eSign PDF with Electronic Signature Free Online

There has never been a more difficult time conducting business activities through physical locations than this Covid-19 era. More and more companies are closing their locations or shifting their workforce to remote and making way for work from home.

This does not mean that the need for collaboration is over. Instead, electronic signature applications have come up with a way to make teamwork and legalizing documents easier. You can easily create e-signature free on documents and contracts of your choice.

Through these applications, many parties can collaborate on a single document. Electronic signatures are completely legal, and most countries have laws validating the status of these documents. As long as all parties have given consent to signing the documents, they are as legally binding as it comes.

Part 1: How to Sign PDF Online?

Using a digital signature to sign official contracts and documents is a good approach as it is frustration-free. The electronic signature generator helps in signing off emails, sales letters, and big contracts without any prolonged methods and uncertainty.

CocoSign is the best approach to sign emails, contracts, and other important documents online. It is globally recognized and offers multiple opportunities to draw or write signatures. Here, we will acknowledge how CocoSign works to sign a PDF online and its brief solution.   

1.1   CocoSign – A Free Electronic Signature

CocoSign has been approved and acknowledged by big media outlets and newspapers such as Techtimes, TechRadar, Forbes, and PCWorld, etc.

The application has an easy-to-use interface. Creating, editing signatures is easy. CocoSign has made an online document signing easy and accessible. You can sign millions of documents anytime, anywhere, within seconds. Multiple people can work on the same documents and share them across the team.

Not only that, but the application also has integration capabilities that make it easier to work with third-party applications, so the companies will not have to worry about shifting their documents to a different storage location.

1.2 How to sign a PDF online with CocoSign

Signing a document with CocoSign is an easy process that does not take more time and waves off the hurdles faced in signing any document. It is used as a free PDF signature for office use.

Here, we will discuss its steps to set and use CocoSign on your device:

Head over to the website of CocoSign. Click on the “Sign PDF online page” and then click on the “Choose File” to sign an existing file. Drag and drop it or select it through file explorer and upload a document.

  • Draw a Signature

Once you have uploaded the document, from the right-hand side, select your signature with this online signature tool. When you click on the signature tab, a signature creation pad will open where you can draw your signature. You can use an electronic pen if you are using a touchpad or stylus. Otherwise, you can use a mouse or even your fingers to create a signature.

  • Type a Signature

 You can even type it out and convert it into a signature format. If you already have a format signature that you use, you can upload that file from your desktop to have a readymade signature that you can place on documents.

Once your changes are completed, you can click on the download button to download the completed and signed file through a secure SSL connection.

Click here to start a free trial of CocoSign.

Part 2: CocoSign – the Best Free PDF Online Signature

As CocoSign is used for multiple helpful purposes, whether for signing any big deal or to sign any ordinary document. Here, we will recognize what makes it the best free PDF signature available online.

2.1 Online Document Signing Made Easy with CocoSign

  1. As a company, there is nothing more valuable than being able to streamline your business process painlessly. Through CocoSign, you can collect and sign documents and exchange information-sensitive in the high-level encrypted cloud.
  2. CocoSign is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other laws that protect the data security of users. This means any document that you choose to sign on this platform is extremely safe.
  3. With the help of this tool, you can sign PDF online anytime and insert your pre-created signature or sign a new one as required. Your signature is saved on the cloud digitally, and it can be accessed from any of your devices anywhere in the world.
  4. It also eliminates the need for you to manually track a document’s progression because there is a centralized dashboard that tracks the progress for everyone to see. There is also an audit trail that lets the owner and users understand how every step has been performed.

  1. With CocoSign, you cannot only sign a PDF file, but CocoSign is also dedicated to signing DOC, JPG, and XLS files for users. It allows users to sign a variety of documents.

2.2 What makes CocoSign the best free electronic signature?

There are a variety of other electronic signatures in the market, but none of them can compare to the sheer versatility of CocoSign. It is because of the maximum best gains it provides to the users.

  • Secure and Safe Communication

CocoSign is protected by the highest technology and standard of encryption, which is a 128-bit encryption. It is logically unbreakable, resilient, and two-factor authentication. It means that communication through CocoSign is secure, and rest is assured that your documents are in safe hands.

  • Audit trail Protection

In order to know the root cause of any cyber-attack and information-theft, CocoSign provides contextual insight into the incident. It contributes to detecting unauthorized modifications in a document and defining the scope of the attack.

  • Legal validity

CocoSign is compliant with all necessary standards, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CFR. The application is being used in 180+ countries and 7 subcontinents. Moreover, the signatures made through this app are considered legal and acknowledged in official places.

  • Multi-signature support

Documents and petitions often require multiple signatures. This app can allow any of the users to sign the document. To put it in a simpler way, users can provide access to multiple people for signing tasks.

CocoSign Official website:

Part 3: Who May Need to Use Electronic Signatures to Sign PDF?

Companies that are looking to create a more efficient process of handling documents and get more cost benefits from their business process. The traditional wet ink method of signing documents is considered less expensive than an electronic signature.

When in reality, they take a lot of effort, supplies, and time to work. Time is money for a business, and every minute saved is productivity that can increase the company’s revenue.

Security compliance for customer data is the biggest challenge for all businesses. This is why utilizing a safe means of handling a chain of custody for documents is necessary. Not only do electronic signature apps offer better security than traditional transactions, but they are also compliant with the highest last of the land and shouting the customer data is protected.

They also help track IPs and other details in the audit trail to ensure there was no mismanagement of any document created by customers.

Part 4: Electronic Signature FAQs

  • Can I sign multiple documents?

Yes. You can upload multiple documents with this free esign generator and use the pre-created signature to sign all of them.

  • Can I share documents with other recipients in the app?

Yes. You can forward your documents once you are completed with them or create a sequence of use.

  • Does CocoSign keep a record of the signatures created?

Yes. The signatures you create, and your documents are both stored behind firewalls to protect them.

  • Are documents signed with this application legal?

Yes. As long as all parties consent to signing the document, this is legal as a traditional signature.

  • Can I sign documents from mobile devices?

Yes. You can open your account from any electronic device and sign it anywhere in the world.


Whenever you consider to sign PDF online for approving certain operations within a company, you can entrust in using an eSign PDF service for efficiency. To your surprise, you will observe a very versatile availability of features across the different eSign PDF services in the market. 

To settle across the perfect option for signing documents digitally, this article listed the free online eSign PDF service of Cocosign. With the detailed information available here, you can effectively observe the advantages and disadvantages of this eSign PDF service to settle across a well-informed decision.

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer.  eSign PDF with Electronic Signature Free Online