Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews: Things to Know Before Buying

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As we head into yet another summer season, it almost feels like we’re subconsciously preparing for something significantly hotter than last year. This is due to the fact that during the past few years, the planet has been bearing the brunt of the climate change phenomena that has built up over decades. As a result, each passing summer feels increasingly more brutal and harder to deal with. And, while we are actively trying to figure out ways to combat these effects in the long-run, we still need to get through the challenge that is immediately in front of us.

Thankfully, air conditioning technology has come a long way, and we are now able to curb the effects of scalding heat without needing tons of space and power. Just like we moved from massive computers to handheld smartphones, we’ve also started to make the move from big AC units to portable ones. And, one of the leading examples of such portable AC is the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC.

It is an incredibly fascinating piece of machinery built to fight the heat efficiently with a minimal footprint. Furthermore, with a relatively smaller price tag, Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner might be one of your best bets against the summer heat this year. So, here is our full Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Review, within which we’ll discuss all the ins and outs of this little box and how it becomes an absolute necessity in the modern age.

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What is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

Before we head into the nitty-gritty details about this portable air conditioner from Blast Auxiliary, we need to understand what it really is. In simple terms, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is a powerful little box that cools your space. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet though.

Traditionally, air conditioners have been fixed units that go on your wall to provide cooling in a single room. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC though, can be taken anywhere you want so whether it is your car, your bedside table, or your workspace, this portable AC can cool up all of those areas.

Another cool thing about the Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner is the fact that it isn’t just limited to a cooling function. It is extremely versatile and can act as a number of things including a humidifier, a normal fan, and much more.

One more caveat of using a traditional window or split air conditioning unit is the sheer power that they require. And, during these times of economic uncertainty, it can be tricky to deal with those rising electricity bills as well. So, Blast has specifically designed this portable AC to be more than 20 times more energy-efficient than your ordinary air conditioning unit. Not only that, but it also provides this efficiency while not compromising on performance either so you can expect some great cooling and humidification on the go.

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How does the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner work?

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is a fascinating piece of tech, and when you learn about how it manages to deliver all that raw performance with such efficiency, it becomes even more impressive. However, its operation isn’t something that’s too complicated. In fact, the way it works is actually pretty smart and intuitive.

So, essentially, the Blast Auxiliary AC uses a method called thermoelectric cooling. This process turns electrical energy into thermal energy using a solid-state semiconductor. What it means in practice is that one side of the device cools down way below room temperature while the other extracts heat due to the temperature difference. This results in an air conditioning device that doesn’t require any refrigerant, meaning that it can be portable and durable.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC also includes a multitude of additional components that add to the whole cooling experience. For instance, it has an ice tray that can be used to get instant cooling during emergency heat situations. In addition to that, it also has a water curtain for that soothing cool air. And last, but not least, the misting device component can be used to humidify dry air by throwing misty air into your space. The best thing about this though is the fact that all of this air passes through an air cleansing filter that gets rid of harmful dust particles. 

With capabilities like these, the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC seems like it would draw a lot of power but we’ve already established that that is not the case. But how does it take advantage of all those power savings? Well, for starters, the AC does not require any external hardwired power source. Instead, it uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide over 8 hours of usage on a singular charge.

And, when it runs out of juice, you can just plug it into a USB Type-C charging brick and get it sorted. Having said that, if you still like more options, Blast Auxiliary has provided an additional avenue for you to use the AC as well. You can also simply plug it into a USB-C outlet and let it run simultaneously while it charges up its batteries.

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Main Features of the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC

In terms of its feature set, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner leaves no stone unturned. It has tons of different modes tailored towards each type of individual customer. In addition to that, the portable AC also has plenty of neat tricks up its sleeve that really elevate it into its own separate class. So, let’s take a look at some of the salient features that make the Blast Auxiliary AC such a joy to use.

1. Multiple Operating Modes

One of the coolest things about the Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner is the sheer versatility that it possesses. This portable AC is not a one-trick pony at all. Instead, it has multiple operating modes that can be changed according to your liking. The main one is, obviously, the air conditioner mode that cools the environment around you. However, you can also turn off the air conditioner mode and use it as a normal fan.

The operating modes don’t stop there either as the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC comes with a humidifier function as well. This means that it gets rid of dry air in your room and replaces it with comforting humid air, making you feel refreshed and energized. Furthermore, you don’t want dry air in your room as it is known to cause discomfort. So, with so many modes, this portable air conditioner becomes your go-to device in terms of getting humid air, cool air, or just normal air wherever you are.

2. Different Fan Speeds

Whenever you buy an air conditioner or a fan, you want it to be flexible and adaptable. For instance, if the weather isn’t hot enough yet for a fast fan, you need to be able to turn its speed down to a comfortable level according to the temperature. Thankfully, the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner comes with not one, not two, but three different fan modes that have been tweaked to suit a vast majority of different weather conditions. So, whether you want an ultra-fast fan to really cool you down or just want a gentle breeze, you’re all sorted with the Blast Auxiliary AC.

3. Different Cooling Solutions

We’ve already talked about how versatile and adaptable the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is in terms of its operating modes and fan speeds but the trend doesn’t just stop there. In addition to the things mentioned above, this little machine also comes with a number of ways for you to cool your surroundings.

Firstly, you can just use it normally as an air conditioner which will slowly cool down the room. However, you can also use the ice tray that injects some additional cooling power into the box and speeds up the whole process. Not only that but you can also use the additional water curtain for a much more mellow cooling effect. Or, if you’re up for some fancy air filled with mist, you can use the misting device that can be especially helpful for your skin and sinuses.

What are the pros and cons of using the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the main features of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC in this review, it’s time to take a look at what makes it great, and what doesn’t.

The Pros

Firstly, let’s talk about the positives as there are a lot of them. In short, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner is an incredible piece of kit that would be useful in pretty much every environment you can think of. It is well-made, portable, and easy to use.

The portability of such a powerful and efficient little machine cannot be undermined. Imagine having an entire air conditioner on you when you go to the office just so you don’t have to deal with the intense heat. Furthermore, there are just so many scenarios that would completely change thanks to this portable AC like camping trips, bedtime during summers, and so much more. The portability doesn’t come at a significant cost either as the AC is extremely power efficient and can sustain its operation for many hours on a single charge.

Not only that, but the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is also incredibly quiet to the point where you can just turn it on and forget that it’s even there. Coming in at just 40 decibels, this portable AC barely makes any noise and thus can also be used while you sleep.

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One more great thing about this portable AC is the fact that it is just so versatile and doesn’t falter when faced with different challenging conditions. You can use it as a humidifier, as an AC, or as a fan, all while altering other things like the direction of the fans, the mist, and the speed. All of this turns it into a complete package that is perfect for everyday use.

The Cons

Having said that, not everything can be good about a product and there will always be some downsides. Thankfully, in the case of the Blast Auxiliary AC, the cons are pretty limited to minor things that most people would be fine with. For instance, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is not as powerful as your split or window air conditioner unit.

However, given its size and the power it consumes while in operation, that is a given. In addition to that, you cannot find this AC in an offline market either as you can only buy it from the official website. Thankfully though, the website is offering some pretty good deals and it comes with a 30-day guarantee so you can purchase it without any hesitation.

Pricing and Availability

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC is a well-sought product so there is bound to be high demand for it. However, the company knows its market well and doesn’t charge a hefty amount for it. So, coming in at less than $100 USD ($89.99) with the current discount offer, the Blast Desktop AC becomes an absolute no-brainer purchase decision. Not only that but if you want to buy more than one air conditioner, the discounts get even bigger.

However, this offer may only be valid until the current stock lasts so we’d suggest buying it as soon as possible to avoid any availability issues. The company offers worldwide shipping with all of the secure and popular payment methods like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Paypal so you can purchase it without breaking a sweat.


Overall, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC offers a set of features that is rivaled by none at an astonishingly low price. When paired with its plethora of features, the portability of this AC makes it a truly unique piece of machinery that is useful for everyone. And, with the summers getting increasingly hotter every passing year, something like the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC becomes an absolute necessity for everyone. For more details and safe purchase, Visit the official website of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC! Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews: Things to Know Before Buying