Best Dog Treats: Top Quality Dog Treats Available

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Dog treats are awesome training tools and rewards for our four-legged friends. But with such a variety out there, how do you know which are the best dog treats? Not just the ones that make your dog’s tail wag, but the kind that can benefit their overall health and excite their tastebuds.

It’s grueling to test various treat brands (just watch how fast those barely-touched bags pile up on your counter). And scouring the Internet for dog treats that contain natural, healthy ingredients is no small task. Lucky for you, we were up to the challenge and decided to research for you!

After a lengthy process, we’ve selected four stellar dog treat brands. Our goal was to single out companies that use beneficial, clean, and delicious ingredients.

Our top four brands use all-natural ingredients that genuinely benefit dogs — not just make the treats tasty and filling. Of course, these choices will also make your dog’s mouth water every time! We were on a hunt for nutritious and delicious treats, and we found it in our top choices. Check them out below!

Top 4 Dog Treat Brands:

  1. HolistaPet Dog Treats – Highest Quality & Best Variety
  2. Pet Hemp Company – Close Runner Up
  3. Diamond CBD – Best Value
  4. JoyPets CBD Dog Treats – Editor’s Choice

Our Criteria For Choosing The Absolute Best Dog Treats

Sorting through hundreds of brands for the best dog treats can be frustrating. But, there are certain qualities, like ingredients and variety, that make some products shine. That’s why we focused on a few crucial (but very telling) criteria when selecting our favorite brands:

Ingredient Quality

Treats might make your pup drool, but if the ingredients are artificial or harmful, we don’t want our dogs eating them! As more treats flood the market, it’s becoming quite a challenge to find high-quality selections.

Like human food, the quality of a dog treat comes down to what it’s made of. We don’t know why so many brands use artificial and harmful ingredients. Thankfully, there are wholesome, healthy dog treats out there. We sniffed them out and learned all about their beneficial ingredients.


Like people, dogs have their preferences. Just because one dog likes apples and peanut butter doesn’t mean another dog will. That’s why it’s critical that a company offers a flavorful variety of treats so you can find one that your pup enjoys!

Variety goes beyond flavor, too. A reputable brand can offer different treats that provide targeted benefits to your canine companion. You may find treats that support heart health, mobility, digestion, and more!

We found brands that offer a wide range of dog treats, both in flavor and benefits. You want your dog to get the most out of their biscuit, so why not purchase a kind that suits their needs and tastebuds?

Brand Reputation

You can learn SO much about a brand’s reputation and product performance from their customer reviews. People don’t hold back when commenting on the Internet, which works to our advantage here.

On top of finding brands with positive reviews, we looked into each company’s practices and mission statements. Do they uphold the standards they claim to support? Are their dog treats truly organic and natural? Or are there harmful additives hidden in a long list of ingredients? Thankfully, all of our choices are true to their word!

Deals & Incentives

While we understand companies are trying to earn money, we wanted to find ones that honestly care about their customer base, both new and returning. What we found did not disappoint.

Our top brands offer some fantastic deals and incentives. From first-time deals and customer appreciation sales to subscribe-and-save options and pet holiday discounts, our top four brands show their customers major love.

Shopping Experience

In the Internet age, we all know how important it is to have a navigatable website. But these days, online shopping goes far beyond modern web designs. We looked into the overall shopping experience of many brands to see how they make things easy for their customers.

We found that the best brands also created the finest shopping experiences! Free shipping, no-questions-asked return policies, and quality customer service are standard for the top two brands on our list.

Best Dog Treats Available

1. HolistaPet – Highest Quality & Best Variety

HolistaPet is a prime example of an exemplary dog treat company. From their organic, beneficial, diverse ingredients to their stellar customer policies and reviews, HolistaPet knocks it out of the park with everything they do.

Let’s take a look at their premium dog treats.

Stress & Anxiety

An anxious dog can make for an unhappy household. Seeing our furry friends stress out or become aggressive is hard to watch and even harder to remedy. But thanks to HolistaPet’s Stress & Anxiety Relief treats, you can help your dog relax anytime, anywhere.

Flavored with real, organic green apples and smooth peanut butter, these biscuits are mouth-watering tasty! On top of those yummy ingredients, HolistaPet’s Stress & Anxiety Relief treats contain naturally soothing chamomile, L-theanine, and CBD.

Just how CBD is included for immune support in the Heart & Immune Care treats, it’s added to this formula as an ultra-calming ingredient that can help reduce stress. When you give your dog a moderate amount of CBD, it can help decrease stress-related behaviors like destructive chewing, barking, and aggression.

Heart & Immune Care

HolistaPet’s Heart & Immune Care treats are like an organic, sweet potato and blueberry-flavored dream. They’re packed with heart-healthy ingredients like blueberries, flaxseed, and hemp seed powder. These superfoods contain antioxidants, fatty acids, and protein that benefit ALL dogs, from puppies to seniors.

Plus, these treats include one unusually advantageous ingredient: CBD (cannabidiol). For those who don’t know, CBD is a highly beneficial compound that comes from hemp.

We’ll go more in-depth about CBD later, but we’ll touch on it quickly here because it plays such an outstanding role in HolistaPet’s treats. CBD is extensively researched for its range of potential health benefits — immune support being one of them.

Though CBD hasn’t yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical use, it’s 100% legal. While scientists make great strides in understanding CBD’s benefits, they can’t technically say it’s a “medication” or “supplement” just yet. However, research shows that CBD can support pets’ immunity.

One more note on CBD: although it comes from hemp, it’s non-psychoactive. This means it won’t make your dog high. If you’d like to jump straight into the discussion on CBD for dogs, feel free to head to the end of this article and look for the subheadings “What Is CBD?” and “How Can CBD Benefit Dogs?”

Joint & Mobility

Like humans, dogs experience joint issues such as arthritis, inflammation, injuries, and stiffness. Watching your once lively dog struggle to run, play, or stand is heartbreaking. That’s when HolistaPet’s pumpkin spice and cinnamon-flavored Joint & Mobility Care treats come to the rescue!

These mighty treats contain turmeric, Boswelia, hemp seed powder, and CBD. Turmeric and Boswelia are two of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory compounds around. These ingredients work together to combat swelling and tenderness in your pup’s joints.

With some CBD to take the pain away, your dog will be back on its paws in no time. All four ingredients are linked to successful anti-inflammatory and/or pain-relieving applications.

Calming Soft Chews

We LOVE that HolistaPet considers ALL dogs when creating their products. By offering soft chews, they make it possible for dogs with dental issues (or picky preferences) to enjoy their delicious, beneficial treats.

HolistaPet’s Calming Soft Chews are next-level relaxing and therapeutic. In addition to real peanut butter, they include tryptophan, choline chloride, phosphatidylcholine, German chamomile, and CBD. We already know that chamomile and CBD can soothe any pup, but the other mood-balancing, brain-supporting ingredients are a major win too.

Mobility Soft Chews

HolistaPet’s Mobility Care Soft Chews JUST launched. They’re flavored with smokey pumpkin, apples, and cinnamon — a combination sure to make any dog eager to gobble down these treats.

Like their Joint & Mobility Care treats, HolistaPet’s Mobility Soft Chews contain anti-inflammatory ingredients like Boswellia, turmeric, hemp seed powder, and CBD. They work similarly to the dry treats by decreasing painful joint swelling. These chews are just the thing to get your pup up and moving again!

Ingredient Quality

We already know HolistaPet’s treats are 100% organic, but did you know that the brand’s entire line is also 100% vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural, and non-GMO? Everything in their treats is clean and beneficial for dogs.

Minimal ingredients are a HUGE plus, and all of HolistaPet’s treats keep the ingredients list short and sweet. Fewer ingredients speak to the quality and function of those components. HolistaPet uses natural, nutrient-rich, soothing foods to make their treats appealing and nutritious to dogs.


We already mentioned each one of HolistaPet’s tasty treat varieties. But we also admire how they offer various CBD dosages for each of their treats. Did you know the more dogs weigh, the more CBD they need in order to benefit from it?

HolistaPet makes choosing correctly dosed CBD treats super easy. Each treat variety is available in three dosages: 5mg (for dogs under 20lbs), 10mg (for dogs 20 to 60lbs), and 20mg (for dogs over 60lbs). It couldn’t be any easier to find what your dog needs on their site.

Brand Reputation

HolistaPet’s reputation is SPARKLING.  You can verify that by checking their Trustpilot review page. With a 4.6 star overall rating and several pages of raving reviews, it’s evident their customers are thrilled with their purchases.

One customer recently left a heartwarming review about how the Joint & Mobility Care treats helped their 13-year-old arthritic dog:

“I swear after the second dose, he was a new dog! He’s following me around all day, trotting around the backyard with his brother, attempting the stairs again, he’s back to his old self! The change in his personality and behavior has been amazing! He’s doing so much better, so much more comfortable, and we attribute that fully to his daily CBD treat.”

Those are the stories we went looking for, and HolistaPet’s reviews are filled with them. If you want a good happy cry, read their reviews. They’re filled with tales of once immobile, anxious, aggressive, and otherwise ill dogs experiencing relief from HolistaPet’s products.

Deals & Incentives

When you enter HolistaPet’s website, they offer you 15% off your first purchase. Plus, they have a rewards program that lets you earn points for purchases, friend referrals, and even your dog’s birthday! How cute is that?

HolistaPet also seems to offer frequent deals and discounts through their email newsletter. One reviewer commented that the emails contain great deals! They offer bundle-and-save options, subscribe-and-save options, and random customer appreciation sales!

Shopping Experience

HolistaPet’s website is AWESOME. Not only do they explain each treat and product in detail, but they also feature a credible blog on all things pets. They research and write about everything you need to know in the pet world, from CBD to topics like “Is Dog Sneezing Normal?”

HolistaPet also offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you or your dog dislikes the products, they’ll refund you right away. They also ship ALL orders for FREE — you don’t have to spend a certain amount to earn that feature.

Check out HolistaPet’s Premium Dog Treats here.

2. Pet Hemp Company – Close Runner Up

Pet Hemp Company is a relatively new brand, but they’re already beloved. They’ve been featured in numerous publications for their outstanding product performance. For us, it was a no-brainer to look into Pet Hemp Company.

As soon as we investigated further, they became #2 on our list right after HolistaPet. Pet Hemp Company focuses on pet wellness through creating all-natural, organic treats for dogs and cats. They also include CBD in their products, one of our favorite treat ingredients.

Let’s dive in and explore what makes their variety of dog treats such a wonderful buy.

Ingredient Quality

Pet Hemp Company uses minimal, high-quality, organic ingredients to create dog-approved treats. They use the flavors of real ingredients like apples, peanut butter, and pumpkin to entice dogs into munching on their ultra-beneficial treats.

Part of what makes Pet Hemp Company’s treats so incredible is the addition of varying amounts of CBD. As we learned from HolistaPet’s treats, CBD can be exceedingly beneficial in relieving a wide range of ailments, from anxiety and aggression to joint discomfort and pain.


Pet Hemp Company knows the value of variety! They offer three different supportive, preventative dog treats: PROTECT: Immunity Support, REPAIR: Joint Support, and RELAX: Stress Relief – both dry and soft chew varieties. The unique flavors sound AMAZING!

Like HolistaPet, Pet Hemp Company offers various CBD dosage options for their treats. There are lower-milligram treats for small dogs and high-dose treats for large dogs.

Brand Reputation

Pet Hemp Company has a fantastic reputation surrounding their natural dog treats and overall customer experience. Their reviews are flooded with 5-star ratings and passionate comments about their products’ performance. Without a doubt, these treats work to alleviate anxiety, poor mobility, and appetite concerns!

Deals & Incentives

Pet Hemp Company is all about giving back to their customers. They offer a first-time customer discount and send frequent emails containing special deals and discounts. They even celebrate major pet holidays by hosting sales and offering tips on how to celebrate at home!

Pet Hemp Company also offers a ton of awesome bundle-and-save options. You can combine various treats to give your dog overall prevention and care, or you can combine treats with CBD oils. Regardless of what you choose to bundle, you’ll earn an extra 10% off at checkout.

Shopping Experience

If you’re drawn to modern, clean web pages, you’ll LOVE Pet Hemp Company’s website. It’s super simple, easy to navigate, and features an abundance of helpful information on CBD and pet care.

On their site, you’ll see that Pet Hemp Company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. From their reviews, it doesn’t seem like many people have had to use that option. People love their products and the company behind them, too.

3. Diamond CBD – Best Value

Diamond CBD is a unique and diverse brand that offers high-quality CBD products for pets AND humans! While we love the variety of treats from HolistaPet and Pet Hemp Company, Diamond CBD has them both beat in that department with 17 different flavors of CBD-infused dog treats.

Ingredient Quality

While our top two brands are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and natural, Diamond CBD takes a different approach. They use a wide variety of meats in their treats to create unique, dog-approved flavors. Many dogs LOVE meat, and it is a healthy part of a nutritious canine diet.

Diamond CBD makes one meat-free treat variety (P-Nuttier peanut butter flavor), but it does contain eggs (which are beneficial and healthy for dogs!). The ingredient lists are a bit longer than we generally like, but most of them are beneficial in some way or another.


If you’ve got a picky dog who needs a treat with CBD for any reason, definitely check out Diamond CBD. As mentioned, the brand features 17 different flavor varieties of CBD dog treats, ranging from Bacon & Cheese to Meatball Morsels and Lamb & Salmon. Consider your picky eater defeated!.

However, only three of their 17 flavor options are currently available. We attribute this to their widespread popularity putting them in high demand, which bodes well for the brand but makes it difficult to obtain their products. The three varieties currently in stock are:

  • MediPets CBD Dog Treats – Meaty Steak Treats – 100mg
  • MediPets CBD Dog Treats – Kabobs – 100mg
  • MediPets CBD Dog Treats – Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites – 100mg

Brand Reputation

Dog owners LOVE Diamond CBD, which is abundantly clear from their 4.8-star rating. People most commonly report that the treats help calm their dogs, improve their mobility, and aid in restoring their energy. It’s obvious that their beneficial treats genuinely work!

Deals & Incentives

Diamond CBD offers tons of fantastic deals and incentives, including a subscribe-and-save option! When you opt into this package, your pet’s CBD will be delivered regularly AND you’ll save money in the process. Plus, they offer free two-day shipping when you spend $100 or more.

True, this rate can’t beat free shipping, but Diamond CBD’s treats are the best value on our list. For just $19.99, you can offer your pup some CBD-infused dog treats. Try a few flavors to see what your pup likes best, then subscribe and save on their favs!

Shopping Experience

Diamond CBD’s website is filled with insightful information on CBD for dogs and cats. Plus, each product page has detailed information about it, including complete ingredient lists. With Diamond CBD, there are no secrets about what you’re buying for your dog.

Diamond CBD accepts returns and issues refunds if A) the product arrived damaged or B) it’s unopened, in the same condition, and within 30 days.

4. JoyPets CBD Dog Treats – Editor’s Choice

JoyPets CBD is a niche brand of unique CBD-infused dog and cat products. As the name indicates, they focus on bringing joy to pets through the therapeutic wonders of CBD! JoyPets features diverse dog treat options that all pups, young and old, are sure to love and benefit from.

Ingredient Quality

JoyPets’ dog treats also contain various meats — some are beneficial, and some are by-products. The nutritional value and safety of animal by-products for pets are long-debated topics, but that doesn’t mean Joypets’ treats aren’t beneficial for dogs!

One thing we LOVE about JoyPets is that their CBD-infused dog treats are lab-tested, and you can see the results on their website. These tests detail the exact amount of CBD in each jar/per treat so you can be sure how much CBD you’re giving your dog. No excessive drowsiness for your pups!


JoyPets carries seven different treat flavors and textures. There are beef sausages in a blanket, marrow bones, and chewy chicken treats, to name a few! All treat jars have a total of 100mg CBD, meaning smaller dogs would likely only need one treat, but larger dogs would need a couple.

Brand Reputation

The few reviews on JoyPets CBD dog treats are praiseful and appreciative, with one customer saying they’ve noticed a HUGE difference in their pup’s energy level. JoyPets is certainly building an esteemed reputation as a CBD brand popular for its effective products.

Deals & Incentives

It’s hard to tell if JoyPets offers frequent discounts or incentive deals, but their treats are fairly priced as it is. All of their dog treat varieties are $20 per jar, which feels worth it for the uniquely enticing flavors and lab-tested CBD.

Shopping Experience

You can find JoyPets on a Gift From Nature’s website. We love their site because they offer TONS of products and fabulous deals to boot! You can easily find the items you’re looking for and shop according to your budget (say hello to affordable CBD!).

Plus, you’ll find detailed information on the ingredients, amount of CBD, usage recommendations, and reviews on each treat’s product page. We love that they provide all the information you need to make an informed purchase — this is so important in the CBD market!

What Ingredients Make Up the Best Dog Treats?

If you’ve gleaned anything from this article, we hope it’s that ingredients are crucial to a dog treat’s quality and efficacy. Sure, fragrant, tasty treats work well for training. But how do they benefit your dog’s overall health and happiness?

Natural vs. Artificial Ingredients

Natural ingredients are the best ingredients. Some dogs are sensitive to artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives, and some are even allergic! If your dog has consumed artificial ingredients before without a poor reaction, they should be alright to continue eating them.

But, it’s best to avoid artificial ingredients whenever possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option! We all want the best for our pups, but all-natural foods are typically more expensive than artificial ones. Not everyone can afford fancy, all-natural treats.

We urge you to do your best with what you have. If you’re here, it means you’re actively searching out the best treats for your dog, which shows how much you care. If treats with a few artificial ingredients are what’s within your budget, then that’s what you should purchase!

Organic vs. Non-Organic Ingredients

Organic versus non-organic ingredients is a similar discussion to the natural versus artificial topic. Organic ingredients are grown without harmful pesticides, hormones, and fertilizers. Non-organic ingredients may contain traces of those harmful synthetics.

It’s better to buy organic when you can, but if it’s not within your budget,  non-organic ingredients won’t be the end of the world for your dog.


Dog treats made with superfoods turn them from desserts or training tools into ultra-beneficial, health-conscious snacks. HolistaPet and Pet Hemp Company include multiple superfoods in their dog treats, including hemp seed powder, blueberries, flaxseed, brown rice flour, and more.

Superfoods contain an abundance of nutrients that support your dog’s body. You’ll find that the natural ingredients in HolistaPet and Pet Hemp Company’s treats are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that boost canine health.

Added Supplements

Some of the other ingredients in our favorite dog treats, like chamomile and tryptophan, act as natural supplements. These ingredients can calm your furry friend’s nervous systems, decrease inflammation, improve mood, aid digestion, and do more to help relieve ailments.

Beneficial Ingredients

Through our research, we discovered that CBD is a remarkable ingredient in dog treats. CBD is super beneficial for dogs and other mammals. It naturally interacts with their bodies to promote homeostasis — the body’s natural, internal balance.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in hemp that’s extensively researched for its benefits for humans and animals. CBD doesn’t get dogs “high.” Instead, it helps to balance the mind and body.

How Does CBD Benefit Dogs?

CBD interacts with a dogs’ endocannabinoid system (ECS) — a regulatory signaling system that helps the body run smoothly. Dogs naturally produce endocannabinoids that alert the ECS when something needs attention. For example, the ECS helps regulate inflammatory responses and digestive processes.

The ECS also plays a role in many other crucial functions, such as pain responses, immunity, appetite, mood, sleep, memory, and many more. When you give your dog CBD, it supplements their natural endocannabinoids and can help the ECS function better.

By improving ECS functionality, CBD helps your dog’s body maintain balance in multiple systems. This can result in reduced hyperactivity, less swelling, improved digestion, and so many more wonderful things.

Conclusion – Buying The Best Dog Treat

Whew – if you made it this far, we commend you. That was a very deep dive into the BEST dog treats available. We hope it gave you some perspective on the finest ingredients for overall canine wellness! Treats can be so much than a training tool or a dessert — they can also benefit your dog in numerous ways. Be sure to check these brands out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Best Dog Treats: Top Quality Dog Treats Available