The Best Office Chairs for Back Pain in 2021

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Like many of us, we work long hours seated at a desk on a daily basis. Remaining in the same seated position for many long hours can lead to serious, prolonged back pain. 

Many of these reasons can relate back to what kind of office chair you are seated in for long hours and days at a time. Back pain can be caused by uncomfortable seating and is often hard to treat. Investing in the right chair that suits your needs may help reduce the discomfort you experience in your back and prevent it from aggravating over time. 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing the perfect and comfortable office chair for you. In the article below, we have gathered and reviewed a variety of the best office chairs for back pain.

How to Choose an Office Chair For Back Pain?

In this section, we shall discuss a few factors you need to take into account when choosing an office chair to remedy your back pain woes. Make sure you go through each of these carefully to help you make an informed choice regarding the kind of office chair you should opt for to suit your needs. 


This seems like the most obvious consideration when it comes to choosing an office chair for back pain, but it’s worth mentioning all the same. Take a good look at the design of the chair under consideration and read through its description provided by the brand. Does the backrest feature durable materials that offer support? Is it designed well enough to accommodate the shape of your spine?

By design, we don’t necessarily mean you should opt for the best-looking chair you find, as these are often the most uncomfortable for prolonged usage. Instead, opt for a chair that’s designed in a way that allows it to mold into the shape of your back. Such chairs offer you the most comfortable and are likely to reduce your back pain or pressure. 

The chairs we have featured in our review section all feature functional, practical designs that cater to the needs of several users – not just those who already face back problems. In other words, these chairs can help prevent chronic back pain among users, not just reduce it. 


Some ergonomic chairs are available for $100-$200 while others are available for $1700-$2000. This wide disparity in pricing can be alarming if you don’t know the reason behind why some chairs are priced ten times more than their cheaper counterparts. 

The most expensive ergonomic chairs are those that feature the most sophisticated designs and the highest-quality materials. These chairs are often those that have the best backrests and headrests. They often feature customization options and a host of adjustments for height, armrest, backrest, and headrest. 

Costly office chairs usually come with a warranty of a decade or more as well. Most kinds of repair and replacements jobs are covered under this warranty, which may help justify the hefty price tags. However, you don’t need to break the bank to have a good-quality office chair that helps reduce back pain. 

Some of the more reasonably priced chairs – including those we have featured above – too can be very comfortable and last for years together even though they don’t have any customization or adjustment options. 


Suppose you are someone who feels hot or cold easily and feels more comfortable when seated against certain kinds of materials than others. In that case, this factor should be a serious consideration for you. The most breathable, cool chairs we have reviewed feature mesh in their backrests that allow for healthy air circulation. 

This allows users to stay cool while being seated in their chairs for hours together every day – even in hot or humid weather conditions. If, however, you require a sturdier backrest, opt for backrests made out of solid plastic, as these are better for healing back pain indefinitely. 

Some chairs even feature backrests that are made using both plastic and mesh, but these are often priced higher than those featuring simpler backrests. 


Not everyone working in an office sits working on their laptop all day long. Some may find the need to take phone calls and work on their tablets now and again as well. Staying seated in the same position for hours together often does not facilitate change inactivity, so you may need to look for a chair that does. 

Office chairs that allow you to adjust their height, armrests, and headrests are more comfortable than others in terms of constantly switching between different activities throughout the day.

1. Best Overall Office Chair For Back Pain: Steelcase Gesture Chair 

Best Overall & Top-Rated Ergonomics
Steelcase Gesture Chair
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • All-Day Comfort and Back Support
  • Quality and Durability
  • Ships Fully Assembled
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The main features of this chair are:

  • It is made using a 3D Live back that accommodates the shape of your spine 
  • The arms offer 360-degree support that facilitates a range of movements 
  • There are great customization options for upholstery and frame color 
  • The product comes with a 12-year warranty 
  • The wheels are designed for use on a carpeted floor
  • The seat depth is adjustable 

About the Brand 

Steelcase has been working in the furniture and architecture business for years to create some of the best products available today. Their furniture is designed in a way that maximizes comfort and healing for a host of users. This brand is known for using sustainable and environment-friendly practices to create truly innovative products. 

Steelcase was founded over a hundred years ago and was first known as Metal Office Furniture Company. They first created metal waste paper baskets for office use then branched into producing furniture for workspaces.

Their idea to use steel instead of wicker caught on quickly with other furniture brands, and so they can be considered pioneers in their field.

The brand follows what they refer to as its seven core values that include a commitment to protect the environment and treating employees and customers with respect. These values have helped steer Steelcase in the right direction and kept them on track for decades to become one of the leading brands in the industry. 

The sheer name of loyal customers and positive reviews Steelcase has garnered over the years is testimony to its dedication to providing users with great quality products. 

Let us now discuss some specifics of this office chair.


This chair is available in several colors and configurations. Therefore, there’s a chair to suit a variety of users with different needs and preferences. The colors offered here are not limited to the upholstery alone – you can choose a color for the frame as well. While the upholstery is available in 12 colors, the frame is available in 4. 

In allowing you to choose the colors of the frame and the upholstery, the brand allows you to have a few customization options that you will not get with most other office chairs available today.

It is easy to match your office furniture with this chair with so many choices at your disposal. You could even opt to customize your chair to fit your needs with the ‘customize’ option available on the brand’s official website.

One of the features we liked best about this chair is that it allows you to stay comfortable while using a range of devices, not just your laptop or personal computer. For instance, if you want to lean forward and use your smartphone or tablet, it provides adequate support for your back as well.

The arms on the Steelcase chair are built in a way that supports every movement of yours, regardless of what position you wish to sit in. Because the arms can rotate all the way around, users find this chair comfortable enough to support a host of positions, especially when typing on a keyboard. We found that you can sit in a position for hours together and not feel even a slight of discomfort.

If you are wondering how this chair could support so many postures, the answer is threefold. Nearly every component of this chair, namely the back, arms, and seat, is specifically designed to offer users maximum comfort. 

Once you seat yourself in this chair, you will notice that the 3D Live back effectively molds itself to imitate the natural shape of your spine. 

Therefore, it offers excellent support to users who regularly experience pain in their back while staying seated for prolonged periods. The recline on this chair, too, is truly impressive, offering you the chance to feel relaxed even while you are sitting upright.

One feature of this chair that stood out is the headrest. Not all manufacturers pay as much attention to the design of their headrest as Steelcase does. The size of your neck and the shape of your head is taken into account too with this chair which is how it offers your neck great support.


  • It offers excellent support for your back with 3D LiveBack
  • The headrest is very comfortable considering it takes user head and neck shape/size into account 
  • It has a wide range of color and design options
  • It comes fully assembled, which saves you the trouble of assembling it
  • The 12-year warranty it comes with covers most kinds of damage and returns 
  • It’s made using only the highest quality durable fiber 
  • It features a recline lock option for 4 different positions 


  • It’s one of the costliest ergonomic chairs we have come across
  • The seat sometimes seems to be inclined the wrong way, making it a tad uncomfortable and in need of adjustment 

User Reviews 

Most user reviews we came across during our research on the brand highlight how well the chair offers back support. The superior technology used to create the back of the chair is not lost on users, many of whom suffer from chronic back pain and have been on the lookout for an office chair to remedy that. 

Not only did users praise this chair’s superior comfort, but they were quite vocal about their support for the many color customization options as well. It’s always nice to have a comfortable chair, but a chair that matches the rest of your office décor is a bonus for sure. 

While not many users were keen on the price tag, they admitted that the chair’s main features greatly justified the cost. Besides, the warranty covers a host of repairs you might need over the years and even covers replacement under certain conditions. Therefore, the price of the chair is a small con in the sea of pros this chair offers users. 

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2. Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain: Nouhaus Ergonomic Chair 

Best for Lower Back Pain
NOUHAUS Ergo3D Office Chair
  • Conforms To Your Life
  • Soft HD Office Chair
  • Heavy Duty
  • Super-Lounge Recline
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The main features of this chair are:

  • It has 3D lumbar support that offers comfort to those with chronic back pain.
  • It’s essentially a swivel chair. 
  • The blade castors available with the chair are perfect for use on hardwood flooring. 
  • The headrest is made of mesh and is adjustable.
  • The elastic mesh allows for airflow and prevents users from feeling too hot while seated on it. 
  • It comes with a 3-year base warranty that can be extended.

About the Brand 

Nouhaus is one of the most trusted brands in the industry and comes recommended by a host of loyal customers. This brand not only centers their efforts on office furniture, but they also make furniture to support a host of activities, settings, and lifestyles. They aim to provide maximum comfort while being affordable, and we must say they deliver on this perfectly. 

Their designs are often simple and practical, yet very elegant. Functionality has never interfered with style when it comes to this brand, and this reflects on all their creations. The distinctive features of their products will allow you to recognize a Nouhaus product whenever you see one, which is a testament to the brand’s unique designs. 

This company regularly works with the best architects and designers in the field to create the most well-designed chairs in the market today. They also work with posturologist and engineers to ensure the furniture they create is constructed well enough to be durable.

The materials used in their products are of the highest quality and are sure to stay in good condition for years together. All their manufacturing processes take place in-house, which means the brand exercises complete control over their operations. In exercising control, they ensure that customers receive only the best quality products that don’t get tampered with in any way before they reach them.

Not only this, but the distribution is also closely controlled by Nouhaus so they can let their products remain as affordable as possible. They monitor every step of the distribution process both for their retail outlets and online.

Therefore, you can rest assured that the brand is heavily involved every step of the way in providing you with the best quality products at reasonable delivery times.

Their mission of looking beyond the functionality of different furniture pieces to focus on design and affordability is what helps them stand out among some of the best brands we have come across during our weeks of research. Their idea of creating furniture that features simple but sophisticated designs has guided them towards achieving resounding success over their years of operations. 


Now that you have a fair idea of what Nouhaus does and its reputation in the industry let’s take you through the features of this ergonomic chair. 

The back of the chair tools to about 135 degrees – which is impressive considering most ergonomic chairs cannot achieve the same. This chair is available in 4 colors: black coffee, silver grey, brilliant blue, and dark burgundy. 

The best feature of this chair is that it doesn’t offer 3D support; it provides 4D support. The 4D support is about the arms of the chair that can swivel and glide in a variety of ways to support a range of movements. You can push the arms backward, forward, down, up, or even have them move from right to left if you wish to adjust them for maximum comfort. 

Once you shift positions, the chair’s back support is intuitive enough to adjust itself accordingly to support your movements and make you feel as comfortable as possible. In doing so, it helps reduce chronic back pain and subtly corrects your posture over time. However, just because it corrects your posture, do not assume the chair is too stiff or straight to help you relax – it’s not. 

The support accommodates the shape of your back as naturally as possible to ensure you can remain seated in the chair for hours together without experiencing any obvious signs of discomfort. The design helps reduce back pain and reduces compression by reducing the amount of pressure on your back.

Even the headrest is adjustable, which allows you to place your neck on it properly and rest your head in a way that does not interfere with the alignment of your spine. Many chairs that offer great back support often ignore neck placement, but that’s not the case with the Nouhaus Ergonomic 3D Chair.

While all these are great features, they’re not difficult to find in an ergonomic chair. Most ergonomic office chairs in the market offer you the same amount of comfort that this one does, sometimes even at a lower price. However, what made this product stand out for us is the ElastoMesh used in it. 

The mesh is used to make the back and headrest of the chair and allows for great airflow. Therefore, if you are worried about getting too hot in your chair and sweating excessively when you are working, you can dispel these fears with the use of this chair. The idea of using a mesh on the chair is not a novel one, yet most ergonomic chairs we could find don’t seem to use it. 

Therefore, we would say this Nouhaus chair scores points for that. 


  • The recline offered is ideal for those suffering from chronic back pain or those who experience discomfort in their back while sitting. 
  • The headrest is adjustable and supports your neck perfectly 
  • The elastic mesh used throughout helps you stay cool and prevents sweating 
  • The arms are adjustable and make seating in a host of positions comfortable 
  • The gas lift is heavy duty and is easy to use 
  • It’s available in no less than 4 attractive colors 
  • The 3-year warranty is extendable, giving users more flexible repair and replacement options should they face trouble with the chair 


  • The armrest lock needs improvement as it doesn’t work properly in every position. 
  • The wheels could be better quality 

User Reviews 

The dozens of user reviews we scoured online seemed to agree that this chair is one of the most comfortable pieces of office furniture they own. This is due in part to the great back support and adjustable arms that accompany this chair. However, an overwhelming number of users seemed pleased with the mesh used throughout the chair.

Those who sweat easily reported that this was their favorite for office use as they didn’t experience too much heat no matter how long they remained seated in it. Moreover, this chair is very easily affordable, which always makes it a popular choice among scores of users.

Sure, several thousand-dollar chairs are worth the money for their comfort and durability, but not everyone can afford these. This reflects in the great number of positive users’ reviews this brand has received over the years.

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3. Best Value: Hbada Office Swivel Chair 

Best Value
  • Space Saving
  • High Density Mesh Back
  • Adjustable
  • Stable and Durable
Check Latest Price Learn More

The main features of this chair are:

  • The design of the chair is simple yet attractive and practical
  • The backrest offers excellent support for the lower back 
  • The arms are adjustable 
  • The height of the chair is adjustable 
  • It’s very affordable 
  • The base is made of high-quality, durable materials 

About the Brand 

If you haven’t heard of the Hbada brand before, don’t be alarmed. Their products are not quite popular in countries like the U.S. yet, but they’re something of a household name in office furniture in Europe. Therefore, don’t assume that this brand is small or doesn’t offer great quality products just because you haven’t heard of them before. 

One of the reasons Hbada is famous and well-loved in the European market is its superior customer support services. Ask anyone who owns a Hbada product if they were able to get in touch with the brand as easily post-sale as they were before, and they’ll answer in the affirmative. 

Even though they don’t have a strong presence in the U.S. as yet, their customer support services are still top-notch and can give some of the best brands in the country a run for their money. 

After-sales services are an often-overlooked aspect of purchasing furniture, but it’s one of the most important aspects of it all the same. Therefore, you can rest assured that this brand is not only reliable but also greatly revered in several overseas countries.

However, do note that the brand offers mainly minimalistic designs that are not very popular in countries like the U.S. The office furniture is quite differently designed in Europe than in North America, so it’s no surprise that local users are often taken aback by the brand’s designs. 

This does not mean that Hbada has inferior quality, just differently styled products. The design of their products gets the job done when it comes to offering users comfortable and affordable solutions to support their lifestyles. Therefore, we’d say this brand is as reliable and trustworthy as any other brand on this list, even if it’s not quite so popular yet.


This chair has several great features that make it both functional and pleasant in terms of design. It’s quite a compact chair, it doesn’t look nearly as large and imposing as most ergonomic chairs do, and we can honestly say this works in its favor. No one likes a chair that seems to occupy the entire room – regardless of how comfortable it is.

Therefore, placing this chair in your office won’t dominate your desk or other components in it; instead, it will help them stand out. The minimalist, simple design of the chair helps it blend into a host of different office décor themes, both edgy and basic. In other words, this chair is sure to complement your workspace regardless of how you’ve done it up.

The standout feature of this chair is the ergonomic backrest and molds into the shape of your back perfectly. Those who regularly experience pain in their lower back while working are sure to enjoy how well the Hbada chair supports their activities for hours at a stretch. If you experience pain or discomfort in your spine during or after a long day at work, this might just be the chair for you. 

The feature we loved best in this chair is its arms and its ability to be flipped upwards. Therefore, you can simply flip them up and slide them under your desk to save space in your office or study. This feature contributes further to the point we made about this chair being very compact. 

Like the Nouhaus ergonomic chair, this chair features elastic mesh in the back support. The mesh is made of high-quality, dense material that offers you great airflow while being strong and durable. You won’t have to worry about this mesh fabric ripping or tearing easily because it won’t. 

The tilt tension is excellent with this chair, and the height is adjustable as well. In other words, don’t be fooled by its small size – it can accommodate a host of users with different shapes and sizes. Also, the rolling casters barely make a sound which contributes to how convenient it is to have this chair around any office or home workspace. 


  • The arms flip upwards to allow for easy storage and help save space 
  • It’s one of the most affordable ergonomic chairs in the market 
  • The height of the chair is adjustable 
  • The brand offers some impressive customer support services 
  • The design is simple and compact 
  • The mesh backrest allows for healthy airflow, thereby preventing sweating 
  • The rolling casters make little to no noise when used 


  • The chair does not have a headrest 
  • The product is often out of stock and not restocked as often as it should be

User Reviews 

Because this product is one of the cheapest ergonomic chairs available today, you are sure to find thousands of reliable user reviews online. 

Fans of the Hbada brand will have you know that not only does this company provide excellent products, but it provides great after-sales service as well – something that is sure to give them excellent customer retention. 

Users seem to love that this chair is comfortable, airy, and sports a chic minimalistic design. 

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4. Cheapest on Amazon: BestOffice 

Cheapest on Amazon
Office Chair Ergonomic
  • Built For Comfort
  • Ergonomic Design
  • BIFIMA Quality Certified
  • Easy Assemble
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The main features of this chair are:

  • The backrest is made using mesh 
  • The height of the chair is easily adjustable 
  • The locking feature helps keep the backrest upright and in a comfortable position. 
  • The chair is BIFIMA certified and is quite reliable 
  • It can accommodate users weighing up to 250 pounds 
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty for customer satisfaction 

About the Brand

The Best Office Group is currently one of the leading suppliers of office furniture and accessories across the country. This family-owned brand started in Florida and has been operating in the furniture business for nearly 4 decades. The wealth of experience this brand has allowed them to stay put in the industry even when faced with some tough competition from renowned international brands. 

This brand not only focuses on providing users with excellent quality furniture but also excellent customer support services. Reaching out to this brand for information on their activity or product-related concerns is surprisingly easy, which is why most customers tend to return to this brand over and over again. 

Best Office essentially offers users all the tools they would need to set up office space and cater to the needs of all employees – regardless of their role in any given company. In other words, this brand does not just offer users furniture; they offer users a wealth of office supplies to run their businesses successfully. 

You don’t have to be an expert to purchase furniture from them, even if the sheer number of options in their product catalog can overwhelm you. You can simply reach out to one of their furniture or office supplies consultants online, and they will provide you with all the advice you would need to make your purchase. You will need to open an account online on their official website to have access to their consultants.

If you are not happy with the product you’ve received, you could always reach out to them and explain what went wrong. They’re sure to lend you a listening year and do their best to make amends for your dissatisfaction. This is mainly why this brand has managed to stay on top for so many years, and if they continue to operate in this fashion, it seems more than likely that they will continue to do so.


Now that we have discussed the brand, let’s discuss the product. This ergonomic chair is available in 8 different colors: white, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, red, and white. While all the colors are vivid and attractive, black, grey, and white are undoubtedly best suited for office use.

The back of this chair is made using durable mesh material that permits air to flow through constantly and helps you stay cool. If you are one of those people that simply cannot sit in a chair for hours without feeling hot and sweaty, you may want to give this chair a shot.

While most people think that mesh chairs are too basic and don’t last very long, we would have to disagree. Just because such chairs don’t feature backrests made out of more luxurious materials doesn’t mean they’re not durable or don’t offer adequate support to users. 

This chair is not the most luxurious or sophisticated chair we have featured in this list, but it certainly gets the job done as well as you could reasonably expect for the price. Even though this chair does not have a headrest, we found that it’s comfortable for a host of users with different heights as the height of the chair is adjustable. 

You can adjust the height and lock in position whenever you need to, thereby allowing you to switch positions as much as you want during the day and adjusting your chair accordingly. The design the BestOffice chair may be simple, and at first glance, it may appear to be like the most basic, textbook example of an office chair. However, once you discover the many great features it offers, you will quickly disregard these concerns. 

We found that this chair may not be the best option for those suffering from severe chronic lower back pain because it does not offer any support and all towards the bottom. 

However, it’s well-suited to those suffering from upper back pain and those who need to have their posture corrected. You will find that the absence of a headrest does not prevent this chair from allowing you to align your spine perfectly to reduce pressure and pain, despite long hours of sitting on it. 

The chair is designed in such a way that you will feel more comfortable the longer you sit in it. The wheels, too, are quite smooth and easy to move around – which makes this chair ideal for both work purposes and gaming. 

This chair does not come fully assembled –you will have to assemble it yourself with the help of the tools and instructions included with your purchase. However, these instructions are listed step-by-step, making them easy to follow and allowing you to have your chair assembled and ready to use in no time. 


  • The brand is highly reputed and quite famous in the U.S.
  • The chair is easily affordable and is made from good quality materials. 
  • The height of the chair is adjustable and can be locked in different positions. 
  • The wheels are well-made and allow for smooth gliding
  • The backrest offers excellent support for the upper back and aids spine alignment 
  • It has a large number of positive user reviews


  • The chair doesn’t come assembled and requires manual assembly 
  • It doesn’t offer support for the lower back 

User Reviews 

Those who have purchased this chair often claim that it’s not as durable as the brand claims it to be. However, since the chair is not too costly, this is often not considered to be a significant concern about this chair.

Also, the fact that it doesn’t offer much support for the lower back and does not provide a headrest does not seem to sit too well with some users. However, most users will concede that this chair is comfortable enough for daily use and doesn’t aggravate back pain in any way. 

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5. Best Lumbar Support: Homefun Ergonomic Office Chair 

Best Lumbar Support
HOMEFUN Ergonomic
  • Ergonomic Recliner
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Modern Look
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The main features of this chair are:

  • It has an incline of up to 1135 degrees to allow for easy relaxation 
  • You can adjust the height from 16 to 20 inches 
  • The seat is made using foam which does not wear out easily 
  • The headrest is padded and offers excellent support 
  • It has a gas lift feature 
  • It can seat users weighing up to 250 pounds 
  • It’s suited for both home and office use

About the Brand 

Homefun is an Australian brand that produces some great quality furniture with the most creative, unique designs. If you prefer furniture that’s edge, yet practical and functional, then Homefun is undoubtedly the brand for you. They have furnishing options and accessories related to indoor and outdoor use, making them refreshingly versatile. 

We’d say this brand is more focused on how their products look than how they can function, but this doesn’t mean their products don’t work well. Let us put it this way: they care more about how their products appeal to users visually than other brands do. However, we’d say they deliver quite well on the functionality front too. 

Most of the Homefun product options designed for office use feature sleek, ultra-modern designs that are perfect to liven up or compliment any office space. While this brand hasn’t quite garnered the kind of popularity in the U.S. that it enjoys in Australia, we’d say it’s getting there quite quickly with its great products and customer service options.

The company currently has over 500 employees, all committed to providing users with the most effective, well-designed solutions for their office and home furnishing needs. 


The feature that stood out the most for us with this office chair is that it has a unique backrest. We have come across several backrests that are made of sturdy frames and others that feature mesh. However, this is the only chair we have featured in this list with a backrest with both mesh and a sturdy frame. 

The frame allows for more durability and contributes to the product’s visual appeal, while the mesh makes the backrest more breathable and allows users to stay cool all day long. You’ll find yourself relaxing in this chair quite comfortably during your workday with the help of the mesh that keeps you from sweating even the hottest of weather conditions.

In terms of offering support for your entire back, this may be one of the best office chairs we have ever come across. The backrest features a long, single piece of sturdy plastic that helps align your spine perfectly whenever you are seated in the chair. This feature makes this chair ideal for those who suffer from back pain regularly due to spending long hours in an office chair. 

The seat is padded with the help of a sponge that makes it breathable and soft – perfect for an office chair. You’ll find yourself enjoying the feeling of relaxing in this chair without sinking in, in other words. Some chairs that have too soft seats often turn out to be quite uncomfortable in the long run – this chair isn’t one of those. 

Moreover, the handles on this Homefun chair recline too, which allows you to adjust them accordingly whenever you fancy a rest in between long hours of work. The resistance screws in the armrest prevent them from reclining too low and keep them in place for the most part. Some reclining armrests on chairs often display signs of damage after a few months or years of usage, but the same can’t be said for this one. 

The rolling casters are made using nylon which makes them both smooth and durable – perfect for use on a variety of surfaces. The casters rotate a full 360 degrees, which gives their chair excellent mobility, making them ideal for use in a meeting or gaming room. However, don’t worry about these smooth casters gliding out of control because they’re designed in a way that offers excellent stability as well. 

The chair’s base is quite strong and features a lift cylinder that allows you to adjust the chair’s height quite comfortably. The locking system features options to lock both the backrest and the height of the chair so you can adjust it in a way that’s comfortable enough to suit your personal preferences. 


  • The chair has a unique, modern design that makes it very appealing 
  • The height of the chair is adjustable, and it can accommodate a host of shapes and sizes 
  • The casters offer smooth gliding across a variety of floor surfaces 
  • The armrest is reclining and can be secured with resistance screws 
  • The lift cylinder is quite sturdy and makes it easy to adjust the height 


  • This product is not stocked as often as it should be 
  • The design makes the chair stand out a little too much, which prevents it from melting into its surroundings 

User Reviews 

User reviews on this product are mainly focused on the futuristic design of the backrest and how unique it looks in any given space. The back support seems to be a popular feature, too, with users claiming that they have rarely found a chair that helps so much with reducing back pressure. 

However, not many users seemed too keen on the screws found on the chair that come off rather easily; however, this seemed to be a drawback of little significance for most. 

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FAQs About Office Chairs & Back Pain

Q – Are Office Chairs for Back Pain Expensive?

A – While it is true that ergonomic chairs are often costlier than more basic office chairs, this doesn’t mean that these chairs are expensive. Some office chairs that help remedy back pain are priced as low as $130, so we would say these are quite affordable. 

Q – Which Type of Chair Is Best for Back Pain?

A – There are a host of office chairs that feature different materials that help reduce and prevent back pain, but the best quality ones often have elastic mesh backrests. These backrests mold into the user’s shape easily and prevent discomfort despite prolonged usage. 

Q – Can Office Chairs Ruin My Posture?

A – It is a long-standing myth that office chairs can permanently ruin your posture. Using the wrong kind of furniture anywhere can affect your posture if you are not conscious of how you are sitting – office chairs have nothing to do with this. Some well-made office chairs help improve your posture over time if used properly. 

Conclusion: Should You Get a New Office Chair For Back Pain?

Now that we have gone through all the relevant information you would require to purchase an office chair for back pain; you need to make a choice that is relevant to your needs to ensure the most comforting office chair for you. 

Switching to a more comfortable chair will help reduce the impact of the damage caused to your back by sitting in an uncomfortable chair. 

The chairs we have covered above can fit into a host of different budgets and preferences – meaning you are sure to find your ideal office chair among these. You won’t regret putting your faith in the quality of these brands if only you give them a chance to satisfy your needs. 

Several reputed brands offer you a guarantee on their products as well, so you can reach out to them and express your dissatisfaction if you are not happy with your purchase. 

  The Best Office Chairs for Back Pain in 2021