5 Best Invisible Braces and At-Home Teeth Straightening Kits (Best Cheap Alternatives to Braces)

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Fixing your smile has become much easier with the introduction of invisible braces. Not only are they cheaper than the traditional metal braces, but they’re impossible to detect, and at times, even more affordable!

This is why today we’re going to look at some of the best invisible braces to see which brand appeals most to you and who, in our opinion, offers the best service.

5 Best Clear Braces: First Look

  1. Best value invisible aligners overall – Byte
  2. Most affordable clear braces – AlignerCO
  3. In person studios available – Smile Direct Club
  4. Best invisible braces for moderate misalignment – Candid CO
  5. Best for treating serious misalignment – Invisalign

1. Byte – Best Overall Invisible Aligners



  • No teeth scanning offered

Chances are, when filtering through invisible braces reviews, you’ve come across Byte. While it’s still relatively new and hasn’t the same track record as more established companies, Byte offers a convenient way to straighten your teeth at home using aligners, minus the high cost. Plus, its aligners use an advanced, vibrating technology, which guarantees faster results.

Traditional braces are often overly expensive and can take up to three years to work. However, Byte offers remote, clear aligner treatments that tackle problems like crowding, spacing, or other minor issues. The specialists and orthodontists working at Byte will also provide image predictions of how your teeth will look after and work to create a smile that’ll best suit your face.

2. AlignerCo – Most Affordable Clear Braces



  • Treatment plans take longer
  • No physical location for a teeth scan

While AlignerCo might be the most affordable clear aligners on our list, that doesn’t mean they’re the least effective. AlignerCo helps to fix minor problems to do with crowding, spacing, and, in some cases, crossbite, reverse bite, and over or underbite. The only downside is that their treatment plan takes longer than other competitors, usually around 6-10 months.

Still, AlignerCo’s clear braces are made of Essix plastic, which is high quality and durable. First, AlignerCo will determine if you’re the right candidate by having you send a mold of your smile that you’ll create using the putty from the impression kit. And if you’re approved, AlignerCo will provide your treatment plan, which a customer representative will go through via live chat.

3. Smile Direct Club – Best In-Office Invisible Braces Treatment


  • Works fast
  • Affordable
  • Option to do it remotely or visit the office


  • Retainers cost extra
  • For minor issues only

Smile Direct Club offers an effective way to straighten teeth at home, with no doctor’s visit. The company provides clear braces that promise to significantly reduce the treatment process, usually taking from 3 to 10 months, or even less. Smile Direct Club also provides a set of Nighttime aligners, which only need to be worn for around 10 hours.

While a set of retainers costs extra, Smile Direct Club still comes with an affordable price tag when compared to its competitors. Plus, it also comes with an 80% positive user experience rating, and users can choose to get their impressions done using a scanner at one of their offices or by using an impression kit at home.

4. Candid Co – Best Invisible Braces for Moderate Misalignment


  • Free shipping
  • Treatment carried out by professional orthodontists
  • Affordable


  • Only available in the U.S.
  • Not suitable for more complex dental issues

Candid, based in the U.S., offers fully remote teeth straightening service from the comfort of your home. Customers can also visit their onsite office to get a 3-D scan done instead. Candid creates clear teeth aligners to cure minor issues to do with crowding or spacing. 

However, they aren’t suitable for heavier dental issues, such as severe teeth misalignment or fixing an under or overbite.

Much cheaper than traditional braces, Candid’s invisible aligners are made from high-quality BPA- free material and have a high success rate. Users can also opt for the complimentary teeth whitening foam, which can be applied on the teeth aligners, for a whiter and straighter smile. Lastly, after treatment, customers are recommended to get retainers, which cost extra.

5. Invisalign – Best Clear Aligners for Treating More Serious Issues


  • Designed for more complex issues
  • More reliable
  • Minimal maintenance


  • Expensive
  • Takes longer

 Invisalign offers solutions for more serious dental issues like over and underbite, overbite, crossbite, shaping, and teeth alignment. Additionally, customers need to attend multiple visits with a certified orthodontist, and therefore, that costs more. Plus, Invisalign’s treatment duration is a lot longer, with some users even having to wear them for up to two-three years.

The invisible aligners themselves require minimal maintenance, and many customers found them comfortable to use. You’ll also have the option of using an impression kit at home or going to the orthodontist’s office. 

Plus, because this is a more invasive teeth straightening process, your set of aligners will also include several attachments like enamel ridges, which are similar to brackets.

Best Clear Braces: Your Questions Answered

How Do Invisible Aligners Work?

In principle, invisible aligners work similarly to metal braces, with a few key differences. For example, as their name suggests, they are almost completely discreet and difficult to detect. 

They also work a lot faster than traditional braces because they’re mainly used to correct minor dental issues, such as spacing or fixing the top ”social six” teeth, which are the most visible ones when you smile.

Clear aligners work by applying gentle pressure on your teeth, gradually moving them to the desired location. Some brands, like Byte, use advanced vibrational technology to make the process faster and more effective.

After receiving their clear teeth aligners, users need to follow the treatment plan closely and change them every two weeks or more often, as instructed by their dentist. In some cases, the invisible braces can be used overnight for up to 10 hours.

How Are Invisible Braces Different From Traditional Metal Braces?

Traditional braces are better suited for more complex issues that require frequent visits and adjustments with your orthodontist, while invisible aligners better suit those who simply want to close a few minor gaps or improve their smile.

The most obvious distinction is that invisible aligners are harder to detect and generally look better than metal braces. Apart from that, there are other more notable differences. For one, invisible braces generally feel more comfortable and less awkward in your mouth than metal braces.

Additionally, clear aligners can be taken out for a maximum of 3 hours a day, depending on the brand, to eat, drink and brush your teeth, which for anyone who has had metal braces in the past will know is a great benefit. 

Eating sticky or crunchy foods with traditional braces is often difficult, as it can damage the wires or bands. Plus, it’s handy to be able to remove the retainers in order to keep them clean. 

The treatment duration is also a lot longer for traditional braces as well, which can take up to three years, plus a nighttime retainer for 6-12 months after treatment. Clear aligners, on the other hand, can be as fast as three months.

Can Clear Aligners Actually Straighten Teeth?

Yes, clear aligners can straighten your teeth and improve your smile. However, if you have major issues, like problems with your bite or severe misalignment, then it’s best to go for metal braces or Invisalign teeth aligners, as they’re more invasive.

Can Anyone Get Invisible Braces?

While clear aligners are suitable for most, not everyone can get them. If you have serious misalignment issues or other dental complications, traditional braces or even jaw surgery might be the best choice. However, it’s easy to find out if you’re a viable candidate by carrying out an at-home test using the putty from an impression kit and sending it back to the company.

How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

Most invisible braces companies are pretty affordable, and some allow monthly payments rather than paying for everything upfront. Currently, in the U.S, a set of adult braces end up costing up to $7,000, while Byte aligners day kit costs around $1895, including around $100 for the impression kit, as well.

Unfortunately, teeth aligners usually aren’t covered by dental or health insurance. Still, Invisalign may be the exception, considering that they’re even more expensive than metal braces and suitable for more complex dental issues. Additionally, plenty of companies like AlignerCo, often offer deals and discounts to take advantage of.

Are There Any Downsides/Risks to Invisible Aligners?

While invisible teeth aligners are a good option for fixing your smile, there are some precautions to keep in mind. For example, if you’re suffering from more complex dental problems, they won’t do much good, and you’re better off with metal braces.

Also, users need to be very disciplined and ensure their aligners are in for 22 hours; otherwise, it won’t produce the best results. Plus, depending on your treatment plan, in some cases, clear aligners can be expensive, so it’s best to research various invisible braces companies to see what they offer.

Do Invisible Braces Hurt?

Depending on how your teeth are currently aligned, you may experience some discomfort as your teeth move around, especially in the first couple of weeks and whenever you switch to a new retainer. 

However, most of the time, over-the-counter pain relievers can help. If the pain gets too intense, you need to let the company know or pay a visit to the dentist to make sure nothing is out of place.

What Are the Benefits of Using Invisible Braces?

There are many benefits that come with clear aligners. Affordability for one, as well as minimal discomfort that comes with metal braces and a reduced treatment time. Furthermore, your invisible aligner won’t be noticeable, and they are much easier to clean, too.

What Should You Look for When Investing in Invisible Braces?

There are a couple of things you should look out for when investing in clear aligners. For one, it’s vital to thoroughly research the clear aligner company to ensure they’re credible and include many positive user reviews. This is important since using improper aligners could end up costing you more in the future.

Look for the average treatment time to see if it suits you and if the company offers Nighttime options, which is more convenient. Additionally, even though most companies operate remotely, some still have onsite locations, so if you aren’t too keen on using the at-home impression kit, some clinics provide a 3-D scan.

Best Invisible Braces Online: The Takeaway

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your teeth quickly and effectively, then opting for invisible braces at home is a good way to go. Their average treatment time works out to be pretty quick, and some companies even offer complimentary teeth whitening products as well.

The companies we’ve listed offer affordable plans to choose from, as well as a positive user experience, which is vital when going for such a treatment. Additionally, clear aligners are far more comfortable and easier to maintain than traditional metal braces.

Hopefully, we have narrowed the search down a little for you, and thanks for reading. 5 Best Invisible Braces and At-Home Teeth Straightening Kits (Best Cheap Alternatives to Braces)