Leanbean Reviews: #1 Women’s Fat Burning Pills

Are you looking for a way to get rid of excess body fat? Many women are trying Leanbean, a supplement initially created for athletes and female fitness models. 

The company claims you can lose weight quickly with this supplement. But many consumers find that such a statement sounds way too good to be true. Is that the case here?

This article seeks to examine the Leanbean weight loss supplement and help you decide if it sounds like something you can use to help reach the health goals you’ve set for yourself.

Read on to discover all you need to know about Leanbean:

Who Should Use Leanbean?

Anyone over 18 years of age can use Leanbean. However, this formula is designed especially for women looking to add a powerful supplement to their weight loss regiment.  

Women that are 18 and up and who are not breastfeeding or pregnant may benefit from Leanbean. As you will see in our Brand Overview segment, Leanbean’s manufacturer is dedicated to female health.

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Leanbean Review: Brand Overview

Leanbean is a weight loss supplement created by Ultimate Life. They are a company focused on providing women with affordable and natural supplements efficiently and effectively. Ultimate Life prides itself on crafting its supplements using methods and ingredients that meet or exceed UK and US manufacturing standards. 

All of their supplements are made in FDA-regulated factories, while also meeting strict standards under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This ensures the customer is left with nothing but a safe and effective product.

Ultimate Life prides itself on making supplements that are pure and natural. Their supplements are vegan, made with non-GMO ingredients, and are, of course, gluten-free. This leaves them open for women of all lifestyles to enjoy.

Pro & Cons


  • Reduces Cravings: The formula suppresses the appetite, so you feel less hungry and, in turn, eat fewer calories.
  • Made Safely: Every Leanbean capsule is made in an FDA-approved facility. This way, consumers can be sure they are getting supplements made with quality and care in mind.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The manufacturer offers all patrons of Leanbean a 90-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, mail it back to get your money back.


  • No Local Supply: It is not sold in stores: You can’t go to your local supplement shop or GNC to get Leanbean. It can only be purchased online.
  • Not As Effective For Men: The formula caters to women. Men can use it, but it probably won’t be as effective.

Leanbean Ingredients

Piperine (5mg)

The health benefits of Piperine can be numerous. It is black pepper, which is an anti-inflammatory supplement. It may reduce insulin resistance and help you better absorb nutrients, enhancing the effects of Leanbean. 

Acai Berry (20mg)

Amazon tribes have enjoyed this flavorful berry for hundreds of years as a natural way of staying satiated. Acai is high in fat but not in sugar, is packed with antioxidants, and may be good for the brain and cholesterol level improvement.

Green Coffee Bean (50mg)

These are coffee beans that haven’t been roasted just yet. They contain a more significant amount of chlorogenic acid, which may provide a myriad of health benefits. For example, it may positively affect blood vessels, effectively lowering blood pressure. And for weight loss, it may have a positive effect on the body’s metabolism and handling of blood sugar.

Garcinia Cambogia (100mg)

The secret of Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxy citric acid, found on this fruit’s skin. It may improve your weight loss efforts by inhibiting fat storage and keeping your appetite under control. It may potentially also help you improve your exercise performance by limiting stored energy usage within the muscles, which helps prevent fatigue.

Choline (82mg)

This is a nutrient our livers synthesize. It is necessary for a wide variety of body functions such as cholesterol removal and fat transport. Choline is shown to be helpful in fat metabolism.

Glucomannan (3000mg)

On the label, you will find this listed as Konjac fiber. This fibrous blend may help reduce blood glucose, may offer regulation for lipid metabolism, may help lower cholesterol and blood lipid, and may lower the risk of constipation.

Potassium (10mg)

Potassium regulates the balance of fluids, nerve signals, and muscle contractions. Having a diet that is rich in potassium may help you reduce your water retention.

Zinc (11mg)

Found in many animal and plant foods, zinc is essential for boosting our immune system and lowering inflammation. No doubt many of you will be incorporating exercise into your routine —this may help reduce soreness. It may also aid in protein synthesis, supporting muscle construction.


Electrolytes are necessary to keep your body healthy and hydrated. Chloride works with electrolytes to boost the production of hydrochloric acid. This may help you enjoy better digestion.

Chromium (35mcg)

This particular trace mineral is useful for normalizing blood glucose levels. The Leanbean blend contains chromium picolinate, which may be effective in keeping glucose levels controlled compared to other forms of chromium. It is also better absorbed by the body.

Vitamin B12 (2.4mcg)

This nutrient helps keep blood cells in good health. Without this helpful vitamin, you may experience constipation, weakness, and tiredness.

Vitamin B6 (1.7mg)

This vitamin may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular illness and improve cognitive function. It may also help reduce PMS symptoms, such as tension, bloating, irritability, and moodiness.

Turmeric (50mg)

Known to many as “The Golden Goddess,” turmeric is a spice various cultures have used in cooking and medicine for centuries. The spice contains curcumin, which is an antioxidant that gives it that beautiful golden hue. Curcumin is also anti-inflammatory and can aid in muscle soreness caused by exercise.

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How Does Leanbean Work?

The natural ingredients in Leanbean may help you slim down, but how do they do it? Here, you can learn how the ingredients work in tandem to get you the results you desire.

May Help Suppress Cravings

That late-night or after-work urge for chocolate or sweets will be a thing of the past. Acai and Konjac fiber are hunger crushers. 

They trick your stomach into feeling satisfied, which in turn helps you crave less, eat less, and require less effort on your part to say “no thanks” to junk foods. Unnecessary snacking packs on calories that you don’t need, so bid it farewell with Leanbean.

May Limit Fat Absorption

Garcinia Cambogia, found in Leanbean, may help limit fat absorption. Hydroxy citric acid is the key ingredient that limits the amount of fat your body takes in. The less fat you take in, the less you need to burn off.

May Help Burn Fat

As your metabolism speeds up, you burn more fat. Turmeric and black pepper, or Piperine, when used together, may help boost your metabolism speed and improve digestion. This way, you will burn calories faster and increase the speed at which you slim down.

May Help Burn More Calories

You already know that eating well and working out can help you burn calories, but what if you had a helpful push to aid your efforts? That’s what Leanbean may help with. Green coffee may help you raise your expended calories, even when you are at rest.

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Benefits of Using Leanbean

Formulated for Women

Too often, when we shop or see commercials on TV, the supplements are aimed at men who want to get big, pack on that muscle, and look huge. That is fine, but what about women who would like to slim down, tone up, and beat those cravings for sweets and chocolate? Leanbean has a formula made for the ladies, and it helps them kick those cravings for high salt, high sugar foods.        

May Help Burn Fat

Having a fast metabolism will be your secret weapon when it comes to burning calories fast and breaking down the meals you’ve taken in. 

When the body has a slow metabolism, not as many calories will be burned, and they’ll be stored as fat. The turmeric and pepper in Leanbean keep your body working like a furnace, burning up food and boosting bile production in the stomach.

Helps Your Body Stay Balanced

Consuming foods with high sugar and high-fat results in toxins being put into your body. These toxins wreak havoc on the body, causing side effects like bloating or fat storage and even irritability or guilt about the food consumed. 

Leanbean may help fight this by helping you avoid those cravings in the first place and by offering you a healthy dose of green coffee and Vitamin B. You will feel energized instead of weighed down and bloated.

Side Effects

Thankfully, no adverse side effects have been reported, according to our research. However, there are plenty of beneficial ones, as noted above. Presumably, we don’t see such side effects with this supplement because it lacks ingredients that typically give you the jitters. For example, caffeine is present in the capsules, but it’s far less than your typical cup of coffee.

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Who Should Refrain From Using Leanbean?

There are a few people who should NOT use Leanbean:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use Leanbean without speaking to a doctor first.
  • If you are under the age of 18, do not use Leanbean. The supplement is designed for consumers 18 years of age and older.
  • If you are on any medications, make sure you ask a doctor before using Leanbean. 
  • This is not for people looking for a “magic pill” that will allow them to eat vast quantities of junk foods, do nothing and expect the weight to fall off. You can get great results with this supplement, but only if you are willing to put in that work, eat the right foods, and get in a daily workout to the best of your ability.

You don’t have to go nuts; just 30 minutes a day for five days a week is OK. The bottom line is that there is no magic pill for weight loss, and you MUST be ready to put forth some effort to get results.

Dosage & Tips to Start

Because it is natural, you can take Leanbean regularly. You don’t have to cycle it, as is the case with other supplements. As always though, we recommend consulting with a health professional before using any new supplements.

The idea is that you will have made the switch to healthy habits permanently even without Leanbean’s help, so the weight won’t come piling back on.

You will be taking Leanbean three times a day, with two tablets at each dose. It would be best if you tried to take them at the same time every day, so you get optimal results.

Take two capsules before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take them with an 8 oz glass of water 30 minutes before you sit down to eat. This way, once it is time for the meal, the ingredients will have had time to react, and you can eat a smaller meal and feel satisfied.

There will be days when you may forget to take Leanbean, and that’s normal. If you do forget to take it, don’t worry. Just wait until your next meal to take the next set of capsules. Please don’t take it after your meals, as it is simply not as effective.

Be sure to respect the dosage amount. For example, taking four Leanbean at once won’t grant you faster results. Even though we didn’t find any negative side effects in our research, you might become jittery if you take too many.

Where to Buy Leanbean and What Are the Guarantees?

The best place to get Leanbean is from the official Leanbean site. Don’t go anywhere else for your supplements. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting stuck with a fake, unreliable product. Sure, places like Amazon can be tempting, but your best bet is to go to Ultimate Life’s website. Plus, you can get some great bundling deals there.

For example, you have the choice of a one-month supply, a two-month supply, and lastly, a Body Bundle deal, which gets you three bottles of Leanbean, plus one free, AND a free e-book workout plan that will have you sweating and feeling fantastic. Delivery on that last deal is free worldwide, so take advantage of that while you can.

Leanbean Reviews: Conclusion

To lose weight is no easy task. Sure, the principle is simple —take in fewer calories than you burn. But every woman is different. Because of the different sizes, shapes, and physical activity levels of women worldwide, it’s not as cut and dry as we would like.

As a result, products like Leanbean may be an effective tool for helping women achieve their fitness and health goals. Combined with healthy lifestyle habits, this supplement offers women the extra push they need to cross the finish line and achieve their dream physique.

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