IdentityIQ Review 2021: Is IdentityIQ a Legit Service?

As technology changes, it opens up new opportunities for thieves to steal information and data from individuals. The IdentityIQ service checks records of all kinds for your name and suspicious activity related to them.

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IdentityIQ is a product for the digital age, designed to protect people from data thieves and safeguard their private information. And according to IdentityIQ reviews, this may be one of the best identity theft protection & credit monitoring services around. If you’ve been looking to protect yourself from identity theft, this could be your solution. 

As technology changes, new opportunities crop up for thieves to steal information and data from individuals. Unfortunately, your private information may not be as private as you think, and identity theft costs victims millions of dollars each year. The scariest thing about identity theft is that you may not even know that your data and identity have been stolen until months after it has happened. By then, the damage is already done, and you may end up spending years trying to get back what was taken from you.

More importantly, it could take even longer to get back your peace of mind – which is why it’s worth looking into identity protection services. There are a number of companies with identity protection services, each with their own features, benefits, and pricing plans. We will be reviewing IdentityIQ, a company with years of experience offering data and identity protection. 

What Is IdentityIQ?

IdentityIQ provides customers with a data protection plan that monitors millions of records online each day. Once you sign up for one of their identity protection plans, your name will be added to their search database and be integrated into the data theft protection tools that the company already has in place. 

The IdentityIQ service checks records of all kinds for your name and suspicious activity related to them. It identifies issues that it finds and notifies both you and the customer service team. This service checks both the dark web and credit monitoring services. It looks for anything that might be suspect, like your name being used in unexpected places or purchases made in your name for services and products you are not typically interested in. Anything out of the ordinary is flagged and investigated so that your data is protected. 

There are a few different pricing plans available from IdentityIQ. Each level of coverage offers more protection than the last, giving you greater benefits and extended services that protect you better. Identity IQ also offers a free trial at $1 for 7 days. This gives you the opportunity to test them out and see if the service is right for you.

IdentityIQ Features

What kind of features will you get with IdentityIQ?

  • $1 million in data theft insurance with any plan
  • Protection for all children in your family, at no extra cost
  • Social Security number tracking
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Lawyer coverage in the event of identity theft
  • Checking account reports
  • Lost wallet recovery help
  • US-based customer service team
  • ID theft protection
  • Do-not-call list opt in
  • Junk mail opt out
  • Reports on file sharing activity

All of these features are just for the basic plan. If you sign up for one of the more expensive plans, you can enjoy other benefits like:

  • Credit score reports from three different reporting bureaus
  • Criminal activity reports for your name
  • Credit score change reports
  • Change of address notifications
  • Identity fraud restoration
  • Credit score simulator
  • Limited power of attorney in case of credit fraud

What IdentityIQ Protects You from

IdentityIQ is set up to protect you from a variety of specific threats and security issues. Like other identity and data theft protection services, IdentityIQ focuses on key areas to ensure that its customers are kept safe. Though it’d be impossible to track every kind of data security issue, IdentityIQ is able to monitor a lot of them.

IdentityIQ can tell you when there are suspicious purchases being made in your name. For instance, if a purchase is made using your name or  credit card in a state that you don’t live or in a country different from your own – IdentityIQ will know about it. So, if someone has stolen your credit card information and is trying to make a purchase with it, you will be notified within moments of the illegal activity and have the opportunity to do something about it. The sooner you catch a suspicious transaction, the easier it is to get your credit card company to cancel the card and refund the transaction. 

This identity theft protection service can also watch for mail fraud and mail theft. The service alerts you to potential mail thieves in your area and suspicious activity that may be occurring near you. They can tell you if anyone in your area has been convicted or arrested for theft while most other services can only track convictions.

When you sign up for their identity theft protection service, IdentityIQ also monitors for computer fraud. Any data theft that occurs using your private information can be tracked, as long as it shows up on one of the many channels that IdentityIQ checks for fraudulent and suspicious activity. They use specialized software to look for data breaches, catching them as early as possible for the most effective data recovery. Identity IQ monitors transactions made online in your name, notifying you if anything appears to be suspicious. 

IdentityIQ can also monitor credit card activity of any kind. Subscriptions, purchases, payments, and cash advances can all be tracked by IdentityIQ,  who will find whatever looks suspicious and notify you immediately. It also tracks and flags Social Security and Medicare fraud, which is an important feature as many seniors are targeted by data and identity thieves each year.

IdentityIQ also tracks your credit score, scanning for any changes or signs of suspicious activity. This service is designed to notice all discrepancies, even small ones. Anything unusual that they find will be brought to your attention.

Monitoring for data breaches is another of IdentityIQ’s services. Things like loss of personal information, your name being used in an unusual way, or personal details about you being leaked online will all be notified to you by IdentityIQ. All of this information is tracked through a variety of sources so that any data breaches can be stopped before they become too serious.

👍 What We Liked about IdentityIQ

There is a lot to like about IdentityIQ. Firstly, we liked how many different ways it protects you and monitors your information. Only the very best credit monitoring services track dark web activity, scouring the unseen parts of the internet for their clients’ name and personal details. This kind of tracking helps identify lost and stolen credit card numbers, bank account details, and other information that could be used to channel funds away from you or to damage your reputation. 

We also liked that they offer a variety of plans to choose from. You can pick a more affordable plan that can still offer great protection. Or, for slightly more money, you can upgrade to a higher coverage plan that offers more in-depth protection with more ways to track where your data or identity might be getting stolen.

IdentityIQ also offers $1 million in identity theft recovery insurance, which is another reason we liked this particular company. This service is provided no matter which of their plans you sign up for, even their lowest priced option. This is something that most other data protection services won’t offer unless you pay for their higher cost plans. 

We also think that IdentityIQ stands out by offering free family coverage with any plan. You don’t have to pay extra to ensure that your family’s data is being monitored and that their identity is protected. This is another amazing perk that you would normally have to pay extra for with any other data protection service. 

IdentityIQ offers services that seem to go beyond basic identity theft protection features, like junk mail opt outs and robot call opt outs. You can even ask to have your name taken off of call lists that don’t pertain to services you signed up for. So if you’re tired of getting cold calls from companies that want you to buy something not related to a service you already have, then you can opt out with the IdentityIQ service. They also help to drastically cut down your junk mail, so that you only get the mail that’s actually valuable and pertinent to you. 

What else do we like about IdentityIQ? We love that their customer service department is all US based – so you don’t have to worry that you’ll get a customer service representative who might have trouble understanding your problem and might not be able to assist you.

👎 What We Did Not Like about IdentityIQ

Now that we’ve told you all the things we loved about IdentityIQ, it’s only fair to tell you about the few things that we didn’t like about IdentityIQ. There weren’t many qualities we found unappealing, but there are a couple of things worth pointing out. 

First off,  there is a lack of social media tracking. Even though social media is a big part of everyone’s lives these days, IdentityIQ offers no access to tracking through any social media sites. Many competitors do offer social media tracking of some kind, so it seems like this is a disadvantage for the data protection and identity tracking services.

There is also no mobile version of IdentityIQ, which is a minor inconvenience. You can access your account through your computer, going to and using your IdentityIQ sign in – but there’s no easy-to-use mobile app. On the website, you will be able to access reports on suspicious activity and see what’s being tracked or if anything unusual has been found. You’ll be able to address the issues from the site and have an overview of your entire data protection service that the company offers. But at this time, you won’t be able to do that through any kind of mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet.

One last thing we want to mention as a negative is that IdentityIQ does not provide antivirus software for your computer. Most people have some sort of basic antivirus software already installed on their computer, so it may seem redundant to have anything more – but it would be nice to have a powerful antivirus or malware detection software included with this service especially since that’s a way that many data thefts happen.

IdentityIQ: Trusted Credit & Identity Theft Protection

IdentityIQ has been in the business for years, offering services that their clients trust to help protect their identity and handle fraud and data theft. They offer a well rounded service that is used by thousands of customers throughout the US. People trust them to provide accurate reports and to safeguard their identities from theft of all kinds. 

They are also accredited through the Better Business Bureau and have an excellent record with their customers. Based on customer reviews of IdentityIQ, it’s clear that many people are more than satisfied with the protection this company offers and with the level of customer service provided. 

IdentityIQ offers credit monitoring that helps people keep track of where their credit score is and determines if someone is using or abusing their credit. By tracking aspects of personal data that most people might not even think about, IdentityIQ is able to offer one of the most comprehensive data theft protection services available. This helps protect people against all sorts of identity theft and fraud, keeping their money and their identity safe. 

The reviews of IdentityIQ demonstrate how happy people are to have the high level of protection that this company provides. Many users have also talked about how it gives them peace of mind knowing that their personal data is safe in the hands of a trusted company. It’s a constant worry  for many people, the thought of having their credit card information stolen, their bank account hacked, or other private information being used by someone else. Without protection, it is so easy to not even know that theft or fraud has happened until it’s too late for anything to be done. Having preemptive protection, like having an IdentityIQ plan, can provide comfort with the knowledge that someone is looking out for them.

IdentityIQ Pricing 

How much will it cost you to enroll in IdentityIQ?

The basic plan is $6.99 a month. This protects you from identity theft with a variety of services like dark web monitoring, $1 million in reimbursement for stolen funds, help if your wallet is lost or stolen, and a few other basic services.

If you upgrade to the Secure Plan at $9.99 a month, you get all the basic plan protection in addition to notifications about a change of address and credit score reports from three bureaus. 

Then there’s the Secure Pro Plan, which costs $19.99 a month. This gives you everything in the other two lower tier plans, as well as extra credit report monitoring, criminal activity notifications for your name, and more credit score reports. 

IdentityIQ’s top tier plan with the most protection is the Secure Max plan. This one costs $29.99 a month and gives you everything the other plans have as well as a tracker and a simulator for your credit score. It also protects you and your family for up to $25,000 in identity theft insurance. 

All of the plans come with a full customer service support that is based entirely in the United States. You can change your plan from one month to the next, and you don’t need to sign up for a full year and get locked into a plan. There is no refund for any plan you pay for. You can cancel at the end of the month, but you won’t be able to get money back if you cancel before the month is over. 

Also keep in mind that you can test this service out for $1 and get a 7-day free trial. This gives you access to an Identity IQ login and lets you give the service a try before committing to a full month at the full cost. You can test out features and determine if the service might be suitable for your needs with the kind of protection that you are looking for.

Who Is IdentityIQ for?

Are you looking for how to protect yourself from identity theft? Credit monitoring services can give you some indication of what is going on with your financial status, but they don’t show the whole picture. You can get more protection, more peace of mind, and more extensive data theft monitoring by signing up for IdentityIQ and the services they offer. 

If you are concerned about your identity, banking information, or credit card information being stolen, then you should consider a service like this. IdentityIQ is designed for anyone who wants to feel safe about their identity and know that criminal activity and misuse of their private information is being monitored. Police services can help you after the fact. Your credit score may show you what has happened, but IdentityIQ can catch problems early and notify you of any suspicious behavior as it is happening. You can stay on top of any changes to your address or strange transactions being made on your name because of the 24/7 monitoring that IdentityIQ provides for your personal data. 

Identity theft protection services are helpful for anyone who uses the internet, has a credit card, receives unsolicited phone calls, or worries about their identity and the risk of it being stolen or used without their permission.

Alternatives to IdentityIQ

There are some other services very similar to IdentityIQ that you should be aware of before you commit. These offer data protection and identity theft monitoring to help you have peace of mind, but how do they compare when it comes to protecting you? Which company has the best identity theft protection available? Let’s take a look at how they measure up.

Identity Guard gives you identity theft protection at a similar price point to IdentityIQ. How do their protection and monitoring services differ? What Identity Guard offers that IdentityIQ does not is social media tracking. It scans the web looking at social media posts of all kinds, locating and flagging suspicious activity that uses your name. But Identity Guard doesn’t offer the same low price IdentityIQ does on family plans, credit score reports, and insurance coverage. 

LifeLock is another competitor that is worth looking into. Once again, the pricing is about the same between the two companies, but LifeLock falls short when it comes to how often they send credit reports, how they provide for family protection, and how in depth their credit monitoring is. What LifeLock offers that IdentityIQ does not, though, is investment tracking. It can look at reports of investments made in your name – stocks, bonds and other assets. It will give you a report on any suspicious activity and let you see directly where your name shows up on investing reports. 

LifeLock also offers a money-back guarantee on its plans, so you can be reimbursed if you are not happy with service while IdentityIQ gives you no refunds, even on the trial period. But IdentityIQ exceeds LifeLockin a number of other areas, like customer service and overall features. 

Identity Force gives you powerful identity theft protection, similar to IdentityIQ. How do they compare? Identity Force monitors social media posts, which, as we discussed, IdentityIQ does not. Identity Force also offers free family protection for any family members under 18, which is comparable to what IdentityIQ offers in that regard. With identity Force, you can get assistance with identity fraud remediation on deceased family members and identity restoration for family members of account holders. IdentityIQ doesn’t offer that, but IdentityIQ does offer better credit score reporting as well as a credit score simulator you can use to help you safeguard your credit. Identity Force has slightly better pricing on most of its services than the competition.

Bottom Line

We have looked at the many qualities of IdentityIQ and what this company can do for you. The IdentityIQ customer service is a major selling point – with an amazing reputation and being completely based in the US, which is convenient for the consumer. 

IdentityIQ also offers reasonable, competitive rates and a great family protection plan. They do more than many of their competitors when it comes to protecting their customers monetarily. Other companies offer some protection but not usually to the extent that IdentityIQ does in the event of identity theft. 

This company is also widely trusted and respected, and have done a great job of building their reputation and serving their customers. They have an excellent customer service rating and a multitude of features packed into each of their plans to help keep their customers safe. Even their basic plan feels like a fully featured plan that is comparable to some of the more expensive offerings provided by other services.

If you are not too concerned about social media tracking and still want very strong credit score reporting and great protection from identity theft, IdentityIQ is an excellent choice for you. They go beyond what free credit monitoring offers with their regular credit score reports and offer more than other companies in regards to family plans – with free powerful protection for your entire family. Overall, we highly recommend IdentityIQ.


Let’s cover some frequently asked questions. 

What is identity theft?

If your ID or personal information is used without permission by someone who is not you, that constitutes identity theft. “Personal information” could mean your credit card number, bank account number, email address and anything else associated with your name and finances. Often, this personal information will be used to steal money or to engage in illegal activity while hiding the thief’s real identity. Successful identity theft often results in a loss of funds, criminal charges being filed against the victim, and a damaged reputation. 

What happens if my identity is stolen while on the IdentityIQ service?

You will be protected by $1 million in monetary recovery insurance. The company will work very hard to assist you in recovering your identity and repairing the damage done. Lawyer fees may be partly covered by your plan.

What is the IdentityIQ phone number?

You can reach them at 1-877-875-4347

When can I change or cancel my plan?

You can upgrade or cancel your plan at any time with IdentityIQ, but you will still be billed for the full month remaining on the current plan. 

Can I get a refund from IdentityIQ?

Even though the company’s customer service is highly rated and top notch, the company issues no refunds. If you contact the IdentityIQ customer service, you can request that your current plan be cancelled, but you will not be refunded for what has already been paid. 

How does IdentityIQ get my credit report information?

This data comes from three major credit monitoring companies, and they already track your credit report each year. IdentityIQ uses that information to give you a reliable and detailed report that helps look for inconsistencies and issues in your credit score, like changes to the credit score and the reasons behind those changes. 

How secure is the protection IdentityIQ offers?

Using tested and proven methods, IdentityIQ monitors activity related to your name and accounts on a number of different online sources. They check thousands of online pages every day to keep their customers safe and to catch any instance of unusual or suspicious activity. They are proactive in their approach, catching problems at an early stage and helping you avoid a costly and lengthy recovery process later on.

What is dark web monitoring?

The dark web is a mostly anonymous section of the internet and is known for its illegal activity, including illicit drugs, human trafficking, stolen credit card numbers, and more. If your private information shows up on this part of the web that most people never even access, then IdentityIQ can flag that and notify you, protecting you from being taken advantage of. It is important that this kind of activity be monitored before anyone has a chance to use your private data, as it can be incredibly hard to track down who was involved after the fact. 

What kind of apps does IdentityIQ track?

This service can monitor banking apps of all kinds to watch for any account transactions that you did not authorize. They also watch credit reporting apps for any strange activity, keeping track of your credit score and looking for changes. If you don’t check your credit score more than once a year, it may be a long time before you notice anything unusual, but with the routine monitoring that IdentityIQ performs, identity theft that affects your credit score can be noticed right away. 

Is a service like IdentityIQ necessary?

It is easier than ever to find and steal personal information online. You may never know the identity of the person who stole your information or ever come into contact with them. They can access your information through unsecured websites or by hacking your computer. It can take years to recover from identity theft and the damage it causes, and it can easily cost you thousands of dollars. Most people don’t notice identity theft happening until after it has been going on for a while, but a service like identity IQ can catch the warning signs early on and help to put a stop to the theft of personal information shortly after it starts. 

IdentityIQ Review 2021: Is IdentityIQ a Legit Service?