Best Vape Juice Flavors: Top 3 E-Juice Brands of 2021

We set out to try as many vape juices from as many manufacturers as we could within a three-week time frame. And we decided to give you the results of the "best of the show" as it were.

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Let’s start this review with a quick quiz. See if you can identify the substance with the following characteristics:

Here goes …

  • It is both a sedative and a stimulant.
  • When a body is exposed to this substance, it stimulates the adrenal gland, which provides a “kick.”
  • When the body is exposed to this chemical, it facilitates an immediate release of glucose.
  • It instantly increases the heart rate
  • It pushes up the blood pressure
  • It increases breathing activity
  • It makes the pancreas produce less insulin
  • It causes a release of dopamine, similar to heroin or cocaine.

Any ideas yet? No? Here are a few more clues. When an individual has used this substance for some time and suddenly quits their intake, it causes:

  • Severe cravings
  • An intolerable sense of emptiness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Inability to pay attention or to focusing

Okay, the last clue – the American Heart Association puts this substance at number one on the list of hardest substances to quit – at least as hard as kicking a heroin habit.

If you said nicotine, you’d have been right. And who’d have thought it, right?!

Something you can buy over the counter (provided you’re of legal age, of course), something that is so much a part of our western lifestyle we don’t give it a second thought can cause all that and SO much more.

Apart from the addiction to nicotine, smokers claim to need something to calm the frazzled nerves, and they need something to help with the stress, and they need something pleasurable after a meal to round it all off, and they need a bump with their morning coffee. And, and, and … You’ve heard it all before.

And up to now, there really hasn’t been a (legal) alternative to smoking nicotine.

The beginning of a new normal for smokers started back in 2003 with a Chinese gentleman called Hon Lik. Lik’s father had died of lung cancer, and Lik, like his old man, was a heavy, heavy smoker. One night he exploded into a coughing fit around the dinner table. While recovering and regaining his breath, a thought struck him.

What if he could get his nicotine fix by inhaling vapor instead of tempting the grim reaper with every drag of a cigarette. And that’s where vaping was born. True story!

This year, according to those that make a living from giving us accurate statistics to quote in Internet articles, around 4% of the entire population vape regularly. That’s about 14 million people in the USA. 

And for those that love to vape, it’s good news. No, wait, it’s actually GREAT news. You see, when an industry takes off like the vaping industry has, it brings about improved technology, healthier options, better customer service, faster turnaround times – you name it. It’s good old capitalism in action! 

Competition breeds excellence. No two ways about it! All kinds of vape juices have seen the light – everything from exotic tropical fruit flavors to e-juices made to imitate the taste of favorite cannabis varieties. If it tickles your fancy, you can probably find it on a shelf somewhere. 

With the farm bill of 2018, the whole industry upped its game once again. CBD became all the rage. Unlike in the days when good ‘ol nicotine was all there was to vape, words like “organic” and “healthy”, and “lifestyle” suddenly became hip when the vaping habit was discussed.

And the industry took this seriously. Now, millions of dollars are spent annually to find not only the best flavors, but also the best extraction methods, the best and healthiest options, the best ways to eliminate harmful production methods, and the most superior vaping devices.

Remember the line about competition breeding excellence and capitalism in action? Well, this is it.

In lieu of these magnificent advances in the CBD vaping industry and the smorgasbord of choices confronting the discerning user of CBD vape juice, we thought we’d tie it all together by doing a treasure hunt of sorts.

We set out to try as many vape juices from as many manufacturers as we could within a three-week time frame. And we decided to give you the results of the “best of the show” as it were.

There’s HUGE competition in this market, and everybody and their mad aunt Tilly will tell you they have the best CBD Vape Juice on offer ANYWHERE on the planet. But this isn’t necessarily so.

Here are the actual winners!

Our Choice of Best Vape Juice Brands & Flavors

Each of these companies has a terrific selection of flavors and experiences. Their extraction and manufacturing methodologies are as good and as advanced as they get, and their company ethos is streets ahead of the corner filling station where you’ve been getting your CBD to fix up to now!

Savage CBD – Our Top Choice!

Best Value
Savage CBD Vape Juice
  • Best Value
  • Unique Flavors
  • Made in USA
  • Free Shipping in US
Check Latest Price Learn More

Affordability and care – those are two words advertisers love to throw together in the same sentence. They just fit. You can get anything from a succulent hamburger to a piece of lounge furniture made with “affordability and care” in mind. 

But the guys at Savage CBD really take this to heart. They have the lab work to back up the “care” part and just pop into their website to see their “affordability” in action. It’s the whole package, folks.

Savage CBD is completely customer driven. They listen, and then they develop. And then they listen again. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is one way the company remains 100% responsive to its clients, and it’s, quite honestly, refreshing.

They’re also not stuck in a rut. Companies often come to market with a few products, make a quick buck, and continue to push the same product lines year-in and year-out. Maybe they change the packaging a little. It gets tired after a while, right?!

Not Savage CBD. These guys are all about R&D. Their product lines grow as organically as their hemp. Really, it’s quite fascinating; CBD for pets, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, CBD tinctures, and of course, the tour de force, CBD vape juices – the NUMBER ONE healthy alternative for nicotine junkies.

A Quick Run-Down:

  • 100% Uncle Sam – made in the good old US of A
  • All their ingredients are ALWAYS listed on EVERY product page – no guessing games
  • 3rd party certification for all their flavorings – organic, non-GMO, vegan, and NO pesticides
  • Nothing artificial – not even sweeteners, or colors, or flavors
  • ABSOLUTELY no harmful additives
  • No sugar-free
  • No Gluten
  • More (if you’re not convinced already!)

About the Company

The founders of Savage CBD saw first-hand what CBD can do in terms of enhancing a healthy lifestyle. And there can never be a greater testimonial. The business world is full of great companies founded by people who believed in their product because they saw (even if it was just in their mind’s eye) what that product could do for the world.

Just to be sure – cannabidiol is just one of a host of compounds occurring naturally in the Hemp plant. Many people confuse THC and CBD. THC is what gives you that “high” when you smoke Mary Jane. CBD doesn’t.

Savage CBD uses laboratory processes to separate CBD from THC. This means you can use CBD without getting high – and this is legal. You see, Savage CBD (this is one of the things we like about them) doesn’t cut corners. 

They operate well within the confines of the law – in this case, the 2018 Farm Bill that makes it legal for most of us in most of the United States to partake in this natural wonder!

If you ask ANYBODY at the company what their mission statement is, they’ll tell you: “It’s to show millions of people, and then millions more, the wonderful health benefits of CBD.”

The Quality of the Science Determines the Quality of the Product

The first thing we have to mention when talking about the science at Savage CBD is that they are completely – and we mean 100% – transparent with all their lab work and their lab results. The pure, unadulterated, unchanged, unmodified, naked-as-you-were-born truth is available on their website for all to see. Exactly as it should be, right!?

They also understand that this is, in many ways, still a burgeoning industry. Some of the customers are old hands, but there are large cues of newcomers at the gates every day. Hence, they take education seriously. They run a blog, and they run a comprehensive and organic FAQ section. 

This is important because this is where newcomers and old hands alike are reminded again of how important it is to steer clear of products containing solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. And they’ll refer you to the lab results page every time so you can see for yourself.

It’s about setting an industry standard.

Savage CBD is EXTREMELY selective about the laboratories and the suppliers they work with. Their due diligence is tougher than most! Here’s how their vetting process works.

1st they obtain a 5-gram sample from a potential supplier. Right off the bat, they test for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

Then …

They blend some of the newly acquired samples into their own Savage CBD products to ensure that they can sustain the kind of quality and experience Savage CBD clients expect from the company.

Then …

… and only then will they make a decision to buy from the supplier or enlist the services of the lab in question. 

All the hemp used in Savage CBD products is sourced from Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, or on rare occasions, from Europe. And EVERY supplier has to be able to show traceability back to seed. IMPRESSIVE!

These guys take pride in their products – from seed to final packaging. And they just LOVE to deliver to stores all around the world.

Our Best Flavors from Savage CBD

Driven CBD Vape Juice

How about a candied blueberry? Maybe with a note of sour razzmatazz. Yeah, thought so! Simply delish! It drives this vape flavor home every time. 

And it’s all mixed to work with any vape device.

It’s specifically indicated for use for generalized pain, out-of-control stress, skull-numbing tension, and just a general, floaty relaxation. 

And, if you’re really interested in the science, it contains Vegetable glycerin, CBD isolate, natural flavor concentrates, and Propylene glycol. But that you can see on their lab results page too.

Fiji Melons CBD Vape Juice

Looking for your next all-day-vape? This might just be it. The Fiji Melons CBD juice mixes Fiji apples, Guava, and Watermelon to make your mouth water. And we really mean that! It’s an astonishing flavor combo! One of the best we’ve ever had.

Again, it’s indicated for tension, stress, generalized pain, and just GREAT relaxation while you keep a sharp mind.

The ingredients are the same as for the Driven Vape Juice, and the lab tests are available on the website if you want to see them.

Hustle CBD Vape Juice

How about we tempt you with a dessert flavor? Freshly baked cookie, perhaps? With frosting and fresh raspberries? This is one of the more innovative flavor combinations available ANYWHERE, and it should be on your bucket list!

Get rid of tension and stress, quiet the persistent pain, and chill, chill, chill. All while you taste the sweet sensations of a childhood kitchen.

As with all Savage CBD products, the lab tests are available on the website. 

The Long and The Short of It

If you love your CBD experience with accurate, deep, complex, and satisfying flavors, Savage CBD vape juices are a definite must for you. And remember, it’s all organic!

We loved the fact that we always knew EXACTLY what we were using – that the Savage CBD ingredient lists are comprehensive and accurate and backed by the 3rd party lab reports on their website.

These guys are ULTIMATELY ethical in their approach to EVERYTHING. And this sits exceptionally well with us. They care for the product, and they care for the customer. That makes them a sustainable player in a cut-throat market.

Their pricing is reasonable.

Driven will set you back $15.99 for 30ml (250mg strength)

Fiji Melons will cost you $28.99 for the same.

Hustle will shake you down for $15.99 a pop (same as above)

Click Here to Check the Latest Prices for SavageCBD Vape Juices on Their Official Site.

Avida CBD

Top Rated
Avida CBD Vape Juice
  • Highest Quality Vape Juice
  • Best Reviews Overall
  • Free Shipping Over $35
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Check Latest Price Learn More

Avida has been around since 2018 and has built an impressive reputation in such a seemingly short period. 

Their goal? Simple, actually. To help as many people as possible lead a healthier and more active lifestyle – organically and ethically. The Avida CBD team members care about what goes into their own bodies and consequently build their product range with the same kind of care for what they put into customers’ bodies.

They’re big on 3rd party lab tests and also publish their results – completely transparent and unaltered – on their website. No compromise. Ever!

A Quick Run-Down

  • It’s all from the USA – everything.
  • Artificial additives, dyes, and extracts are a no-no
  • Their standards of sourcing ingredients, growing farms, and manufacturers are super-high
  • All extractions are sugar, gluten, and calorie-free
  • No pesticides in the growing processes
  • Ethics and fair trade are a part of the Avida CBD ethos.

About the Company

In short, Avida CBD has three threads to its DNA.

  1. Uncompromising transparency – Customers always know exactly what they’re getting. No compromise. Ever. All their products are tested in-house and then again by 3rd parties to ensure ABSOLUTE quality. And they publish their lab results to put their money where their mouth is…
  2. Best CBD at the best prices – While they’re certainly not the cheapest manufacturer in the marketplace, their price/quality ratio is exceptional. You don’t pay for what you get – you get more than you pay for.
  3. Best customer experience – Avida CBD has, as a part of their ethos, a principle we wish we saw more of in society: treat others the way you want to be treated. Sounds simple enough, right? But these guys really live that. They get to work with this principle foremost in mind in the morning, and they leave work with it foremost in mind in the evening.

Enough said, right?!

The Quality of The Science Determines the Quality of the Product

Avida CBD products are tested for safety, purity, and potency. They live their ethos by being 100% transparent about the ingredients of every one of their products.

Also, unlike many other companies, they invite all customers to contact them to clarify lab results if needed. It sounds like a small thing, but actually, it’s not. 

We’re not all scientists. Face it. So, it’s one thing for a company to publish a set of laboratory results. It’s an extra mile if they offer to spend time to explain those results and their implications to anyone who cares to ask. Kudos!

Our Best Flavors from Avida CBD

Pineapple Fusion 

Tropical beaches, the lapping of the ocean in the distance, and hot, sticky sun on your skin. It’s tropical, it’s bliss, it’s brilliant, it’s simply sensational. Really, this juice is unlike anything you have ever vaped.

There’s the taste of pineapple with a hint of tropical fruit, but with cream, if that makes sense. It’s YUM! And it’s infused with Avida’s CORE hemp-derived CBD.

It’s 100% non-GMO, 3rd party lab tested for consistency, safety, and purity. In fact, they’re so sure about this product they’ll give you a 30-day money-back guarantee!!

Honeydew Melon 

Again, with the tropics! The chill in this juice is from another world. The first mouthful of vape will have you tasting ripe Honeydew Melon. It’s also infused with Avida CORE hemp-derived CBD.

There’s no detectable THC, it’s non-GMO, and it’s THOROUGHLY tested by 3rd party labs. All ingredients are listed on the product page, as is the Avida way.

Epic Apple 

Each draw, we kid you not, is full of the taste of that wonderfully sweet/sour taste of green apple. It’s actually quite uncanny! 

It’s infused with Avida’s core hemp-derived Isolate, non-GMO, 3rd party lab-tested, and carries the Avida money-back guarantee.

We were smiling at this one – simply because the taste was so true and, well, unexpected. It really is a number for your bucket list!

The Long and The Short of It

The Avida experience was, to sum it up in a word – FUN! There is more than enough complexity in both the taste and the experience, but it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s about having fun and relaxing, and that’s EXACTLY what the Avida juices deliver.

You always know what you’re putting into your body – and with Avida, you can be sure they have your health at their core. They care, and it shows in the way they prepare, blend and test their juices.

Avida’s core principles shine through in everything – from their customer service to the joy we found in using their juice. They’re newish in the marketplace, but if they keep this up, they’re going to be here to stay – for a long, long while!

Their pricing left us more than happy. 

Pineapple Fusion will set you back $24.99 for 30ml (250mg strength)

Honeydew Melon will cost you $24.99 for the same.

Epic Apple will shake you down for $24.99 a pop (same as above)

Click Here to Check the Latest Price on AvidaCBD Capes Juices on Their Official Site.

Kind Juice

Best All-Natural & Organic
Kind Juice CBD Vape Juice
  • Premium, Organic Vape Juices
  • Amazing Flavors
  • Works With Highest Quality Tobacco Grown in US
  • All-Natural Ingredients
Check Latest Price Learn More

These guys are all about nature’s garden. Their ingredients are carefully sourced, organic, and completely natural in every conceivable way. They work with small batches to ensure both consistency and quality.

The whole Kind Juice experience is artistic – like a fine craft beer? Something you both enjoy and are proud to be seen using.

The whole Kind Juice experience has been designed around the taste of the discerning enthusiast—someone who is after a pure and exquisite vapor experience.

A Quick Run-Down

  • 100% USP VG
  • Nicotine free
  • All-natural flavors
  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Dairy-free
  • 100% cruelty-free

About the Company

Kind Juice takes the whole natural thing to a new level. They source the best raw ingredients they can find, and as we mentioned, they work with small batches only. This is to ensure both quality and consistency.

They’re completely transparent all the way through. And they’re all about the harmony between humans and nature. We can all do with a little more of that!

Their basic philosophy says man has relied upon the earth for protection, healing, sustenance, and life itself for thousands of years. That’s the ancient wisdom they tap into when they create their products, and what you will then experience as their customer. 

And trust us, it really does shine through. It just has that “all-natural” feel, both in taste and experience.

All their plant-based ingredients are crafted with such dedication you can’t help but wonder if this is perhaps not some of the finest vape juices on the market …

The Quality of the Science Determines the Quality of the Product

Everything at Kind Juice is pesticide-free. They use a process called hydrolysis, during which plant oils are exposed to precise pressures, temperatures, and moisture levels. 

Without getting lost in the science of it all, the result is an exceptionally pure distillate, which forms the base for all their vape juices. 

And these juices are really out of this world as far as their depth and complexity are concerned.

Kind Juice only sources locally in the USA. All products are lab tested by independent 3rd parties and manufactured in an ISO 7 cleanroom. This is an uncompromising approach to safety and quality.

Also, their juices are vegan, allergen and gluten-free, and Kosher. Absolutely no hairy solvents are used during the extraction process – only alcohol from sugar cane and reverse osmosis water. No calories. No sugar. No wheat. No Gluten. Guaranteed.

The extracts are always cold processed. They use multi-stage extraction that yields really high concentrates. 

Best Flavors from Kind Juice

The Lazy Iguana

It took not one but two creative minds to blend this tropical flavor. They say it was inspired by Key West, and if you’ve ever been to the Florida Keys, you’ll recognize the taste immediately! 

Think about taking a lazy bike ride through the narrow streets with the iguanas peering down at you from the swaying coco palms!

You’ll taste the exquisite blend of kiwi, guava, and ripe strawberries on every exhale.

Once in a Blue Moon

Blueberry, blueberry, and more blueberry!! This is another of those products that had us smiling from ear to ear – simply because the taste was SO pronounced, SO authentic, and SO surprising!

It’s a REALLY clean vaping experience with NO synthetic binders or fillers – so there’s absolutely no chemical aftertaste—just the lingering taste of blueberries.

The Long and the Short of It

Kind Juice is all about nature and natural – and you can pick it up in the big and smaller things around their brand and products. In an industry that is becoming more cut-throat with each passing day, it was refreshing to settle into a more natural product with no pretense and, quite frankly, a different pace.

The juices deliver beautifully and every time. The sense of relaxation was brilliant – perhaps it had something to do with the unhurried atmosphere the whole brand experience creates.

The tastes are exquisite as well. You know the difference between artificial orange juice and freshly squeezed, right? Well, this is that difference in vape juice. This one is freshly squeezed, and it shows and tastes.

Their pricing is good. 

Lazy Iguana will set you back $29.99 for 250mg strength.

Once in a Blue Moon will cost you $34.99 for the same.

Click Here to Check the Latest Price on KindJuice Vape Juices on Their Official Site.

Vape Juice Standards? Buying Guide

Everybody throws around the concept of “standards” and “industry standards” when they speak about CBD vape juices. And rightly so. 

This is still a relatively new industry, and it is largely self-regulating. That’s why the consumer has the opportunity to play a HUGE part in setting the standards for the manufacturers for years to come.

Right now, consumers are spoiled for choice. Sure, there are established players in the market, but there are also many smaller players setting foot on the playing field for the first time. Consumer expectations should be their only guide – in fact, the ONLY factor that will ensure their longevity in the industry.

But that can only happen if the consumer knows what to look out for.

  • Look for natural products grown using natural methods
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 3rd party lab-tested – WITH AVAILABLE RESULTS
  • Proper product descriptions on EVERY cataloged product
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • It MUST be Diacetyl free

Why Diacetyl-Free?

Generally speaking, Diacetyl is a naturally occurring compound. It is a by-product of fermenting beer. 

However! It is frequently synthesized – and this is where the waters get murky. This synthesized version is used as a flavoring agent. You’ve had it in popcorn without knowing it, I’m sure.

Now, before you call your doctor and then your lawyer, it’s safe enough to eat. It’s inhaling that makes it risky. So risky, in fact, that it’s been linked to popcorn-lung among workers in certain kinds of factories.

So, DA is something you want to avoid altogether.

Reputable e-juice manufacturers don’t use DA at all. But it is a chemical component of some artificial flavorings. This is important because chemistry changes as heat is added (remember high-school chemistry?), and vaping happens at high temperatures.

Now, smoking cigarettes is worse—no doubt about it. But remember what we said about the customer setting the standards for the industry? This is one of those instances.

Absolutely insist on buying ONLY juices that contain NO Diacetyl.

Why Is Organic So Important?

Look out for juices that contain around 80% VG (vegetable glycerin). This is a natural compound that is safe for inhalation because it is really nothing more than alcohol.

It is non-toxic and clear and tastes and smells somewhat sweet.

Remember, you’re inhaling this into your lungs. Sure, you get a lot of toxic stuff into your lungs from the atmosphere every day, but here is one instance where you can make healthier choices.

And organic (read: natural) is ALWAYS better. 

Is Organic Healthier in Vape Juice?

Usually, organic is more complicated than synthesized. This sounds counter-intuitive, but it really is so. Nature’s recipes are VERY hard to plagiarize. 

Remember the complexity of the processes involved in nurturing something from seed to vape? And ensuring the most rigorous standards adhere to EVERY step of the way. EVERY single time?

The result is that companies that certify their products as organic and natural and that have and publish the lab results to underpin their claims, have your best interests at heart. 

Companies like these are health-conscious by nature, and when you’re buying something, you’re going to be putting into your body, dollars to doughnuts, you’d rather be doing business with them than the bodega down the drag!

We Did the Homework

After an assignment, we sat around in the office with a bit of time to kill a few weeks back. Just for kicks, we thought we’d try to work out how many hours we’ve spent over the past 90 days just testing juices, so you don’t have to go through the motions. 

It turns out it’s almost 250—Yup, 250 hours of testing and trying and reviewing, and doing it all over again.

The thing is, when you live in an industry like we live vaping, you learn a few things. You learn how to spot a diamond as quickly as you spot a fake. And we’re in the business of spotting the diamonds and then telling you about them. And also spotting the fakes so we can steer you clear of them.

The criteria we used when compiling the review of products from these three manufacturers were as stringent as the criteria we use for everything else we do in this industry. We looked at the science, agriculture, biology, medicine, the experience, and a whole lot more.

Everything about vaping is personal. It’s your taste, your experience, and your hobby. But we’re glad to be there for you, to be able to bring you a few products you may not have heard of if our paths didn’t cross, and to make sure every time we recommend something, it is with your health, your experience, and your well-being foremost in our minds.

This has all the makings of a beautiful industry, but we all have to put our heads together to nurture it as it makes its way to maturity. The health benefits are just too profound to allow a few unscrupulous players to destroy it for all of us.

That means supporting the companies that take quality and customer experience to heart, and ignoring those that don’t. And that’s something we can only do properly if we do it together.

  Best Vape Juice Flavors: Top 3 E-Juice Brands of 2021