The Best Online Vape Stores in 2021: Top 7 Shops with the Biggest Selection of Gear and Vape Juice

Whether you're looking for some simple e-liquids or more advanced vape gear like mods and sub-ohm tanks, we've got a great selection of US-based vape companies offering discounts on exclusive brands from SMOK to Aspire and Beard Vape Co.

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In the past decade, there has been an explosion of online vape stores across the US. However, with so many vape websites to choose from, it can be hard to know which vape shops are reputable and which are just selling cheap clones from China.

Not to worry – here we bring you the best online vape stores that sell real, authentic brands.

Whether you’re looking for some simple e-liquids or more advanced vape gear like mods and sub-ohm tanks, we’ve got a great selection of US-based vape companies offering discounts on exclusive brands from SMOK to Aspire and Beard Vape Co.

If you want high-quality vape supplies with free shipping, read on!

Best Online Vape Shops and Sites

  1. Best overall – Eight Vape 
  2. Best for disposables – ProVape
  3. Over 70 e-liquid brands – Flawless Vape Shop
  4. Best place to buy vape juice – Ejuices
  5. Always running sales – Eliquid
  6. Rebuildables & starter kits galore – VaporDNA
  7. Great shipping & return policy – NY Vape Shop

1. Eight Vape – Best Online Vape Store Overall

  • Cheap clearance section
  • Tanks, kits, mod boxes, pod systems
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Various juices, nic salts, & “420 section”

If you want the best vape store online, you can’t go wrong with Eight Vape (or “8 Vape”). This store sells various vape mods, mods, and pod systems from various brands, regularly offering exclusive discounts (80+% off) in their clearance section, so it’s great for finding a bargain.

We love a bargain.

Orders are shipped quickly and the website is very sleek and easy to use – you can even filter products by wattage or style, finding exactly what you’re looking for. They only sell authentic products at Eight Vape, and there’s even a 420 shop for “alternative smoking.”

2. ProVape – Best Place to Buy Disposable Vapes Online

  • Huge selections of big brands
  • CBD e-juices & accessories
  • 24-hour shipping on orders
  • Sells disposable vapes too

If you’re a new vaper who’s still getting over smoking and/or getting used to all this vaping equipment, you might want to try some of the disposable products from ProVape. These items produce smaller amounts of vapor, and the prices are a lot cheaper on the whole.

They could be a great introduction to vaping for newbies!

ProVape also sells all the regular vapor products you’d expect, with an impressive list of brands including Puffs, SMOK, Aspire, Naked and more. They have a clearance section and weekly specials for getting those bargains. There’s also a great selection of CBD vape juice to check out too.

3. Flawless Vape Shop – Best For Top-Brand E-Juice

  • Sells 70+ brands of e-juices
  • Cheap clearance sales
  • Have their own “Flawless” juice line
  • 24-48 hour shipping on orders

If you really want to expand your vape juice game, give Flawless Vape Shop a try. As well as having their own line of e-liquid, they also sell over 70 different brands of popular e-liquids too, giving you plenty of choice and possible flavor combinations.

They have salt nics too!

Want a very specific blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin so you can blow those huge clouds of vapor? You’ll probably find it here. Want that good 50/50 PG/VG ratio so you can get those nice throat hits with your e-liquid? Give Flawless a go.

4. Ejuices – Best Place to Buy Vape Juice Online at a Discount

  • Compare “Top 5” similar flavors
  • Free shipping (qualifying orders)
  • 10% discount for newsletter subscribers
  • Great customer service via phone/chat

Ejuices, as the name implies, sells an awful lot of juice.

However, unlike many of their competitors, they don’t list the product selection by brand, but by flavors and broad flavor categories. If you’re not an e-liquid professional, it’s nice to just view “fruity”, “cookies”, or “creamy” e-liquids to get a quick rundown.

Some people want flavors, not brands.

They even have a “Top 5” blog where they list things like “Top 5 strawberry flavors” or “Top 5 mango flavors” according to their customers, letting you compare different versions of the same flavor and narrow down your choice. I’m in.

5. E liquid – Best Low Price Guarantee

  • Always running sales & promotions
  • Browse by flavors & trending products
  • Shipping in 2-3 business days
  • Replacement coils & pods galore

If low prices are what you’re after, then E-Liquid has you covered. This online vaping store is always running a sale or promotion of some kind, especially on e-liquid. There’s an “under $10” section, as well as multiple bundles and promotions on cheap e-liquids.

Easily allowing you to shop by flavor, brand, or popularity, E-Liquid also has a top selection of replacement coils, pods, tanks, devices, and other accessories for the everyday vaper at very reasonable prices. 

There’s even free shipping to most US states, with a low flat rate shipping charge for the others.

6. VaporDNA – Best Vape Site For Free Shipping and Rebuildables

  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • International shipping options
  • Decent customer service
  • Good prices

Established in California in 2013, VaporDNA is heavily involved with the American Vaping Association, so you know that this vaping website means business. You’ll find a huge selection of products to add to your shopping cart, and most of the items are sold at great prices.

VaporDNA has tons of mods, atomizers, vaporizers, juices, and more, allowing you to get a great product at a reasonable price. Their customer service is pretty decent too, with an amazing shipping and returns policy on their orders to put new VaporDNA customers at ease.

If you like to build your own mods or start from scratch, the rebuildables and starter kit sections on the website are a great place to start!

7. NYVapeShop –  Best Brick & Mortar Vape Store with an Online Shop

  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Rebuildables & starter kits sections
  • Free shipping on any product
  • Loyalty reward program
  • No clone products

Boasting free shipping for any product, NY Vape shop has a top selection featuring some of the best vaping companies online. The website is easy-to-use for both newcomers and advanced users alike, making it easy for everyone to find what they need.

Best Online Vape Shop FAQ

What Is the Cheapest Online Vape Shop?

Depending on the vape company, some of their products may be cheaper than their competitors – it depends on the vape company and what they specialize in.

For example, EightVape is known for selling cheap e-juice bundles, while ProVape has a weekly specials section where they sell certain overstocked products for cheap.

Prices vary and many online vape stores run flash sales, deals, or have a clearance sale section, so be sure to keep checking for the latest discounts on big-name products.

Should I Buy a Vape Online or From a Store?

Vapers who are experienced will probably want to order their vaping products at online vape stores because you usually get the best deals when you buy vapes online.

This is because an online vape shop doesn’t have to worry about the overheads (rent, electricity, staff, etc.) involved in running a physical store.

Running a shop is expensive.

However, for new vapers who don’t have much vaping experience, it may be best to try vaping devices and different e-juices in person.

Most brick-and-mortar vape store locations have friendly, knowledgeable staff who can help new vapers find the experience they’re looking for and send them in the right direction.

Can You Order Vape Juice Online Under 21?

No, you cannot order vape juice online if you’re under 21. As of December 2019, the legal age for vaping across all of the US is 21 years old.

The law banning the selling of tobacco products to people under 21 years old was extended to include vape products, which includes vape juice a.k.a e-juice or e-liquid.

Can You Buy Vapes on Amazon?

No, you cannot buy vapes on Amazon in the US. This includes various kinds of vape supplies, such as mods, e-liquids, and sub-ohm tanks.

Amazon does not allow the sale of vape mods and other vape gear due to concerns around age verification and authenticity – Amazon isn’t designed for selling products that require customers to be a certain age in order to purchase them.

Does Amazon Sell Vape Juice?

Amazon does not sell vape juice in the US. If you search for vape juice on Amazon, you’ll only be able to buy empty bottles designed for sellers or people who make their own vape juice.

According to Amazon’s Seller Central website:

“Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon of electronic cigarettes and related products, such as batteries and e-liquid juice, regardless of whether they contain nicotine.”

There are exceptions for international Amazon stores. For example, Amazon UK allows you to purchase various brands of e-liquid online.

What Is Nic Salt?

The best vape stores often carry “Nic Salt” products, but what is Nic Salt exactly?

Nic Salt is a special type of vape juice that uses the same form of nicotine found in tobacco, making the effects more potent than that of typical tobacco juice.

Former smokers who wish to become vapers may benefit from Nic Salt, as the vaping experience is closer to that of smoking.

What Happens if an Underage Person Buys Vaping Products Online?

In order to buy vapes online, you usually need some sort of ID and age verification to prove that you’re a real human (i.e. not a bot) and you’re the age that you say you are.

Most vape store websites ask for a scan of your driver’s license, passport, or similar form of ID. They may also ask for a digital signature to guarantee that you are 21 years of age or older. 

If you manage to order vaping equipment online despite being underage, the store that sold them to you could be hit with serious fines.

Laws vary from state to state, but an underage vaper caught by police could be fined several hundred dollars.

In California, fines of  $100 to $500 for underage smokers and vapers, or you can sometimes attend a tobacco educational or diversion program instead of being fined. 

More and more jurisdictions are looking to introduce similar laws.

Bottom Line: What Is the Best Online Vape Store?

If we had to choose one website, we’d definitely recommend Eight Vapes. Boasting fast shipping, great product ranges, a 420 section, nic salt, and regular clearance sales, Eight Vapes is the best and safest place to buy vapes online right now.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top online vape shops near you. From vibrant e-liquid flavors to cool vaporizers and dry herb devices, there are plenty of great products to try out there for new and experienced vapers alike.

Whichever online vape store you end up choosing, we hope you find the best products, brands, and deals for your needs. Good luck!

The Best Online Vape Stores in 2021: Top 7 Shops with the Biggest Selection of Gear and Vape Juice