Byte Reviews 2021: Do Byte Teeth Aligners Work?

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Hundreds of people face teeth issues that would require the attention of a dentist or orthodontic specialist. However, few people consider professional treatment, and even fewer reach out to get it.

The main reason is the significant investment of money and energy you put into such treatments. Commuting to the dentist and spending thousands of dollars to get proper alignment of your teeth or treatment on stains or discoloration are the main factors that turn people away from getting the smile they have always wanted.

This is where Byte comes in. With thousands of positive reviews to back up the product, Byte promises to restore your smile and give you a brighter, healthier one.

Byte Review: Aligners Overview

Byte is one of the best at-home teeth alignment products in the market. Though the company is fairly new, launched in 2017, products and services provided by the brand are backed by ongoing scientific research and development.

The company works closely with hundreds of dentists specializing in the area of orthodontic treatment. Whether it is crowding, rotating, or spacing that your dental structure needs, Byte is the way to go.

The special aligner that you wear when using Byte is almost invisible and will be formulated to fit your dental structure perfectly. Byte promises to deliver visible results fast. Within two to four months, you are bound to have the smile you have always wished for without the extra hassle.

One of the great things about Byte is that everything is done online. This is great because you can enjoy this spectacular treatment from the leisure of your own home. 

Here is how it works with Byte:

  1. First, you receive an impressions kit that you can easily use based on provided instructions. Following the simple steps, you take impressions of your teeth and ship the kit back to the company.
  2. As soon as Byte receives your impressions, dentists create a teeth-alignment treatment plan tailored to your teeth and needs. The team uses a specialized program that creates 3-D images of your teeth and assists in determining the best treatment for you. Depending on how many hours per day you are willing to wear the aligner, the dentists come up with the best plan to get you effective and fast results. 
  3. After receiving your aligners kit, you begin your treatment. Once the treatment is completed-usually 2 to 4 months-, you use the specially provided retainers to maintain the alignment of the teeth. Byte’s dentists provide online support throughout the treatment.

So, here is what is great about this groundbreaking home product and some setbacks to consider.


  • The hassle-free product saves you the time and energy from the trip to the dentist.
  • It comes with a complimentary Hyper-Byte aligner, specially designed to reduce treatment time. 
  • The product comes with a lifetime guarantee of high-quality results.
  • Online expert support throughout the treatment process.
  • The simplified procedure includes easy steps to follow.
  • Faster and more effective treatment compared to the conventional method.


  • Treatment is only applicable from a minor to moderate degree misalignment.
  • The product is costly when compared to other similar products in the market.
  • Expert support and advice is only provided online.

Following, you will find all the information you need: from purchasing Byte, to how you can use your Byte kit to get a great smile. A cost analysis is also provided to be fully informed on how much you can save when purchasing Byte.

Byte All-Day Aligners Review: Do These Work?

All-Day & Night-Time Aligners
  • Approved By Board Certified, Licensed Orthodontists and Dentists
  • Daily Wear - 22 Hours
  • Nightly Wear - 10+ Hours
  • High Frequency Vibration - Fast Results
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Your Byte kit includes a set of day aligners designed just for your teeth. Depending on the duration of your treatment plan, you will receive a different aligner for every week of the plan. 

You may also wish to advance the procedure by using the complimentary HyperBite aligner. This is a tailor made aligner-an accelerator of the process- that you can use for an extra five minutes per day to help get visible results faster.

Remember, your all-day aligners should be in your mouth for 22 hours each day. It’s best that you only remove them while consuming food or drinks.

Another great thing about Byte is that the products are produced with BPA-free materials. Also, they are made to withstand tears and are far more durable than any other aligner in the market.

The typical cost for a Byte kit is around $80 per month for an approximately 29 months period and a deposit of around $350.

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Byte All-Night Aligners Review: Do These Work?

All-Day & Night-Time Aligners
  • Approved By Board Certified, Licensed Orthodontists and Dentists
  • Daily Wear - 22 Hours
  • Nightly Wear - 10+ Hours
  • High Frequency Vibration - Fast Results
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If you are one of those who have been postponing teeth alignment because you dread wearing one, then perhaps the All-Night Aligners are for you. This is an excellent alternative to the day ones.

For just 10 hours a day, you can wear this aligner. The procedure is practically the same. The All-Night Aligners will be created to fit your mouth perfectly. They are produced with extra-durable material to prevent the tear from the potential grinding of teeth during sleep.

You may wear these during your sleep and advance the procedure by wearing the accelerator ones for about 10 minutes per day. The cost for this set of aligners is slightly higher; $99 per month for the same treatment period of 29months and a deposit of about $500.

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Byte Impression Kit: How Does It Work?

Byte Impression Kit
  • No Office Visits Needed
  • Smile Science Advanced Treatment
  • Orthodontist Review Included
  • Free Shipping
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The first kit you will receive from Byte is the impression kit. Following a few basic steps, you will use the provided putty and molds to create various impressions of your dental structure.

Make sure you also use the smile stretcher and special gloves provided to ensure the best hygiene. Once you have your impressions, carefully place them in the designated places in the kit.

Shipping to the company is free of charge, and the cost of this kit can be as little as $30, provided you get the deal offered by the brand.

Once the company receives your kit, the team of dentists will design a custom kit for you. The brand has developed a pioneering method of analyzing your dental structure based on your impressions. The result is an analyzed image of your teeth that enables Byte’s dentists to develop the best custom treatment for you. 

Click Here to Check Out Byte’s Impression Kit on Their Official Site. 

HyperByte: How Does It Work?

  • FDA Cleared - Class II Medical Device
  • Up To 64% Increase In Rate of Tooth Movement
  • Reduces Discomfort
  • Faster Treatment Time
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HyperByte is a breakthrough in teeth alignment technology. A vibrating device that you can use for as little as five minutes per day can help reduce the overall time of treatment.

Based on vibration methods conventionally used by orthodontists, this specially-crafted device enhances the re-alignment of your teeth by repositioning your aligners and increasing cellular activity.

The HyperByte is complimentary with each kit and provides you with the unique opportunity to cut down your treatment time to as little as two months.

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A Glance At Byte Snow At-Home Whitening Kit 

Byte Snow At-Home Whitening Kit
  • Results Guaranteed
  • Over 500,000 Positive Reviews
  • Professional Grade Whitening
  • 5 Year Warranty
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A great smile with perfectly aligned teeth is even better when accompanied by stain-free, gleaming white teeth. The Byte Snow Teeth Whitening Kit offers just that; it effectively vanishes any stain or discoloration your teeth may have.

This kit is especially valuable to those whose teeth have coffee or wine stains or simply have lost their initial shine and whiteness. It comes with a LED mouthpiece and special serum to use when wearing the mouthpiece.

Using the whitening progress tracker found in the kit, you can get rid of any stain and restore whiteness in your teeth; for just 10 minutes a day. The procedure you have to use is fairly simple: first, you apply the serum, then you wear the mouthpiece. 

The Byte Snow At-Home Whitening Kit comes with a five-year guarantee for about $150. This product may also be used by vegans since the serum is gluten-free. No other allergenic ingredients are used for the serum since it is also free of any lactose or soy traces.

If your teeth are heavily discolored or stained, you may wish to opt for the extra-strength serum provided in the kit. The active ingredient in this serum is almost double the quantity in the basic one, thus making the process of whitening much faster.

It is also noteworthy that this product can be used safely at home, is backed by scientific research, and is protective of the enamel of your teeth.

Click Here to Purchase The Byte Snow Whitening Kit on ByteMe’s Official Site.

Overview Of BrightByte 

Bright Byte
  • 3 in 1 Foam Cleanser
  • Easy to Use
  • Whitens Teeth With No Tooth Sensitivity
  • Kills 99% of Bacteria That Produces Bad Breath
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For an extra $30, you can get your hands on BrightByte. This advanced cleanser foam readily rids your teeth of bacteria or any other harmful organisms that may cause bad breath. It also helps maintain good hygiene in your mouth and provides you with a fresh breath. 

Applying it is simple: you brush your teeth, apply some of the cleansers on your aligner and wear it. This product also whitens your teeth in the process.

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Byte Reviews: What Do People Think of Byte?

A vast majority of consumers have given this product a five-star review. Short treatment time, along with simple and easy-to-follow steps, has placed this product on the list of top-ranking ones.

The flexibility of treatment plans in the day or night option and the extra feature of the accelerator device are some of the noteworthy features of treatment that Byte offers.

Effectiveness is high, and most if not all users of the product are satisfied. The only cons to choosing Byte is that it is more pricey than other products used at home for aligning teeth.

Another great perk to choosing Byte for teeth alignment is the offset of the cost via your insurance company. Though Byte won’t accept direct payments by any insurance provider, they will assist you with the procedure of claiming reimbursement of your money.

You may also use a health savings account or flexible savings account to cover the cost of Byte. The company will again help you with the paperwork every step of the way.

Overall, most consumers report an enjoyable experience using Byte. Getting their smile back, restoring brightness, and showcasing whiter teeth in such a short time is greatly satisfactory.

Should You Buy Byte?

Based on our review and customer satisfaction, Byte aligners are top-notch and provide the best at-home treatment. It is a product mostly commented on for its fast and effective results.

The lifetime guarantee that comes with the kit sets it apart from similar products. Also, the flexibility in treatment options included in the kit makes it a unique product.

Besides, if HyperByte is used daily, it helps reduce treatment time by up to half of the originally estimated one. This is truly amazing in the sense that the extra money spent to purchase the Byte kit deems it worthwhile.

Last but not least, Byte assists the consumer with insurance reimbursement and provides many different payment plans, thus making it even more appealing.

Shopping for Byte: Bargains and Deals 

There are two main options for purchasing Byte. You may wish to invest in the product by paying upfront for the entire process. This means that your payment will be about $1895.

The kit you will receive with a direct payment plan will include your aligners, day and night, your HyperByte device, your BrightByte cleanser foam, and a first retainer for the follow-up treatment.

On the other hand, you are given the option to pay in monthly installments. After the initial deposit of $350, you may pay the amount of $83 per month. The total amount will be approximately $2800.

Remember, your Byte kit comes with a complimentary accelerator device, whitening service, and free retainer. Byte is the only company in the market of at-home teeth alignment services that offers so many complementary products for the price of the basic kit.

How To Buy Byte?

Purchasing this great product is easy. The official site is, which is highly dynamic and interactive. All products and procedures are described analytically on the site, along with pictures of the products.

Be sure to check out the official site for the latest deals and offers on products.

Some More Points to Consider When Buying Byte

Here are some additional questions that you may have while buying this product:

Shipping Policy

Byte kits are shipped nationwide free of charge. You may get your treatment kit somewhere between 3 to 4 weeks from the time the company receives the impression kit you have sent them.

Insurance Coverage

The brand takes the extra step to assist you with getting reimbursement for your treatment from your insurance provider. Given that orthodontic treatment is covered by your insurance plan, Byte customer service will happily complete all the necessary paperwork to help you place a claim for money back.

Treatment Duration

Usually, Byte treatment takes between two to four months for results to show. It largely depends on how many hours a day you wear your aligner. So, if you are patient and follow instructions to use it for at least 22 hours per day, you should see remarkable results of your teeth in just over eight weeks.

No matter your choice of day or night aligner, the results will be great. The only difference is that when you use the night-aligner, by definition, you use it approximately half the time you would with day one, so this practically doubles treatment time.

On the other hand, you are provided with HyperByte, a device that can accelerate the process and enable you to see faster and more effective results.

Refund Policy

Once your impression kit has been received by Byte company, a group of highly specialized dentists takes on the development of a custom treatment plan for your teeth. If the dentists deem this type of treatment and do not meet satisfactory results, a refund procedure is automatically initiated. 

Every Byte kit is accompanied by a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Detailed guidelines are provided-simple steps to follow- ensuring the highest effectiveness of the product in the least amount of time. 

Specifically, three steps are indicated as the required procedure:

  1. Your aligner needs to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day. Ideally, it should only be removed if you need to eat or drink.
  2. Using the accelerator device for at least five to ten minutes will enhance results and help get the desirable teeth structure faster.
  3. An image of your teeth, both upper and lower, uploaded and sent to the company daily, will assist your appointed dentists to keep a detailed track of your progress and assure proper treatment.

Should you still be dissatisfied with your Byte treatment, then the company will readily initiate a refund process, as long as it is within 15 days from the start of your treatment. You may also request additional aligners if you wish to try the treatment again.

Your Byte kit also comes with a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction. This means that if, at any point after your treatment, your teeth shift out of their alignment, or if any movement occurs, the company will cover the costs for shipping your additional products and properly restoring alignment. 

The only instances where this guarantee is not applicable is for the following three special cases:

  • The dental structure is not the same as the one the original treatment was offered for.
  • An accident or trauma caused to the teeth leads to misalignment.
  • Extra dental treatment by an outside dentist or orthodontic specialist took place.

It only makes sense that Byte kits are non-returnable. Since they are designed to match perfectly each mouth, it is rational that a return should be requested only in the event of damaged products. Should this occur, simply contact the company via email.

Customer Support

The customer service team is on call 24/7. If you need any clarifications with products, descriptions of it, or how it works, feel free to contact them. 

The team is available through a variety of media. You may call them, chat with them online on the official website, email them, or even reach out via their Facebook account.

Once the procedure of purchasing the product is initiated, an advisor is appointed to you and will be there to help you every step of the way. Also, a team of specialized dentists oversees the entire process, from developing your plan based on your impressions to completing your teeth alignment successfully.

Monitoring the entire process is done daily by your appointed team, so they are there to help you with any additional questions or concerns.

Even though the Byte kit is very simple to use, the team is there to help you. No matter the question or the time of day or night, you will always find a representative of the brand who is well-informed and happy to help out.

In A Nutshell: Do Byte Aligners Work?

Byte is a pioneering engineered product that stands out among similar products offered for the same treatment purposes. The brand that carries this product is Californian-based, and though fairly new to the market, it has made a good name for itself.

Among other at-home teeth alignment products, Byte offers a safe and fast way to get the best results you can. 

A competitive alternative to conventional treatment, the results offered by Byte are equivalent to those you would get from treatment at a local orthodontic specialist. So, you get the same effect without the headache of commuting to the dentist while spending a fortune to get the smile you have always desired.

You also get the flexibility to have your treatment during the day or night time. Depending on your lifestyle, you may opt for the option that best suits your needs. Both products are included in the provided kit along with an accelerator device to help make the process even faster.

Great perks come with every Byte kit. Teeth whitening and your first retainer as a follow-up for your treatment are complimentary with every kit. The product is followed by a lifetime guarantee. If you experience any shift in the alignment, the company will ship you any extra products free of charge.

Byte kit promises to bring you the best smile you can get at a great price. With a simple step-by-step procedure and specialists on your side every step of the way, this product has gained the trust of thousands of users. Byte Reviews 2021: Do Byte Teeth Aligners Work?