The Sustainably-Minded Skincare Brands to Shop for Earth Day—And Always

It's more important than ever to be mindful of our shopping habits.

Earth Day sustainable beauty
There are so many great sustainable skincare brands to shop. Julia Cherruault for Observer

It’s more important than ever to be aware of the impact our shopping habits have on the planet, and that includes the skincare products we buy. Luckily, over the past few years, environmentally-conscious beauty brands have made major strides in working toward sustainability, including employing eco-friendly and ethical practices when it comes to their formulas, packaging and production.

While there’s still a ton of work to be done, we can all do our part by making mindful decisions and shopping from sustainable skincare brands. With Earth Day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to make positive changes in our consumer habits, and opting to purchase sustainable skincare products whenever possible.

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Below, see a few of our favorite sustainably-minded skincare brands that prove you don’t have to sacrifice quality when making eco-friendly changes to your skincare regimen.

Tata Harper.

Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper was one of the pioneers in the clean skincare movement; the luxe brand has always focused on natural products, and has proven that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability. Tata Harper uses 100 percent natural, biodegradable formulas, and the brand also launched its first refillable product, the Water-Lock Moisturizer, last year. For Earth Month, the brand is planting one tree for every product sold on the website, via their partner Trees for the Future. Tata Harper is also planting an additional 10,000 trees on Earth Day, as well as a Tata Harper x Trees for the Future sweatshirt, with 100 trees planted for every sweatshirt sold, because skincare merch is a thing! Tata Harper.



Clean beauty brand Tatcha just relaunched their Deep Cleanse face wash this month, in a super-sized 300 ml tube. The best part? The jumbo-sized exfoliating cleanser comes in 100 percent PCR packaging, which means the plastic comes from recycled materials. Tatcha



This plastic-free skincare brand offers products in bar form, sans plastic packaging, including facial bars and even shampoo and conditioner bars. Peach



We’re all about minimalist beauty around here. Symbiome skincare products are composed of less than 10 ingredients, all of which are sustainably sourced from an organic farm in Brazil that focuses on regenerative farming and harvesting, in addition to recycling. The brand also uses 100 percent recycled sustainable materials for packaging. Symbiome already donates one percent of all online sales to The Amazon Conservation Team, and from April 18 to April 24, the brand is donating 100 percent of proceeds from the One Restorative Cream to the organization. Symbiome



Disposable cotton rounds are a major source of waste, but sustainably-minded brand Cocokind’s new reusable facial rounds are such a great, eco-friendly alternative. Just machine wash them after each use. Cocokind.

Schwanen Garten.


Schwanen Garten

Schwanen Garten is partnering up with NK by Nour Kays on a special three-piece Blue Ocean Saver Kit for Earth Month. The set includes the brand’s antioxidant cleanser, antioxidant eye cream and sanitizing hand gel, and comes in an upcycled pouch, and 100 percent of every purchase is donated to the Ocean Conservancy’s Trash Free Seas program. Schwanen Garten.

Summer Fridays.

Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays’ products are made with clean, vegan ingredients and come in sustainable, recyclable packaging. The brand also created its own recycling program, where customers just mail five of their empty Summer Fridays products back to the brand so that they can be recycled. If you need any more incentive aside from doing your part to help the earth, you’ll also get sent a free product courtesy of the brand. Summer Fridays.

One Ocean Beauty.

One Ocean Beauty

This brand is entirely inspired by the ocean, so of course One Ocean Beauty is seriously focused on the environment and keeping oceans clean. The brand sustainably creates its products with marine ingredients, and uses recyclable packing and materials. The brand, which is working towards zero waste, also has an ongoing partnership with Oceana, which focuses on conserving the earth’s oceans. One Ocean Beauty

Pai Skincare.

Pai Skincare

Pai is an organic and vegan skincare brand that’s one of our favorites for those with sensitive complexions. Pai has been eco-friendly from the beginning, but recently relaunched with an even bigger focus on sustainability, including improved packaging to further reduce the brand’s carbon footprint and increase recyclability. Pai Skincare.

The Nue Co.

The Nue Co.

The Nue Co. uses glass jars to avoid introducing more plastic into the world, as well as 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper (PCR) for boxes, all made with 100 percent renewable energy. The brand also launched an in-house recycling program last year, where you send the company your three empties and they’ll recycle or reuse them for you. The Nue Co.

Bybi Day Glow AHA Facial Tonic. Courtesy Bybi

Bybi Beauty

U.K.-based Bybi Beauty has always promoted sustainability, and only uses eco-friendly ingredients. Bybi became carbon neutral last year, but aims to go a step further and become the first carbon-negative beauty brand by 2025. Their products also happen to be extremely effective and well-priced, like their Day Glow Tonic that’s created entirely on green energy and is packaged in a recyclable, carbon-neutral sugarcane bottle. Bybi Beauty.



This ethical and natural beauty brand sustainably sources all of its ingredients, and has been carbon neutral since 2007. Most of their packaging is already recyclable, but they’re working towards reducing their carbon footprint even more. Trilogy.



Clean skincare brand Naturopathica uses safe, sustainably-sourced ingredients for their soothing products, and uses as many glass and recycled materials as possible for shipping and packaging. The brand’s new Calendula collection is also made and delivered with Zero Net Carbon Footprint, thanks to a partnership with Terrapass. Naturopathica.

Common Heir.

Common Heir

This new skincare brand is all about getting rid of single-use plastics in beauty, starting with their first product, a vitamin C serum that comes in plastic-free, biodegradable capsules, that in turn are packaged in cardboard. Common Heir.

Eminence Organics.

Eminence Organic Skincare 

Eminence Organic Skincare is a Certified B Corporation, which means the brand has been deemed to meet the highest social and environmental standards, as well as public transparency and accountability, in working towards a more sustainable economy. The brand uses organic practices to produce the fruits, veggies and herbs included in their natural, holistic skincare, and they also plant a tree for every product sold—thus far, they’ve planted 17 million trees. Eminence Organics.



Wldkat uses as few virgin materials as possible in their products, and instead uses PCR waste upcycled plastic. The brand also uses recycled paperboard for all outer cartons, and works to make all its products as clean as possible, like its Ginger + Kombucha Bubbling Skin Tonic, which is made of 100 percent post-consumer plastic and is entirely recyclable. Wldkat.



Versed uses a mixture of PCR plastic, recyclable materials and alternative packaging, and only uses zero-waste shippers to send out orders. The brand also now makes their own nontoxic, reusable and machine-washable cotton pads, which are composed of bamboo and cotton, to help you maintain sustainable and eco-friendly practices within skincare. Versed.

The Sustainably-Minded Skincare Brands to Shop for Earth Day—And Always