Best Essay Writing Services Online: Research Papers, Term Papers & Dissertations

There are many essay writing companies out there, so it’s crucial to know what to look for when deciding between different services. This essay writing service buying guide explains some of the most important features these companies offer.

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Imagine paying someone a nominal fee to produce that high-quality essay you’re rushing to finish before the deadline. You can then use that essay as a model to help you write your own unique essay in record time! 

That’s exactly why the best paper writing services exist and we did the research to bring you the top 6 essay providers that can make it all happen.

Depending on your school level, teacher’s grading policy, and country of residence, one service might work better for you than another. We determined the top essay writing services based on factors including turnaround time and customer care. Here they are.

6 Best Paper Writing Services Reviewed

First look:

  1. Best paper writing service overall – 99papers
  2. Best for college papers – GradeMiners
  3. Best for UK students – Essay Factory
  4. Best for customer support – EssayCompany
  5. Best for quick turnaround – EssayBox
  6. Best for German paper writing – GhostWriterGesucht24

1. 99papers – Best Paper Writing Service Overall

99papers wins our top pick for the best paper writing service overall in the United States due to its quality writers, convenient customer service, and fair pricing. Their prices start at $9.95 for a page, making them one of the most inexpensive services around.

This company writes papers for all academic levels. Like most other writing services, 99papers works with freelance writers who have verified academic credentials. Depending on your preference, you can request a native English-speaking writer for a higher price or stick with an ESL essay writer for the maximum discount.

Either way, every writer has their language and writing experience tested, and there are writers available for all subject areas. 99papers scans all documents for possible plagiarism and overall quality. The generous revision policy allows for unlimited revisions within 10 days of order fulfillment. Services include research papers, book reports, and dissertations.

This website also stands out for its commitment to communication between customers, writers, and customer support. Not only is customer service available 24/7, but clients and writers can message each other anonymously.

2. GradeMiners – Best for College Papers

Over 56,000 students use GradeMiners, making it one of the most popular writing services. One page starts at just under $15, but first-time clients receive a 15 percent discount

This service is best for college paper writing because its writers have legitimate academic credentials and top-notch English language skills. If you like, you can even pay extra to hire experts with specific experience in your assignment’s topic. 

No matter what type of college paper you need, GradeMiners’ comprehensive order form has an option right for you. This website helps you save time, from annotated bibliographies to articles. It’s a simple process to get a quality paper with its convenient services. 

If you aren’t satisfied with the article you receive, GradeMiners offers 14 days of unlimited revisions as well as a money-back policy. Combined with its reliable 24/7 customer support team, you can rest assured that your article will be of the highest quality.

3. Essay Factory – Best for UK Students

Although the differences between US and UK English may seem subtle at first glance, this issue can make or break a grade. It’s crucial for students in the UK to hire an essay writing service that’s qualified to write in UK English specifically. 

Essay Factory is the top essay writing service for UK A1/A2 and university students because of a large number of expert UK writers onboard. With prices starting at only £11.50 per page, this website makes it easy to buy high-quality papers.

The authors at Essay Factory have experience producing academic papers in multiple styles, including MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard. Authors are carefully verified to ensure their writing skills and experience are up to par, and with deadlines as short as a few hours, you can receive an article the same day you order it.

For first-time buyers, there are cheaper options out there. However, since Essay Factory offers discounts and a reward program for repeat customers, it’s a good option for those who want to order more essays over time.

4. EssayCompany – Best for Customer Support

EssayCompany is another writing website that boasts excellent customer service and great communication. Although their prices start at $12 per page, what makes it stand out from other sites is its upgradable services

This website allows you to upgrade for a native English-speaking author, a VIP customer support team, and multiple versions of assignments. Even if you don’t upgrade to a top author, every EssayCompany writer undergoes grammar and academic verification to ensure English language proficiency and experience.

Is customer support your primary concern when it comes to an essay writing website? Basic customer support is available 24/7 to address customers’ inquiries and facilitate author-client communication. Customers who upgrade to the VIP support service at EssayCompany receive prioritized support from a dedicated team of quality control customer support agents.

5. EssayBox – Best for Quick Turnaround

Are you looking for a last-minute paper writing service that can deliver results in just a few hours? EssayBox offers deadlines as short as three hours, making them a good option for college students who need an article on a whim.

With prices starting at $12 per page, this website is an affordable, convenient choice for any student looking for writing help with their papers. Like most writing services, you can choose between hiring a native English speaker or an ESL essay writer whose language skills were tested and verified.

During the writing process, you can directly message your author to give detailed instructions on your subject area or ask how your order is coming along. If you’re not satisfied with the delivered order’s quality, EssayBox offers free unlimited revisions within 10 days of delivery. In addition, if your order is delivered late, you can receive a partial refund.

The EssayBox website even has a rewards system for earning redeemable points on repeated orders.

6. GhostWriterGesucht24 – Best for German Paper Writing

This German essay writing service works with high-level German essay writers to create polished essays and term papers for university students.

Compared to the US and UK paper writing services we’ve reviewed, GhostWriterGesucht24 has some important differences to note. For example, this website’s minimum deadline is 5 days, so you’ll need to order in advance to receive an assignment on time. 

In addition, this service is more expensive than the English companies on this list, starting at €34.54 per page. However, to make up for this, GhostWriterGesucht24 offers a range of convenient features.

Included in the cost is one free revision within 14 days, a 15 discount when you sign up for the loyalty program, a money-back guarantee, and direct communication with your author.

Top Essay Writing Services Guide

There are many essay writing companies out there, so it’s crucial to know what to look for when deciding between different services. This essay writing service buying guide explains some of the most important features these companies offer:


Of course, for most students, the cost is the first consideration. In general, most college paper writing services start at about $12 per page but note that this is for high school level writing and a lengthier period before the deadline.

Depending on the number of pages, complexity, deadline, and other circumstances of your assignment, expect to pay upwards of $100 for most standard college papers. If you provide an extended deadline and hire an ESL writer rather than a native speaker, you can reduce costs significantly. Some companies offer repeat-client discounts, too.

Of course, just because one service costs more than another doesn’t mean that its writing is of a higher quality. Be sure to take a look at the website’s writing samples and reviews before making a decision.

Writing Quality

Writing quality is another essential factor in choosing an essay writing service. Besides choosing between a native English speaker and an ESL writer, many websites allow you to specify a quality tier. Depending on your class, teacher, and desired grade, it might be worth paying extra for a top writer. 

Make sure the service you choose thoroughly verifies all their essay writers. Even ESL writers can produce high-quality work if they’re proficient in English. Either way, since spelling and grammar are part of any teacher’s grading rubric, hiring a high-quality author is often well worth the money.

Deadlines and Turnaround Time

Many essay service companies have turnaround times as short as three hours, although you’ll have to pay a premium for such a short deadline. Order your essay as far in advance as possible for the best price and quality, as an essay written very quickly might not be thoroughly polished or proofread properly.

Also, many essay companies have a maximum deadline. If you want to buy an overly long or complicated paper, look for a website with a maximum deadline of a month or more to ensure you receive the best quality possible.

Client Service and Communication

No matter how proficient the author is, you must have a way to contact the website if the delivered article doesn’t follow your requirements. Reputable essay writing services will make it easy to contact them, with many companies available for customer support 24/7. 

Essay Writing Services FAQs

Here are some of the top questions asked by people worldwide about the best essay writing services.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Yes! It’s completely legal to pay a writer to create an article for you. However, it’s important to note that essay writing service companies usually include a disclaimer that their articles are intended for use for research purposes or model answers. They should not be turned in directly as your own work or you risk suspension.

Can I Turn in the Article I Receive?

Even though it’s not illegal to buy a piece of writing, it’s almost always against school policy to turn that writing in as your own. Anyone caught turning in a paper they didn’t write could face serious consequences from their professor or boss. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

Do Essay Writing Services Plagiarize?

Every reputable essay writing service will offer a plagiarism checking service, whether it’s free or paid. In either case, there are many free plagiarism checkers that you can use yourself to make sure the essay you buy is 100 percent original.

How Far in Advance Do I Need To Order?

If you have time, it’s usually better to order at least one week in advance. This allows you enough time to discuss your requirements with your author and for adequate editing and proofreading to take place. However, if you need something right away, most writing companies have deadlines as short as a day, although the price will increase significantly.

Will My Essay Be Written by a Native English Speaker?

Unless it’s specifically advertised, it’s safe to assume that your essay will be written by an ESL (English as a second language) writer. You can usually pay a higher price to ensure a native English speaker will write your assignment.

Regardless, good companies will test their authors’ language abilities, so even if you hire an ESL writer, you should still get a top-notch essay.

Best Paper Writing Services in Conclusion

When it comes to the best essay writing services, it’s crucial to evaluate each website for pricing, writing quality, customer service, and turnaround time.

We thoroughly researched multiple companies using these metrics and discovered that, overall, 99Papers is the best essay writing service. 

Thanks to its low prices, broad base of high-quality authors, and lenient revision policy, 99Papers is my top pick for assignment writing services. Whether you’re a student writing high-school-level book reports or PhD-level research papers, 99Papers can help you save time and stress.

Best Essay Writing Services Online: Research Papers, Term Papers & Dissertations