10 Best Online Pharmacies: Affordable, Safe Over-the-Counter & Prescriptions Online

An online medical pharmacy lets users browse prescription medication, health supplements, beauty, and many more products – usually at a discounted price. While there are instances of "rogue" pharmacies where questionable prescriptions are sold, all the pharmacies on our list are reputable, and some even feature other user testimonials.

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Nowadays, with the appearance of online pharmacies, you don’t have to trudge to your local pharmacy to collect your prescription drugs or stock up on hay fever medications. These pharmacies (aka online medicine shops) are a highly convenient and effective way of getting your prescription refilled instead of doing it in-person.

However, keep in mind that finding the best online pharmacy isn’t that easy since there are plenty of “rogue” businesses around that do more harm than good. Therefore, read on to discover our top 10 recommended online pharmacies.

10 Top-Rated Online Pharmacies

  1. Best online pharmacy overall – Hims.com / Hers.com
  2. Best  all-online telemedicine service for erectile dysfunction medications – BlueChew
  3. Best online pharmacy with worldwide shipping – SecurePharmaOnline
  4. Cheapest online pharmacy – YouDrugStore
  5. Best pharmacy for pickup and delivery in the U.S. – Walgreens
  6. Best Canadian online pharmacy – The Canadian Pharmacy
  7. Best online drugstore in Australia – Pharmacy Online
  8. Best online pharmacy for birth control – Nurx
  9. One of the most reputable pharmacies in the UK – Lloyds Pharmacy
  10. Best online Indian pharmacy – Netmeds
  1. Hims / Hers – Best Online Pharmacy Overall


  • Best online healthcare for men and women
  • Free ED consultation for men
  • Affordable prescription drugs
  • COVID-19 saliva test available
  • Free shipping on hair loss products
  • Women’s acne treatment only $10/month


  • Doesn’t ship internationally

Although perhaps a little unusual, in order to cater to everyone, our top pick for the best online pharmacy is two separate websites: Hims and Hers. Otherwise known as forhims.com or forhers.com, Hims and Hers are both web-based pharmacies operated by Hims, Inc. 

Founded in 2017, Hims primarily targets men, while Hers founded a year after targets women. Users can purchase prescription drugs, skincare and hygiene products, various supplements from both platforms as well as erectile dysfunction medication for men, and contraceptives for women. Visitors can also read informative blog posts on both sites for more information and support.

Hims and Hers don’t, unfortunately, ship internationally, but American citizens can take advantage of their various deals. Furthermore, customers are able to buy mental health medication such as bupropion, citalopram, and more after going through a consultation process with a licensed medical professional.  Read the full hims review.

2.BlueChew – Best all-Online Telemedicine service for Erectile Dysfunction Medications


  • No in-person visit required
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Product is delivered to your door in discreet packaging


  • Not available outside the U.S.
  •  Not covered by medical insurances
  • No return & refund policy

First BlueChew is not an onlinepharmacy like the other mentioned in this list. It’s an all-online telemedicine service that connects people to get Chewable Sildenafil and Tadalafil tablets (ED medications), packaged in a clean ”BlueChew” brand pouch,  to your door, without ever leaving the house. BlueChew makes the connection to not only a pharmacy but also Licensed medical providers in the US who can prescribe ED medication online.

BlueChew is  designed for men. Its monthly subscription service, so users receive their medications to their door every month.. The tablets are chewable and users can choose their own subscription plan based on their budget.

The BlueChew website is easy to navigate, and it clearly explains what the tablets do and their possible side effects. BlueChew also provides 24/7 customer support for any queries or issues. Read a bluechew review here.

3. SecurePharmaOnline – Best Online Pharmacy With Worldwide Shipping


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Wide range of generic drugs
  • Free shipping for orders over $100


  • Doesn’t accept health insurance
  • Expensive delivery prices

SecurePharmaOnline provides various forms of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to choose from. Some of which include men’s & women’s health, eye care, birth control pills, and even trial drug packs. While the shipping fees are pretty high, SecurePharmaOnline offers reasonable prices and great deals on various drugs.

The website itself sports an informative blog about various topics and a live chat customer support for any pressing queries. Plus, it’s very secure, and users need to provide a doctor’s note to receive prescription medication. Users can also try out trial packs to see what works best for them.

4. YouDrugStore – Cheapest Online Pharmacy


  • Affordable health medication
  • Discreet delivery service
  • Includes a health & wellness blog


  • Doesn’t ship to Canada
  • Long-delivery time

Based in Canada, YourDrugStore offers affordable, Canadian medicine delivered worldwide (except for Canada). Customers can fill their prescriptions or buy over-the-counter drugs such as family planning & contraceptives, sleep aids, pain relief, allergy medication, and more.

YourDrugStore is a very convenient platform, as customers can order by phone, mail, fax, or through their site by registering for a free account. They also stock most top brands and offer medicines to treat various conditions, including diabetes, migraines, depression, cancer, and erectile dysfunction.

5. Walgreens – Best Pharmacy for Pickup and Delivery in the U.S.


  • Users can check their prescription status
  • Offers vaccination services
  • Fast delivery


  • Only delivers in the U.S.
  • A little pricey

Walgreens pharmacies are primarily located all over the U.S. and stock a variety of prescription medication, health supplements, beauty products, and more. While they don’t currently offer worldwide shipping, it does offer a convenient way for residents to order medication online to be delivered, or they can pick it up at their local pharmacy.

Additionally, Walgreens offers free shipping for orders above $35, and they even provide vaccination services, which can be booked through their site. Lastly, Walgreen’s website features an informative blog, as well as Medicare information and health answers to any queries you may have.

6. The Canadian Pharmacy – Best Canadian Online Pharmacy


  • Affordable prescription medicine
  • Fast delivery
  • Advanced search feature


  • No refund policy
  • Only ships to America

The Canadian Pharmacy provides prescription and over-the-counter medication for American residents only, for an affordable price. In order to get the meditation, the user must fill out several pharmacy forms and have a doctor’s note, as well. The Canadian Pharmacy also features an advanced search option to make it easier for customers to find the medication they’re looking for.

While they don’t offer a refund for their prescription medicines, they do, however, promise a fast delivery in ten days or less. Additionally, The Canadian Pharmacy includes a blog page full of useful information and other customer testimonials.

7. Pharmacy Online – Best Online Drugstore in Australia


  • Wide range of products
  • Offers free samples
  • Provides international shipping
  • Has a return & refund policy


  • Cluttered website design
  • Express shipping only available in Australia

Pharmacy Online is an Australian web-based pharmacy that dispenses prescription and over-the-counter medication. Plus, many other products such as health supplements, personal care, and beauty products, gift sets, and much more. However, international customers can’t opt for express shipping, as it’s only applicable to Australian residents.

Users can also order free samples from Pharmacy Online, and they only need to pay for the shipping costs. Moreover, Pharmacy Online has a solid refund and return policy, which ensures customers can swap their products if they aren’t happy with what they received.

8. Nurx – Best Online Pharmacy for Birth Control


  • Offers a variety of health services for women
  • Informative knowledge center
  • Provides at-home STI tests
  • Accepts insurance


  • Only available in America
  • Some users have experienced lengthy delays

Nurx is an interactive platform that offers emergency contraception, birth control prescriptions, and home testing kits for women. This site mainly focuses on women’s sexual health and wellbeing and also offers a ton of useful information about the different types of contraception methods available. Currently, it only offers to ship in the U.S.

You can also pay for your prescriptions using your insurance or out of your own pocket. Either way, Nurx provides affordable monthly subscriptions for recurring orders. Lastly, Nurx stocks 100 different types of birth control, including some more generic brands, as well as the patch, the shot, and the ring.

9. Lloyds Pharmacy – One of the Most Reputable Online Pharmacies in the UK


  • Offers web-based doctor’s consultation
  • Same-day collection and free delivery in the UK
  • Provides general health tests


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t deliver outside of the UK

Lloyds drugs store is widely spread across the UK, offering both online deliveries and store pickup services. The pharmacy stocks many drugs, as well as vitamins, hand sanitizers, electrical and skincare products, to boot. While the prices tend to lean towards expensive, the brands offered are high quality, and the pharmacy also provides a doctor’s consultation.

Furthermore, Lloyds pharmacy gives private prescriptions issued by a web-based doctor, as well as flu, HPV, and Pneumonia vaccinations booked through their site. Customers can also find a ton of promotions on the pharmacy website, especially for oral care.

10. Netmeds – Best Online Indian Pharmacy


  • Can pay online or with cash on delivery
  • Offers a wide range of products
  • Plenty of deals available
  • Referral benefits


  • Not all users were able to get a refund
  • Instances of the wrong prescriptions being sent out

Netmeds is an online pharmacy store in India that stocks a wide range of products that aren’t just limited to prescription medication. Netmeds also sells health supplements, eyewear, mom & baby products, beauty tools, and much more. Customers can also shop specific diabetic care products, as well as liver care and stomach care too.

While sometimes customers were unable to get a refund on their products, it’s still quite rare. Netmeds also provide a ton of affordable deals and referral bonuses to take advantage of. Plus, users can browse health advice articles from various experts, as well as book a consultation with a doctor.

Best Online Pharmacy FAQ

How Does an Online Medical Store Work?

An online medical pharmacy lets users browse prescription medication, health supplements, beauty, and many more products – usually at a discounted price. While there are instances of “rogue” pharmacies where questionable prescriptions are sold, all the pharmacies on our list are reputable, and some even feature other user testimonials.

To buy prescription medicine, customers need to have a doctor’s note, and often, they must fill out another web-based form, too. Users can also opt for a reordering option as well, for regular medication such as the contraceptive pill.

What’s the Difference Between an Online Pharmacy and a Local Store?

The main difference between web-based pharmacies and your local drugstore is that on an online medicine website, you can find better deals as well as a lot more product varieties – all from the convenience of your home.

Other than that, both pharmacies have a similar process, in that you’re required to have a doctor’s prescription slip before buying a specific type of medication. 

Furthermore, many pharmacies such as Lloyds and Walgreens offer both web-based services and onsite so that users can buy their medication through an app. They can then choose between physically picking it up or having it delivered straight to their door.

Can I Order Prescriptions From Online Pharmacies?

Yes, almost all web-based pharmacies, such as SecurePharmaOnline, provide prescriptions that are delivered to your home. However, to do so, you must have a doctor’s note and, in some cases, an online doctor’s consultation as well.

Pharmacies that sell prescriptions without a doctor’s visit aren’t following the proper regulations and should be avoided.

Can I Order From an Online Pharmacy Outside of the U.S.?

Yes, there are plenty of reputable pharmacies that ship worldwide. For example, Netmeds, an online pharmacy store in India, is considered the best Indian pharmacy online, with many affordable deals. Other pharmacies such as SecurePharmaOnline and Pharmacy Online provide worldwide shipping and even express delivery in some instances.

Lastly, The Canadian Pharmacy and YouDrugStore on our list are Canadian pharmacies that only ship to the U.S.

Is There a Difference Between a Chemist and a Pharmacy?

Depending on when you are, chemist and pharmacy can have two very different “social” meanings. If you’re based in the U.S., a “chemist” is usually known as someone who works in a lab or a general term for someone who works with chemicals. In comparison, a pharmacy is a location where you buy your over-the-counter or prescription medication.

Although this is true for the UK, the term “chemist” is also used by many to refer to local and online pharmacies. This can sometimes be a little confusing, especially for U.S. readers who might not realize the term “chemist” has become interchangeable with “pharmacy” in the UK. 

What Are the Benefits of Using an Online Chemist Shop?

There are many benefits to an online chemist (aka web-based pharmacy). For example, the availability for better deals since you’re paying less for medication than at your local pharmacy. 

Additionally, you’re able to choose from more brands and aren’t limited to what’s in stock at the moment. If you can’t find the medication you’re looking for, you can simply search for a different pharmacy.

An online chemist shop also lets you set up recurring orders for a specific medication, eliminating the need to go down to the local pharmacy to pick up a refill. Plus, you can submit your prescriptions at any time, no matter day of the week.

How to Choose the Best Online Pharmacy?

When buying prescriptions from the internet, there are various factors you should look out for, as there plenty of web-based drugstores that aren’t operating with your best interests in mind.

For example, if a drug is priced way too low, that’s a big warning sign. Also, look out for shops that don’t require a valid doctor’s note. Lastly, if the store doesn’t own a legitimate business address, that’s another red flag since all reputable stores should have one.

When you’ve found a pharmacy you trust, make sure to also go through their insurance policy to see whether they’ll accept your health insurance plan. Similarly, it’s also good if they have a solid refund and returns policy in case something goes wrong.

Best Online Pharmacy: Our Takeaway

Opting to get your perceptions filled from a web-based pharmacy is a convenient way of getting all your medicine without having to go out. However, before buying certain prescriptions, it’s vital to know if the pharmacies are reputable and stock high-quality medication.

The top picks we have chosen today all require a doctor’s note before buying medication and offer a ton of affordable deals that might not be available in your local pharmacy.

We hope that you’re able to find the most suitable pharmacy for you, and thank you for reading.

10 Best Online Pharmacies: Affordable, Safe Over-the-Counter & Prescriptions Online