscle loss and retain youthful energy and hormonal health in later years. 

Where to Buy Fit After 50 Program?

Fit After 50 is only available online, and all potential customers can make a direct purchase from its official website

The regular price of this program is $97 but the company offers a discount for a limited time, reducing the price to just $37. Remember, this is a digital product and there is no physical form of the guide. 

All new members will get the following gifts with their orders

  • 12- Week Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan (worth $97.00)

This is an eBook explaining different diet plans for older adults. 

  • Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations and Executions (Worth $81.00) 

This free guide explains how to perform any specific exercise showing angles and poses using illustrations, making them easy to perform. 

  • Know My T-Levels (worth $27.00)

This product is a checklist to self-evaluate testosterone levels without going through any standardized test. These results are observational and can’t be used as a true measure of testosterone levels. 

 Money-back guarantee for all Fit After 50 Users 

Fit After 50 program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee providing satisfaction to all followers that their money is safe with the company. At any time of its usage, if they find it unhelpful, they can request for refund of their order value. 

The duration to make this refund request is 365-days (one year), a long time by any company’s standards. After following these exercises for a few weeks, if there is no progress, a customer can contact the company and ask for a refund. There are no questions asked, and the money is returned within a few business days. 

Fit After 50 Reviews- The Final Word

Fit After 50 is an exclusive fitness program created to help older men with their weight. Due to various age-related changes in the body, it loses its natural capacity to maintain a healthy weight and obesity is a common risk. However, by following the guidelines inside this program, anybody can work on their fitness and health without paying for a gym membership, using steroid supplements, or undergoing weight loss surgery.

This program includes simple and easy-to-do workouts with free diet plans to burn fat and build lean mass. It follows a systematic approach to get desired results with minimal risk of injury.  Right now, it is available for a discounted price, and all orders come with a year-long money-back guarantee.

Fit After 50 Reviews (2021) – What to Know Before Trying this Program